Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a...

It’s rare when we get to try a strategy game that offers such production values as Stellar Age. This free mobile game released sometime around late 2017, to the enjoyment of many fans of war games. At the surface, the game may come off as your typical space exploration game. However, at its heart, this mobile game is more akin to a conquest game in that the objective is to slowly gather your strength, destroy your enemies, and rule the galaxy. And the best part is that it’s available on BlueStacks so you can play it on your PC.

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

If you’re familiar with other PC space strategy games such as Stellaris, or Endless Space, then you’ll probably notice some similarities in Stellar Age. Case in point, you’ll be scouting the vastness of outer space in search of resources and hunting enemy pirates, all in the name of advancing your colony and establishing a foothold in your very own home planet. And you’ll do this by raising a fleet of powerful spaceships and other military vessels.

Speaking of military might, you’ll also run into other players, which you may join forces with to increase your power and odds of survival. However, more often than not, players won’t be inclined to join you, and would rather challenge you in the battlefield. Luckily, while you’ll mostly use your fleet for hunting pirates, their bombs and lasers are also quite effective against other players. It’s as they say: “If they’re not with you, they’re against you.”

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

A Stellar Show in Graphics

We apologize for the terrible pun in the subheader, but it had to be done. Regardless, we’re used to playing mobile strategy games with an emphasis on gameplay and warfare, with the graphics and overall polish leaving much to be desired. And the truth is, when it comes to visuals, it’s sometimes the smallest details that help a game to stand out among the rest.

Sure, it’s always an awesome sight to behold when your armies of thousands of soldiers are marching with murderous intent to your enemy’s gates. However, with a few exceptions, these occasions are usually few and far in between, and you’ll likely be spending most of your time in the safety of your base, managing its operations and ensuring everything is up to standard. In this sense, and considering that you’re in your base all the time, why don’t more games put more emphasis on the visual aspects of base building?

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

Play Stellar Age: MMO Strategy on BlueStacks

We’re pretty sure this is what the folks behind Stellar Age asked themselves as there’s a lot of love that went into designing the visuals of developing your base. Every time you issue an order, you’re not simply treated to a static menu of the building in question, but you can actually see your worker drones laboring to fulfill your orders.

This is such a small detail, but we can’t help but get hung on it. Normally, playing these strategy games is tedious since you simply have to wait until the timers clock down before issuing another order. However, In Stellar Age, while you also have to wait a lot, you can actually see your workers tirelessly laboring. Imagine being at the DMV waiting in line, only instead of sitting there for an arbitrary amount of time, you’d actually be able to see what’s the holdup. Sure, you’ll still wait a lot, but it’s always better when you actually know the reason for the wait!

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

It helps a lot that Stellar Age has some seriously awesome graphics. The world is seemingly rendered in full 3D, with your buildings and troops being models instead of drawn sprites. We don’t particularly dislike sprites, but they’re somewhat overused in this genre. The environments and screens in this game, while functionally similar to those in other games, is a breath of fresh air for those who want to mix it up a bit. And when you play it on BlueStacks is when the graphics truly shine.

Clean Up the Galaxy

Stellar Age is one of those mobile games that’s really light on the story. There’s really no explanation as to why you’re the leader of a colony on a distant planet. You’re just here, and the only thing that’s for certain is that you must help your community to thrive, or perish in the process. And since perishing isn’t something we wanna do just yet, we better get thriving!

From the start, you’re charged with developing your colony, which is missing several key structures. The basic gameplay is just like you’d expect from any other strategy mobile game. In this sense, you’ll click on your empty lots to begin a construction project, wait until the timer counts down, and then move onto the next structure.

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

Every structure has its function and significance within your colony. Your Polymer Farm, as you might guess, produces a polymer. Meanwhile, your Antimatter Generator and Ore Mine, produce antimatter and metal, respectively. You’ll need to keep these three buildings as upgraded as possible to boost your production in the beginning. Furthermore, other buildings like the Cyber Plant, and the Science Dock are used for researching new technologies to increase your military might and production.

Speaking of which, you’ll need to grow your fleet by producing new spacecraft in the Space Port. Since a significant portion of Stellar Age takes place fighting in outer space, it’s important to bolster your forces. Whether you’re riding the galaxy of pirate scum, or are engaged against other players to see who’s the strongest, your fleet is always a pivotal part of your operations.

Stellar Age: A Mobile Game With a Dash of Space Exploration

Since discovering this gem on the internet, we’ve been excited to dig in to see everything it has to offer. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about Stellar Age, as we’ll be producing several exclusive BlueStacks guides on it.

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