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State of Survival : Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

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Similar to any strategy MMO on the App Store, your base in State of Survival is in need of constant upgrading. The higher your Headquarters level, the more you can progress through the game and the stronger you become. In a previous guide, we delved into the topic of your State of Survival army. As your garrison advances, you’ll be able to unlock higher tiers of troops and upgrade your existing ones. But that’s not the only thing you have to focus on. You need to be on top of the heroes you play with, battle power, farming, and more.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

An upgraded base, which you learn about in our beginner’s guide, guarantees you always have the best odds of fighting against zombies, as well as repelling any players that might be interested in your hard-earned resources. This guide is intended to get you familiarized with the way your base works in SoS. If you’re a beginner to this game, this is definitely a must-read!

The Heart of Your Base

Headquarters – your base is animated by your Headquarters. This central building is the heart of your garrison and it determines just how many things you can do in this game. Whenever you get a chance to upgrade it, you should do it without hesitation, as it will enable you to advance other crucial structures around your settlement.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

Hero Precinct – second to your HQ is the Hero stronghold. This is the place where you can train, upgrade, and build new heroes for your armies. In addition, the precinct unlocks the explorer trail for you, which is a conquest-type of game mode where you send out your heroes to defeat scores of zombies. Successfully completing stages here will earn rewards for your settlement and give you the opportunity to unlock new characters.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

Research Lab – many tend to forget about the Research Lab, but this building holds the key to a swift and smooth progression. From expanding the capacity of your Hospital to lowering the timer on your troops’ training, increasing the number of Marches you can deploy at a time, and much more, the Lab will greatly contribute to your settlement’s potential.

Intel Post – this is one of the first buildings you repair in your settlement. The building looks like a helicopter and its primary designation is to send you out on missions in the Wilderness. Successfully completing these tasks will give out awesome rewards, such as Hero Fragments, Speedups, and Biocaps.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

Resource and Military Buildings

You can’t hope to ever survive in a zombie apocalypse without having a strong army on your side. While it is true that you start off with a modest base, with time, you can nurture your settlement into a veritable stronghold. You have three main buildings for recruiting troops:

  • The Barracks is where you can train your Infantry. Even if they have low attack, you should not underestimate their strength. Without them, your entire force will crumble to a bitter defeat.
  • The Garage is responsible for training Riders in your army. These are your swift cavalry units that cut through enemy lines, crippling their attack potential and defenses. They’re the most balanced component of your army, as they have good defense, as well as great damage-dealing potential.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

  • The Range enables you to recruit Hunters. These are the long-distance shooters of your SoS battalions and they do extraordinary amounts of damage. Their weakness lies in having low Health, as well as low Defense.

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As you progress further into State of Survival, you’ll notice that upgrades and units require increasing amounts of resources. You start off with Food and Lumber, which you can obtain via the Lumberyard and Farm, but, later on, you will be able to use metal, with the help of the Furnace, and gas from your Gas Tank.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

Normally, we’d advise you not to collect any rewards you get from completing missions in your tutorial phase or as part of the main storyline. However, SoS does not let you progress to a new chapter unless you claim all of the loot. To make sure that your resources don’t fall into the wrong hands, spend them on a regular basis.

If you want to increase your troop training capacity and speed, you should also pay attention to the level of your Training Camp. The latter’s sole purpose is to guarantee that you get as many units as fast as possible. Note that there are also two military buildings that you unlock at HQ level 10 and 15, respectively: the Workshop and the Enlistment Office.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

While the Workshop gives you the possibility to craft and enhance pieces of armor for your heroes, the EO functions much like a back-up hospital and gives you the opportunity to use survivors to replenish your squadrons.

Always Be Watching

There are two things you should constantly do when playing strategy MMOs: 1) always be working, and 2) always be watching. With the help of the Watchtower, you can keep an eye out on potential armies headed for your settlement. Whether somebody’s scouting your camp or downright coming to get your resources, the tower will generally give you a heads up.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

What you do with this information depends entirely on the strength of your stronghold. You might choose to consume all of your resources and send your army away or, alternatively, stay and fight it out. Sometimes, the best way to ensure that you live to fight another day is to perform a tactical retreat. In this manner, you don’t give up any of your mats, while also keeping your force completely intact.

State of Survival on PC: Build a Garrison to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

In time, you can gather enough troops to face your opponents and show them it was a grave mistake to harass you. Don’t hesitate to form a pact with other enemies they might have and schedule round the clock attacks. Remember: this is a strategic game first and foremost. The player who manages to outwit their adversary is usually the one who comes out on top. And having more resources can go a long way towards that goal. As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold.

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