In this Standoff 2 guide, you will master some tips and tricks that will make you a better player. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an FPS veteran, there are a ton of tips and tricks that you will have never heard of before. 

Distance Matters

Starting off with the first tip, which is guaranteed to increase your kills. That’s by knowing the optimal shooting method at each distance. Most players have a ton of questions when it comes to shooting in Standoff 2. Should you only be firing in bursts? Should you stand still or crouch? Or do you just hold down left click and spray? Well, the answer is that there is a specific technique for each situation. It all has to do with how recoil and bullet accuracy functions in Standoff 2. For example, let’s say you’re 10 meters away from an opponent and begin to spray. Well, you can control the recoil, and you can see for the most part you can get your bullets to go where you want. The problem is, that the further away from the target you are, the more difficult it becomes to control the recoil and bullet spread of a gun. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

This means that at long distances, such as 30 meters away or further, trying to spray can be quite ineffective. You can also take a look at the other extreme; imagine you’re point-blank against an opponent. You can spray and even run while doing so, and the bullets will be relatively accurate and go where you want. This is because you’re so close to the opponent that there isn’t enough distance to give the bullets time to spread away from the gun’s barrel and become inaccurate. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do a bunch of physics equations to figure this out. When you are at a long distance of 20 meters or further, you want to do 1 to 3 bullet bursts. The reason why you can do up to 3 bullets, is that it isn’t until the 4th bullet that guns truly start to recoil upwards. By shooting in these 1 to 3 bullet bursts, you can let your gun position reset so that your following burst is accurate. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

When you are at a medium distance of 5 m to 20 m, you want to crouch down and commit to the spray. The reason why you crouch is that by crouching down, you can force your opponent to have to make a downwards adjustment while also controlling upwards recoil. Which can be extremely difficult. Secondly, when you crouch you’re slightly more accurate, allowing you to control your own recoil a bit better. Third, when you are at a distance of 5 m or closer, you actually want to run and spray. This is because you’re so close to the opponent that even when running and spraying, your bullets have a very high chance of hitting them in the head. If you decide to use a different technique during these close-range engagements, you will become an easy target for your opponents’ bullets to hit. 

First Bullet Accuracy

Heading into the next tip, First Bullet Accuracy. Most players know when you run, your gun has a ton of recoil and is super inaccurate. However, what you may not know is that you actually have near-perfect first bullet accuracy when walking, which is something unique to Standoff 2. The first bullet accuracy when walking is only around 10% worse than when standing still. This is why you will find yourself getting killed by a moving enemy so often. Now, don’t get it twisted, you want to be standing still to get the most accurate shots. However,  if you’re walking and suddenly spot the opponent, it’s okay to immediately shoot and then come to a stop. Instead of waiting to stop and then taking your first shot. 

Recoil Control

Moving on to the 3rd tip, not only will it help your kill death ratio, but it also makes you a more consistent player. Let’s talk about Recoil Control. In Standoff 2, recoil is one of the key mechanics to master in order to consistently top frag in your games. When mastered, it can give you near laser-like accuracy. Before you turn into The Terminator, you first need to develop a core understanding. In many FPS games, different guns have set spray patterns. For example, in Standoff 2 you can actually test the spray pattern of a gun by heading to training. Aim at the bottom of it, hold left click, and pay attention to the pattern it makes. In this case, you can see with the AKR, that it goes up, slightly to the right, then goes left, then goes right. When you get past around the 10th bullet, this left and right spray is semi-random. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

It will first move to the left, and then right. However, what’s random is how fast it will move to the side, and how fast it will start moving back to the other side. To counter this while you’re spraying, if you pay attention to the barrel of your gun, it will actually sway in the direction that it’s spraying. So when it begins spraying to the left, the barrel moves to the left. Here’s what you do to control your recoil. For the first 10 or so bullets, you can mainly just pull down to control your spray. However, from here, you want to watch your gun’s barrel in your peripheral vision. When it sways to the left, slightly adjust your mouse to the right. When it sways to the right, slightly adjust your mouse to the left. This is how you can control this semi-random recoil and bullet spread in Standoff 2. 

