Venturing Where No Man Has Ever Gone Before: Star Trek Fleet Command on PC Review & Beginner’s Guide

Venturing Where No Man Has Ever Gone...

We are going to places where no man has gone before: Do you want to join us?

The Star Trek Fleet Command, developed by Scopely, was recently released and promises us to discover endless adventures in endless space. And in this adventure, for a short time, the original Star Trek team will be accompanying us! Scopely is a highly respected developer and offers lots of high-quality games like Looney Tunes, The Walking Dead, and WWE Champions. So, what did they do for the Star Trek brand? Let’s take a look together and start playing Star Trek Fleet Command.

Federation… Federation Never Changes

You start the game as a member of the Federation. So, initially, you are not allowed to choose a race/faction. You can add Romulan and Vulkan members to your team if you want, but you don’t have a choice except to represent the Federation at the beginning (after you complete certain tasks, you can activate the option to purchase other races). Our first mission is given to us by Scotty: We are asked to destroy an enemy ship on the system map. The Star Trek Fleet Command has three different interfaces: “Galaxy”, “System”, and “Station”. You are asked to do something different in all of these interfaces. The system map looks like this:

(*) You need to click on a place and choose “go” to move on to that place.

You can travel on the System map only with your ship and the journey takes place in real time. So it may take minutes to go to a remote spot. The “Galaxy” map is larger and is used to switch between systems:

After completing your first mission, you can switch to the “Station” interface. We will provide more detailed information about the Battle System in another guide, but let’s say there is nothing you can do during a battle. The entire battle is happening automatically and the stronger ship wins the combat. When you switch to the station screen, you will see the following interface:

(The sections we marked in red are slots you can place a building.)

As mentioned above, each interface screen has a different function. The station screen is used to construct buildings on your starbase, develop ships, and summon new commanders. This interface resembles an RTS game. You will be using the System screen only for battles. The Galaxy screen will be used to switch between systems. As each screen is different from each other, it takes a couple of hours to get familiarized with the game mechanics.

What Kind Of Game Is Star Trek Fleet Command?

To tell the truth, Star Trek Fleet Command does not use unique and original mechanics. The game is largely similar to Rise of Civilizations. There is no big difference between the two games except the Star Trek theme and the playing ground. You construct buildings at your base and collect resources, just like the Rise of Civilizations. The System interface is similar to Rise of Civilizations World screen using which you can contact other players and attack enemy ships. Every building you construct requires a specific resource and can be used for different purposes. In general, we can say that buildings are used for generating resources and storing them. You can also choose to “mine” to get resources, but that option takes quite long and is not available at the beginning of the game.

You can upgrade all of your buildings. However, do not forget that each building is interconnected and in order to do something, you must build or upgrade others. For example, to build a warehouse, you first need a level 6 operations building and a level 1 tritanium generator. In this respect, we recommend starting with constructing three parsteel generators, at least one parsteel warehouse, one tritanium generator, and one dilithium generator. Parsteel will be your most needed resource until you hit the middle game phase. So, build and upgrade parsteel generators first.

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There are a total of 30 slots on your starbase to place a building and you can only place predetermined buildings on each. So you don’t have the freedom to choose – the game has already set what 30 buildings can be. All you can do is gather enough resources and try to build them all. In this regard, Star Trek Fleet Commander offers an “on-rails” gameplay and focuses on shipbuilding & discovering space. This is the unique feature of the game: Yes, it looks like Rise of Civilizations but you do not need to train an army. All you need is a functioning starbase: After building that, you are free to discover the vast space.

Ships and Officers

We expect to see a lot of space ships in a Star Trek game, and the Fleet Commander manages to meet all our expectations in this regard. There are hundreds of ships to choose from in the game. Each ship has a different combat power. Likewise, each one falls into a different class and can be used for different tasks. For example, you need a ship for combat and another ship for mining.

To add new ships to your fleet, you need schematics. These can be obtained from story missions and other activities in the game. Ships have rarity levels, and collecting schematics of rare ships can take quite a long time. However, if you are patient enough, you can get every ship in the game for free. Note that we will give more information about Ships in another guide.

Each ship needs an officer, and you can get officers by “summoning” them. Officers are the leaders you can place on your ships. Each officer has a different ability, and you can get different advantages during combat by placing different officers to your ships. We will provide more information about this topic in our Battle System guide.

So, how to obtain these officers? You can’t find them, but you can summon them just like you did in Idle Heroes. There are 6 different summon methods and the quality & rarity of the officer you get in each one is different.

Unfortunately, there is no free summon option. To make a summoning, you need “recruit tokens” and you need to purchase them, except for the few free tokens you get at the beginning of the game. For some reason, Scopely did not include the free summon feature in the game. You can still get free recruit tokens but you need to work hard in order to obtain them.


The Star Trek Fleet Command features high-quality graphics and familiar MMORTS mechanics. Star Trek is one of the most popular brands in the world and it is hard to make a game that will satisfy all the fans. We can say that Scopely did a nice job in this respect: You will like the game even if you are not a fan of the Star Trek series. Right now, it’s a good time to start your adventure in space and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the strongest ship in the Federation. Take a look at our other Star Trek Fleet Command guides to do that: Play long and prosper!

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