The brand new Sprite Fantasia mobile MMORPG gives players the choice of playing with four different classes, all of which offer wholly unique play styles. Moreover, while you’ll need to stick with your base class choice for some time, you’ll be given the choice later on to transition into an Advanced Class, which can change your play style entirely, or enhance your current abilities and make you even better at your current role.

Sprite Fantasia Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for You

However, as is the case with most games, one of the most difficult choices for a beginner is knowing which class to choose. This problem is further compounded by the fact that all classes can play solo throughout the game with relative ease. In this sense, there’s really no “one class beats all” choice, so you basically have to choose the one that appeals to you the most which, for people like us, only makes it harder.

Sprite Fantasia Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for You

With that being said, in this guide, we’re going to be giving a brief overview of the different classes in Sprite Fantasia, as well as breaking down their strengths and weaknesses, and giving our personal opinions on which ones are the best for every play style. Keep in mind that, regardless of your class, you can play Sprite Fantasia on PC with BlueStacks, which will significantly improve your experience by giving you the best graphics, controls, and performance, and make it much easier to dominate your enemies.


The unparalleled master of AoE combat, who wields the power of the elements to wreak havoc and effortlessly cut through swathes of foes with every skill. The Mage has a great proficiency for controlling large groups of foes with several debilitating status effects, leaving them open for follow up attacks by her allies, or by throwing subsequent spells. It’s not rare for enemies to perish far before they’re able to get close enough to hurt the Mage.

However, despite her vast offensive potential, the Mage is one of the most fragile classes and can get easily overwhelmed if careless or when fighting against enemies that can close gaps and rush her. For this reason, this class is not the beginner’s best choice, since it requires getting used to the combat system in order to get the best results.

Sprite Fantasia Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for You

Despite this initial offering, the Mage can transition to the Necromancer later on, which sacrifices some of her personal DPS potential in lieu of summoning minions to do her bidding. This advanced class significantly increases her survivability since she can simply focus on dodging and surviving while her minions do all the heavy lifting. Alternatively, she could also transition into the Wizard class, which is essentially a more powerful version of her base class, with a similar offering of AoE and CC abilities, but dealing much more damage.

We recommend the Mage for those who enjoy dishing out tons of damage and want to quickly clear large packs of enemies. However, if this is your first class, just be mindful that you might run into a few snags here and there while you learn the basics.


You know that class that in most MMORPGs, that offers a balance in all its stats, without particularly excelling at anything, making it an ideal choice for beginners? Well, that’s the Warrior in Sprite Fantasia.

Don’t get us wrong, we think beginner-friendly classes like this one are a must-have in every game, it’s just that the concept of being a fighter who wields a sword and shield, in a world where people can fling magic from their fingertips or zip around the battlefield with blinding speed as a stealthy assassin, is a bit mundane. Regardless, the Fighter is an excellent choice for beginners, particularly thanks to its large HP pool and defensive attributes, which makes it a very hardy class that rarely punishes the player for making basic mistakes.

Sprite Fantasia Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for You

Armed with his sword and shield, the Warrior can easily attack crowds of enemies with every swing of his mighty weapon, while also boasting skills to increase his defenses. This combination of strong defensive attributes with decent damage makes this class an ideal fighter for the frontlines, in which he can shield his allies from harm while absorbing the brunt of the enemy’s assault.

Nevertheless, while the Warrior is a balanced class, he can transition into the Berserker, which forsakes his defensive skills in exchange for a massive boost to his damage. The Berserker can basically deal tons of damage with his skills, while also keeping himself alive by regaining HP every time he hurts his foes. Alternatively, those who wish to bolster their defenses even more could become a Paladin which, aside from the defensive skills of his base class, also has restorative abilities to sustain his health, and that of his allies.


The dedicated healer class in Sprite Fantasia, who also happens to be quite a defensive powerhouse for tanking and protecting her allies. Though she lacks the defensive boons of the Warrior, the Priest has very formidable healing abilities, even in her base class, which lets her easily tank some of the common enemies around the world. In fact, while she’s not as sturdy as the Warrior, her survivability is arguably higher due to these healing abilities.

Of course, this focus on healing and defense comes at the cost of her offense, which means that the Priest is probably the weakest class of them all. If you choose this class and aim to play solo, keep in mind that, while you probably won’t die, you’ll take a long time to defeat your enemies. 

Sprite Fantasia Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for You

The Priest Advanced Classes don’t offer any offensive alternatives, and instead feature a focus in either healing or support. The Cleric is a continuation of her basic offering, offering even stronger healing abilities, making her a vital component of any group. Alternatively, while the Sage doesn’t heal as much, it can provide buffs to the group, which is arguably better if your team is competent and can avoid taking up unnecessary damage.

The Priest is not really very good for solo players, yet it’s a vital class for any group. Nevertheless, if you want the safest leveling experience, then this is probably your best choice.


Last but not least, we have an interesting class in the form of the Archer. While at a glance this class is the best physical DPS, it also has lots of CC that can cripple enemies and leave them exposed to further attacks. In this sense, the Archer is similar to the Mage, except more mobile but a bit weaker in terms of damage potential.

Nevertheless, the Archer can bolster his attack considerably by transitioning into the Assassin Advanced Class, which not only deals tons of damage to individual targets, but also cripples their defenses. This class can also stun foes and deal tons of burst damage to all nearby enemies, making him into arguably one of the strongest classes in the game. On the other hand, by transitioning into a Ranger, they gain even more tactical skills, including some supportive abilities that benefit the entire group.

Sprite Fantasia Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for You

The Archer is also one of the best classes for beginners since they can attack safely from a distance, and can control the enemies with their CC. Keep in mind, however, that they’re quite fragile, so always try to stay away from the enemy whenever possible.

What’s your favorite Sprite Fantasia class? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!