ADS Accuracy

This brings to tip number 4, weapon accuracy while aiming down sights. Standoff 2 has a unique firing system when it comes to the alternate fire mode of weapons. For some of these guns, holding right-click will bring up a scope, with the downside of it decreasing your rate of fire. Don’t worry, as there is a plus side to using this firing mode. While zoomed in, your gun will experience recoil in a unique and different manner. Typically, when you spray, you’ll notice how your bullets will start hitting above your crosshair, this is referred to as bullet spread. This bullet spread forces you to move your crosshair below the target to compensate. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

When you’re zoomed in, this bullet spread is almost non-existent. What this means, is yes, you’ll still experience recoil with your crosshair jumping around as you fire, but the bullets will for the most part go exactly where your crosshair is aiming. This means when scoping, you don’t have to factor in bullet spread, and instead, can only focus on controlling the recoil of your crosshair. For this reason, scoping is a completely viable strategy at longer distances past 20 meters. At shorter ranges, you’ll be able to more easily control your gun’s recoil and bullet spread, and the higher rate of fire.


Moving on to tip number 5, the Standoff 2 economy. It’s imperative that you master the economy in Standoff 2. This can make the difference between your team being fully geared or constantly force buying. The economy of Standoff 2 can be difficult to understand, especially when coming from games that don’t have similar systems. When should you buy? When should you save? Why does the other team have so much money? 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

A great thing about the economy in Standoff 2 is that you don’t need to memorize a ton of values and do calculations mid-game to determine whether you should buy or not. When you enter the buy menu, the game will actually tell you the minimum amount of credits you will have next round. Knowing the monetary values associated with each item is still important if you want to improve and become a high-level player. 

Working an Angle

Tip number 6 is about understanding how angles work in this game. Have you ever been hiding in a corner only to have an enemy quickly peek into a headshot, as if they already knew you were there? Well, before you accuse them of wall hacking, it might actually be due to the angle you were playing. To explain, let’s say two players were going to fight each other. One is hiding by a wall holding the angle, while the other is walking peeking the corner. In this situation, the player who is the furthest away from the wall will actually see the body of the other enemy first. This is so important for players to understand, as it’s a massive advantage you can get on enemies. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

For example, let’s say you’re pushing onto a site and suspect an enemy is hiding behind an obstacle. The most common mistake players make is moving up close to the obstacle and then peeking. Since you’re closer to the wall that you’re peeking at than the enemy, they will actually see you first, getting an easy kill. Instead, you move as far back to the wall as you can and then peek at the angle. Since you’re further away from the object blocking the vision of the enemy, you will spot him first instead. Essentially, whoever is closer to the wall blocking the line of sight between two players is at the disadvantage as they will be seen first. 

Over Peeking

Tip number 7 is all about one of the most common mistakes players make, over peeking. What is over peeking? It’s when you throw caution to the wind and wide swing around a corner. Why is this a problem? Well, when you’re peeking around a corner, you don’t know where the enemy is playing. If you just swing wide, which is also referred to as over peeking, you expose yourself to multiple potential enemy positions at once. This can result in you facing multiple opponents at the same time and instantly dying, or just having to try to land a random flick on the opponent. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

Instead, you want to be peeking one spot at a time. You can jiggle back and forth with your movement, only revealing yourself to one angle, as you slowly clear out each possible position the enemy could play. This guarantees that you’ll face a 1v1 even if there are multiple enemies holding that angle. This is one of the key tricks to taking on multiple enemies, so make sure you stop over peeking in your games, and instead, clear one position at a time.

Counter Smokes

Tip number 8, which is a great way to counter smokes. There’s a really easy way to be able to spot enemies through smokes. That has to do with paying attention to their bullets. When the enemy starts shooting their gun from the other side of the smoke, you can actually see lines of light coming at you. You can follow the line of these bullet tracers back to where the enemy is standing, netting you a free kill. This means, whenever a smoke goes down, be cautious about just standing still and spamming the smoke. If you are going to shoot into it, make sure to immediately re-adjust your position. So they can’t follow your bullet tracers. At the same time, if the enemy is just spamming through the smoke, watch their bullet tracers and quickly spray them down. 


Tip number 9, which is about Defuse. Now, even though defusing doesn’t grant you any credits, there are still a ton of game-winning strategies and tactics centered around it. When you defuse the bomb, it makes a noise that can be heard by anyone in a nearby range. A full bomb defusal takes a few seconds in Standoff 2. There are two main strategies you want to implement when you have to defuse a bomb to win the round. 

Standoff 2 Guide for All Players: Tips to Make Every Round Count

First, is tapping the bomb for a second and then immediately getting off it. This is a fake defuse and will often bait players defending the planted bomb to reveal themselves. The second strategy is to hold until the halfway mark and then immediately stop defusing. This is done when the opponent is falling for your first strategy of tapping. By the time you get to the halfway mark, the enemy will be worried that you’ve committed to defusing and peek you. You can then kill them, and quickly get back on the bomb.