State of Survival is a war game with strategy RPG elements that offers two main game modes. On the one hand, you have your typical war game, where you get to develop your base, research technology, raise armies, and engage in PvP with other players. However, the secondary game mode, Explorer Trail, is a singleplayer experience in which you must assemble teams of heroes and tackle the zombie horde head-on. Furthermore, the latter is the mode through which you can experience the plot and unlock additional chapters of the story in this game.  But you’ll need guides for all parts of the game, including guides on troops, base development, heroes, and alliances.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

However, some of the stages in the Explorer Trail can be quite difficult due to the sheer number of tough enemies within. Luckily, we’ve prepared this guide with everything you need to know about this game mode, as well as a few tips to help you deal with the most challenging levels in State of Survival.

The Importance of the Explorer Trail

Aside from being the only way to truly progress through the story in State of Survival (for those who actually care about such things), the Explorer Trail is a good way of farming certain items and materials and makes for a decent source of resources early on. And if nothing else, it’s quite fun to challenge and a breath of fresh air from what we can find in other war games as it offers elements from a completely different genre of games.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

Nevertheless, you’ll eventually run into a wall that you won’t be able to beat until you upgrade your characters, and you’ll be limited to repeating the levels you’ve already cleared if you want to grind for items, which isn’t actually a bad idea if you have the extra stamina to burn. You can even automate most of these levels by playing State of Survival on PC with BlueStacks as you can simply create a macro for each level and have our emulator farm them for you.

How to Upgrade Your Heroes

While unlocking some of the best heroes in the game is quite important since you’ll need all the help you can get when it comes to beating the Explorer Trail, you’ll also need to consider upgrading these units to unlock their full potential. This is because heroes start off very limited when you first unlock them, and it’s not until you start upgrading them that they start learning their skills.

There are a couple of main methods through which you can upgrade your heroes in State of Survival:

  • Leveling Up: The most basic way to improve a hero, which is achieved simply by earning enough experience to increase your level. You can obtain experience from completing levels in the Explorer Trail, though your best bet for grinding a character will be to use Combat Manuals, which instantly grant some experience to your character upon use.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

The level of your characters is limited by two main factors, your Hero Precinct, and your hero’s rank. The former is the building that you can construct in your base, and which, among other things, limits the max level of your heroes. As you upgrade this building, the max level cap of your heroes will increase in turn. The latter is simply your hero’s rank, which you can upgrade by gathering and using certain materials, which leads us to our next point.

  • Ranking Up: This method is much more costly than improving a character’s level, but also grants significant rewards for every upgrade you manage to purchase. In a nutshell, a hero’s rank increases their maximum level, and also unlocks their skills once they reach certain milestones. However, in order to increase a character’s rank, you’ll need additional fragments, which are already pretty rare and hard to obtain, and Hero Badges for the corresponding rank.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

For instance, a low rarity, recently-unlocked hero, might require Rare Hero Badges, while stronger characters could require Epic or even Legendary Badges, which are quite difficult to farm since they are only found by beating difficult Explorer Trails. In short, ranking up is the best way to improve a character’s performance, since the skills they can unlock can make or break a hero.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

Understanding the Hero Types

While there are currently 18 heroes in the game, at the time of writing, these characters fall into three different categories, Hunters, Riders, and Infantry. These specializations shed light on the role of the character in the Explorer Trail missions.

  • Hunters: These heroes frequently pack a punch when it comes to sheer damage. They usually excel at dealing with individual targets, though there are some that, thanks to their skills, have a well-rounded kit that can perform well in any situation. These heroes are frequently balanced in terms of stats but lean more towards attack, while also being a bit tanky.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

  • Riders: These units are quirky and highly-specialized, and can either make or break a team. Their roles vary according to the hero in question and can offer many different skills such as healing, barriers, and debuffs, among others. Nevertheless, they’re quite difficult to use correctly since they’re usually quite frail and have the least health out of all the other types.
  • Infantry: The bruisers of the bunch, which have high HP and decent defense, and are equipped to deal with the brunt of the infected horde. Their kit usually involves AoE skills to destroy multiple enemies in one fell swoop as their role is usually to act as the tanks of the team. They also offer utility as these characters usually have a stun, blind, or any other similar effect that can incapacitate a group of enemies.

Learning the specifics of every hero type is important for when you want to assemble your own custom teams in State of Survival and beat every level of the Explorer Trail.

Examine the Enemy List Before Entering a Level

When you click on a specific level on the Explorer Trail map, you will access a preview screen before actually entering the battlefield. On this screen, you can actually peek at the enemies that you will encounter within, though it might not be initially apparent. In the photograph on the left, where there’s a model of an enemy,  you can actually drag your cursor to scroll through the list of opponents that you’ll be facing at the current level.

State of Survival - Guide for Winning in the Explorer Trail

Some say that knowing your enemy is half the battle, so we don’t really have to say how important it is to know what you’re going to be up against in every stage before you actually enter the battlefield. With this information in hand, you can easily choose a team composition specially-tailored for the challenge at hand. Take a look at our heroes guide for SoS if you want to find a few squad suggestions for most occasions.

By assembling balanced teams with powerful heroes, and identifying the threats on every level, you’ll be able to deal with the challenges within with relative ease. Luckily, you have our handy guides on State of Survival, which can help you in virtually any aspect of this fantastic game. Be sure to check out our blog to learn more!

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