Your team composition is a crucial factor for your success in turn-based games with auto-battle. In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, specifically, the members of your squad can support each other by providing healing, defense, or status buffs that increase damage or resistances. However, there’s one team member that stands above the rest: the leader.

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In Galaxy of Heroes, you can assign one member of your squadron as the team leader. Even though you’ll always be the one giving the orders, the squad leader serves as the cornerstone of the team upon which the other units stand. This significance is due to the unique skills that the leader provides, and which usually extends to affect the other units in your squad. In other words, while most units have four skills that are relatively identical to each other, a leader’s ability is exclusive to that character and can provide a myriad of beneficial effects to the entire team.

From providing huge passive bonuses to the stats of a unit belonging to a particular faction (Resistance, First Order, etc.), or activating special effects once certain conditions are met, team leaders are the adhesive that will glue your team composition together. In this sense, you’ll need to think long and hard about what unit to assign as a leader. Furthermore, it’s essential to also think about what type of team composition you want to achieve so that you can focus on collecting specific units instead of random characters with no synergy.

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In this guide, we will go over five of the best leaders in the game, currently. Specifically, we will name them, briefly talk about their leader skill, and mention their ideal squadron composition.

Darth Traya

Traya is a Sith that despises all those who rely on others to succeed, which is interesting considering this is precisely what she does in this game. Nevertheless, her ability to hinder those who receive positive effects from their allies is outstanding. Furthermore, her leader skill is excellent for those with Sith team compositions

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Compassion is Weakness (Leader Skill)

Her Sith allies receive a passive 40% chance to dodge critical strikes, as well as an equal bonus to their critical potency. Every time an enemy with an adverse condition takes damage, all her Sith allies recover 10% of their health. When an enemy attacks outside their turn (such as in the case of a counterattack) they will take damage equal to 35% of their max HP. However, this damage can’t defeat foes and will leave them at 1 HP instead. Lastly, when an enemy receives a positive effect outside their turn, he will suffer a 50% reduction to their damage during their next turn.

Emperor Palpatine

The fearsome Emperor of the Galactic Empire and powerful Sith Lord, Palpatine is one of the best support units in the game, as long as your squad consists of all Siths or Empire members. In contrast with Traya, his leader skill ultimately benefits his allies, instead of affecting the opposing team.

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Emperor of the Galactic Empire (Leader Skill)

Both Siths and Empire members receive a passive 35% bonus to their damage and max health. Whenever an imperial ally inflicts a negative effect on an enemy, they will recharge 20% of their turn gauge, making their next turn come sooner. Similarly, whenever a Sith ally inflicts a negative effect on the enemy, they will recover 20% of their maximum HP. Lastly, when an adverse effect on the enemy expires, both Siths and imperial units will recharge 5% of their turn gauge.

Commander Luke Skywalker

The Rebel hero and protagonist of the first three films in the franchise. The Commander version of Luke Skywalker is a veritable force in the battlefield; he can do lots of damage with every skill. Additionally, his leader skill promotes a defensive style when paired with other Rebel units.

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Rebel Maneuvers (Leader Skill)

All Rebel allies receive a 50% chance to counter when hit, as well as a 50% defense bonus. Similarly, they also obtain a 15% damage boost. Every time an enemy resists a negative effect, all Rebel allies recover 5% of their turn gauge.

Bastila Shan

Bastila is an excellent leader and a force to be reckoned with when paired with Jedi troops. Her passive skills make her into a powerful addition to any team, regardless of its composition. Additionally, her leader skill gives plenty of defense so that you can focus on safely studying the enemy at the start of battle before making a move.

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Initiative (Leader Skill)

At the start of the battle, all Jedi allies recover 15% of their turn gauge and receive a 200% shield that can’t be dispelled. Furthermore, all allied Jedi tanks automatically provoke the enemy for one turn at the beginning of the battle. Whenever an ally is under the effect of the initial protective effect, they also enjoy 150% tenacity and a 50% damage boost.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

The great strategist of the dark side, Thrawn is a unit the shines for his ability to stop his enemies in their tracks, as well as greatly supporting his fellow imperial allies.

The 5 Best Leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Legendary Strategist (Leader Skill)

All imperial allies receive a 15% bonus to their maximum protection, a 25% damage boost, and recharge 20% of their turn gauge every time they resist or are inflicted with a negative effect. Every time an imperial ally gains or recovers from a status effect, they will gain 2% protection. Furthermore, every imperial unit receives an additional ability, Maneuver. When used, this skill removes all adverse effects from the unit and recharges the turn gauge by 50%.

These are the five best leaders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. From the very beginning, you should focus on acquiring one of these characters since the benefits they offer will be paramount for your success when attempting the most difficult challenges such as the arena, or the Galactic Wars, among others.