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Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

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This Standoff 2 guide will be breaking down how to play insanely aggressive and why this playstyle is the SECRET to ranking up. This playstyle has become particularly popular and effective. Now, if you want to play aggressively, you just charge in full solo and kill. But there’s also a bit more to it than meets the eye. This guide is going to break down what aggressive play looks like and how YOU can implement it into your games. 

Death Balling

First up, you will be learning about a specific type of aggressive playstyle called Death Balling. You may have heard this term from other games such as Overwatch. Essentially what death balling is, when your team charges in head-on with a focus on overwhelming the enemy. In Standoff 2, this translates to your team going in as a 5-man unit and rushing down a site at the exact same time. What makes Death Balling so effective is its strength in numbers. On the attacker side, if you charge onto a site as 5, the defenders likely have 2 or 3 players at most on that site. Anyone can tell that 5 is greater than 2 and 3. So, if you go in hard with more players, you’re likely going to eliminate those enemies and take over the site. Then you maintain this advantage for the remainder of the round, and you win. 

Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

You might be thinking that all you need to do in order to win a round in Standoff 2 is push together as a team. The answer to that thought is a surprising yes. It’s often found in Standoff 2 that many players in the lower rankings DO NOT know how to stop a 5-man push. As a result, they easily get overwhelmed and destroyed. This is particularly true in ranks below gold. In fact, you must have seen players dominate by rushing a site right off the get-go for an entire half. Even in the higher ranks, players have had success with this strategy. Simply rushing a site off the bat gives little time for the defenders to rotate. This leaves the defenders on site with two options. Either they challenge you and likely lose trying to hold things or they can back up and give the site for free. 

Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

The defenders then have to play a very difficult retake. As you get higher up the rankings, you’re going to have to get a bit more creative before you go for these 5 man pushes. The biggest cons of Death Balling in Standoff 2 is that it can easily be stopped. You need to set up properly or prepare for a potential counter play. If the defenders are decent, they’ll know to try to block or stall your rush with utilities. For example, they may throw a smoke wall at you to punish you for pushing so quickly. Also, if you make too much noise early on, or don’t show enough presence elsewhere, the defenders will be able to predict where you are trying to hit. Then they can rotate more players early. This is where you want to utilize more strategy before going for these pushes. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in the defenders’ traps, and they’ll be able to pick you off or stall for their teammates to rotate. 

The idea to push as 5 remains the same, but with more coordination and trickery. Let’s say you’re in a game where the immediate 5 man rush doesn’t work. Now there are 3 strategies that can be implemented, so you can better set up the push. The first is creeping onto the choke points. This is something that A LOT of players don’t do and is something that a lot of defenders will allow you to do for free. What you can do is challenge the players that are holding the angles and use strength in numbers to push them back. Knowing which site to hit is crucial for making these 5 man hits work. 

Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

So how can you figure crucial sites out in Standoff 2? There are a few points to think about when deciding this. First, how many enemies are playing on that site. If there are going to be fewer enemy players and you want to push that site, you’ll have to clear out their utility first. This then likely means that there are more players on the other site. Find out who’s playing where, so you have a better idea of what shots you’ll have to face at each site. 

Enemy Positioning

Second, find out where players like to position themselves. Also check for who appears to be the best players on the enemy team. You can do this by simply looking at the scoreboard as the game progresses, and seeing who’s fragging on the defenders. You can then figure out which site that defender tends to play and then go to the opposite site to avoid facing them. Not only will the other site be easier since the defenders won’t be as good, but If you force the “better” players to have to rotate, you’ll be putting them in a very tricky situation. A situation where they will have a much more difficult time of fragging. Lastly, if you want to get an effective 5 man push, you’re going to need to coordinate with your team ahead of time. This is the key component of aggressive play. Everyone on the team should have a role and understand what their role is going to be during the push. 

Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

Even though it may seem like teams are just rushing mindlessly, there’s actually a strategy that goes into the play. Before showing you an example of a good aggressive play, here’s an example of an absolutely terrible play. Some of you may be familiar with a situation like this. Aggressive plays CAN work, but only if you’ve read the situation and setup appropriately. For example, here is a team playing badly: They start by making a ton of noise, indicating to the enemies early on that they’re planning for a push. This is their first mistake. The enemies then smoke them off and block their vision. Now that they are in a bad position, they try to push blind through the smoke. Here is where miscommunication takes place and one player decides to back off the push. Three other players however had other ideas. One player backs off while three players go blind through the smoke. 

Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

Thereby splitting up the team and giving free kills to the enemy team. Had they communicated early about what they were going to do, this may have all been avoided. They could have run with a well-coordinated push that would’ve won the round. Instead, they didn’t communicate and as a result, had to make assumptions. Half of the team assumed that they should go through the smoke. They didn’t know if they were going to push, who was going in first, what utilities were going to be used. They didn’t even know if they were going to go away past the smoke, or were going to go in after the smoke. There are a ton of options, but it all comes down to communicating it out quickly and efficiently so that no one is lost on what the plan is. Aggressive plays are the key for having a strong attacker side and with a few simple steps, you can win hard. 

Standoff 2 Guide Will Be Breaking Down How to Play Insanely Aggressive

To make appropriate aggressive plays, you need to gather information on enemy positions and playstyle. Know where they like to play, know where they like to use utilities. Figure out who’s their best player and use all that. Gather all that to determine the best site to hit. From there, communicate with your team on who’s going to do what and how you’re going to hit the site. Where are flashes going to be thrown, where are the smokes going to be, who’s going in first, who’s going in last, are you going for a full push in one location or are you splitting up and hitting the site at the same time? These seem like a large number of questions, however, this is why there is a fairly long cooldown timer before a round starts. So that you talk things out and communicate thoroughly before the action begins. This makes sure everyone’s on the same page, everyone has a role to do, and there is no confusion on the push. If this is all done appropriately, you’ll be able to take the site every time with pure aggression.

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