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Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival

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The premise of zombie games has been around since the inception of video games as an entertainment medium. There’s just something about the walking dead that they manage to shuffle their way into every form of media, whether it’s video games, films, or novels. However, when it comes to the former, these games frequently share very similar concepts, revolving around a disease or virus that is turning people into walking corpses.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

State of Survival is no exception to this premise as it also consists of a similar concept. However, it’s one of the games that is trying to break the mold by mixing several different gameplay styles to create a unique experience. Specifically, this zombie game combines traditional RTS elements with RPG aspects to create a title the likes of which you seldom see in this setting. The result is a game where you must survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the undead are roaming, while also developing your settlement and recruiting more survivors into your ranks. Furthermore, you also need to venture out to secure supplies and work towards finding a cure to the zombie plague. You can learn all the different aspect of the game like troop recruitment, battle power, garrisons and more in our handy-dandy guide.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

State of Survival plays like a standard war game, with your settlement generating resources over time, which you can use for creating buildings or upgrading your existing structures. However, it branches out from this genre by also featuring unique Explorer Trail missions that play in a  more traditional RPG format, where you can deploy your hero characters on missions to explore the surroundings.

The combination of elements makes playing State of Survival a unique experience that you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of RPGs and zombie games, especially when you play it on your PC using BlueStacks to enjoy the very best experience. Feel free to read our review that we wrote about gmthe game if you want to learn more.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Despite sharing its premise and many features with  other games in the genre, State of Survival has its own learning curve and unique experiences, which means that you’ll likely need some time to grow used to its mechanics. To that end, we’ve created this simple guide where you can learn about the basic aspects of this zombie game, and get started on the right foot. If you’re already familiar with the game’s mechanics, then feel free to read our tips and tricks for SoS, where you’ll find some pointers on how to progress quickly through this title.

Your Settlement

One of the most important parts of State of Survival is your base. This settlement is where you’ll be spending approximately half of your game time. When you’re not exploring the world with your heroes in the Explorer Trails, you’ll be chilling in camp, kicking your feet up, and performing important upgrades to your structures.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Your settlement is the place where the magic happens in State of Survival. In this place, you’ll find all sorts of different structures that serve different purposes, from the Barracks where you train your troops, to the lumber yards and farms where you produce most of your resources. In this sense, you’ll always need to be on top of what structures are available to you at any given moment, as well as move quickly to perform any upgrades at your disposal.

The most important part of your settlement is your Headquarters. This building sets the bar for the rest of the structures in your camp, since no other structure can be at a higher level than your HQ. As such, your priority is to always upgrade this building first.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Next in line are your resource buildings. Namely, the Farms, Lumber Yards, Furnace, and Gas Tank are the structures that will produce resources for your settlement in State of Survival. In the beginning, however, you’ll only have access to the first two, with the third unlocking at HQ level 10, and the last at HQ level 15. These buildings are essential since they’ll be your only passive source of resources in this zombie game, which keep working even when you’re offline.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Aside from resource generation, you’ll also need to work hard to build your army of troops if you want to live past the first few days in State of Survival. You can do just that via the Barracks and Range buildings, from where you may train melee and ranged troops, respectively. Leveling up both of these structures unlocks access to better and stronger troops, which you’ll need for many purposes, including attacking and defending against other players, looting resources from the wilderness map, or reclaiming more territory for your camp.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

The Wilderness Map

By clicking on the “Wilderness” button located in the lower left corner of your screen, you’ll exit to the world map. This screen is where you’ll be able to engage in the war game aspect of State of Survival such as attacking other players, fighting against NPC encampments, or simply gathering resources from nearby locations, with the latter being one of the most important tasks in this zombie game.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Scouting through the world map, you’ll find wandering zombies, resource spots, as well as many other players peppered throughout the land. All of these elements can provide additional resources if you manage to successfully pillage them. However, when it comes to attacking other players, you must ensure that you’re strong enough to defeat them, as well as check that they don’t belong to any alliance that could combine their forces to destroy you.

To be safe, limit your actions to gathering and fighting zombies on the world map, at least at the beginning, since you won’t be strong enough to survive going to war.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Explorer Trail Missions

Most of what we’ve mentioned about State of Survival can be found in other RTS games. However, the Explorer Trail missions are what sets this game apart from the rest.

This aspect consists of story missions where you can take your hero characters to explore the world in search for a cure to the zombie plague. The missions usually revolve around exploring linear hallways and fighting the zombies in every area. The combat in this mode plays in real time, with your characters standing on one side of the screen, automatically shooting at the approaching zombies. The encounter ends when all zombies are defeated, or when you characters fall in battle.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

Every hero in State of Survival has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique skills that lends themselves for creating different strategies. For instance, your starter hero, Sarge, is a ranged character that shoots approaching zombies with his automatic rifle. His skill summons a powerful turret that automatically engages any zombies that come within its field of vision. His skills make Sarge a great defensive hero that can lockdown a hallway and keep zombies from approaching, though he lacks any real potential to deal burst damage, making him suboptimal against boss enemies.

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

There are many heroes that you can unlock in State of Survival, either by advancing through the story missions, completing quests in the settlement, or from random drops in the game’s gacha system (which you unlock at HQ level 7). As you discover more powerful characters, your experience in the Explorer Trails will improve greatly. Can you recruit all the heroes in the game?

Beginner’s Guide for State of Survival on PC

State of Survival is an awesome blend of RTS and RPG elements, set against the backdrop of a zombie game. This amalgamation of elements makes this game something we’ve never seen before in this platform. However, it also means that you’ll need to get used to certain mechanics that are not present in any traditional RPG or RTS. Luckily, with this beginner’s guide, you’re more than ready to get started with this game.

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