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The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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As we mentioned in our guide on the best leaders in the game, your team composition in Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes is paramount for your success. In this sense, your leader is not the only instrumental unit for obtaining victory in battle, but all your other units must also have positive synergy. In this manner, you will cover all your weaknesses and amplify your strengths. However, there are many, many units to choose from in this game, which means that even the most seasoned players in the genre might have issues.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Luckily, for those who are seeking the best team comps, they must look no further than this guide. Read on!

A Squad’s Purpose

While this part sounds a bit philosophical due to its title, we assure you that it’s none of that. Nevertheless, before creating your squadron, you must first consider the challenges you want to overcome with the said team. The type of content you wish to clear in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will significantly determine the type of units you’ll want to add to your team since some units perform better in different situations.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

For instance, if your team consists of many units with substantial AOE capabilities, it is called an AOE team. Similarly, some units promote a defensive playstyle instead of all-out offense, and which are ideal for attrition battles. On the other hand, there are other, straightforward teams, which aim to maximize the damage potential of all units, and which are ideal for dispatching the enemy as quickly as possible.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Some other factors that you might want to consider are the faction of the units that you want to incorporate to your team, as well as your leader unit. The latter is exceedingly important since, as we mentioned in our best leaders guide, this character will either make or break your composition.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

With that being said, let’s take a look at two of the most popular team compositions: One for great AOE damage, and another with high offensive potential.

AOE Composition

As we mentioned above, you’ll sometimes need dispatch many weak foes while taking the least damage possible on your end. In these cases, you’ll need many characters that encourage an AOE playstyle, and that synergize well with each other for this purpose. If this is the case, consider the following:

Boba Fett (Leader)

Fett is not very strong when it comes to dealing AOE damage. However, his leader skill amplifies the critical damage of your team every time they land a critical hit. Since your AOE skills, by definition, have a high chance to crit (since they hit multiple foes), Boba is a great alternative as a leader for an AOE team.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Darth Vader

Vader is a powerful character for when you need to eliminate several weaker foes in one fell swoop, while also excelling at dispatching some of the stronger bosses. His first attack can block the enemy’s skills, preventing them from using their strongest moves. Furthermore, when used against Jedi or Rebel units, this skill cannot be evaded. His second skill, however, is the one that makes this unit shine, especially when combined with his third move.

“Force Crush” affects all enemies on the field and leaves them with an effect that causes damage over the next two turns. His third ability, “Culling Blade,” damages a single enemy and removes all adverse effects from it, dealing an additional 30% damage for each effect removed. With the right conditions, this skill can 1-shot most bosses.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


This is a unit with excellent AOE capabilities. Furthermore, in the later levels, he acquires the ability to block the skills of the affected enemies 30% of the time, as well as a 50% chance to reduce their defense for the next two turns.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Poggle the Lesser

On his own, this unit is barely stronger than a youngling. However, Poggle can increase the offense of his allies for two turns. In an AOE formation, this means that battles will end that much faster, and you’ll save a lot of health since your enemies won’t have many chances to attack.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Luminara Unduli

She is an excellent addition to any team since she excels at dispatching the units that are left alive after your AOE onslaught. Furthermore, her unique skill restores lots of HP to her allies, increasing your odds of survival, especially in the longer encounters.

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The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

All-Rounder Team

Whenever your AOE team, fails, it’s likely because you’re going up against some of the stronger foes which require you to focus your offensive on a single unit. If you’re going for single-target DPS, instead of AOE damage, then consider the following units:

Poggle the Lesser (Leader)

As we mentioned above, Poggle is not very great on his own. However, as a leader, he gives a massive attack boost to all allied Droids. Considering that two of the units on this team are Droids, he’s an excellent choice for leader.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


This one is also present in the AOE team. However, on this occasion, we’re adding him to this team because of his first skill, “Mortal Wound,” which deals tons of damage to a single enemy and has a 60% chance (on the highest level) to block the target’s healing. This skill is exceptional for going up against those bosses that always heal so that you can prevent the said healing and whittle them down slowly.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

IG-86 Sentinel Droid

This one is a no-brainer when it comes to building Droid teams. His first skill deals lots of damage to the target. However, his great synergy with other allies of the same faction comes from his second skill, which deals damage while gaining support from other Droids. Every time you use this skill, there’s a 50% chance that your other Droids will join in and assist, attacking with a 50% increase to their critical damage. If you land a critical hit with this attack, few foes will be left standing.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Count Dooku

One of this team’s more considerable weaknesses is to units who deal AOE damage since most of its members are fragile and vulnerable to any source of harm. Dooku aims to supplement this weakness with his ability to stun several enemies using his “Force Lightning,” minimizing the damage that your team receives. After all, if the enemy is stunned, there’s no way they’re attacking you.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Old Daka

The only healer that can keep up with this team is Daka. Since they’re all very fragile units, Daka is the only healer fast enough to get many turns and keep your team topped up in anticipation of a strong offensive by your enemies.

The Best Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to building dominant teams in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. We recommend that you experiment on your own to find the best compositions for all situations. Otherwise, feel free to follow the suggestions in this guide; these teams are mighty and can stand up to most challenges in the game.

Do you have any other excellent team comps you’d like to share? Leave your tips in the comments section below!

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