In the vast majority of conquest games, the first few days are the most important in the life of your colony. What you do at the beginning will define your success later on as you’ll lay the foundations for a powerful city in this period. In this sense, if you slack in your duties early on, you’ll be weaker when the time comes to challenge other players, and will likely get dominated as a result.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

However, doing the right thing is not always easy, even though you have more guidance than ever in Stellar Age than in other strategy games. There is simply too much to do that choosing one activity to focus on can seem confusing for most. For this reason, we at BlueStacks decided to create a beginner’s guide of sorts, where you can find all the interesting tips and tidbits about getting started in this game.

If you’re new to this awesome strategy game, then you’ll need to consider the following:

Get Ahead on Your Building Projects

What is a colony if not a group of buildings that are built for a common purpose? Your buildings in Stellar Age are the source of all your power. These structures are where you research new technologies, produce resources, grow your fleet, and increase your power, in general. In this sense, one of the most important things you can do at the start of your foray into this game is to focus on building and upgrading your structures.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

In particular, you’ll want to upgrade your Mission Control Center since it’s the heart of your colony. By upgrading this structure, you’ll not only unlock more features, but you’ll also gain several passive bonuses, the most important of which being the increases to your fleet volume as well as unlocking additional simultaneous flights. The latter is especially important since it’ll allow you to launch multiple simultaneous attacks at any given time.

After the Mission Control Center, you should shift your focus towards your resource buildings. Unlike other strategy games, Stellar Age only has three production buildings at the start, and upgrading your resource accrual is as simple as upgrading these three structures. The buildings in question are the Antimatter Generator, the Polymer Farm, and the Ore Mine. Keep these as high as possible at all times.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

Remember that you can also use our BlueStacks Keymapping Tool to significantly increase your performance and boost your progress at the beginning of the game. This is when you’ll be making the most upgrades at any given, so having the appropriate tools to speed up the process will work wonders for you. Take a look at our BlueStacks usage guide for Stellar Age if you want to learn more about this.

Save Credits and Accelerators for Longer Projects

Stellar Age is a mobile strategy game. What this means is that you’ll likely be waiting a long time for construction projects to complete, especially in the latter stages of the game. While most building projects early on take only minutes to complete, you’ll soon come to a point where each one may take hours to finish.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

Play Stellar Age: MMO Strategy on BlueStacks

In this sense, you may be tempted to spend your hard-earned credits and accelerators to speed up your development early on. However, we strongly recommend against this approach since you’ll definitely need them later on. It’s really easy to wait out 20 or 30 minutes, whereas waiting for hours for a large project to conclude can really wear your patience down.

You’re better off holding on to your credits and using them only when truly necessary. The same goes for the accelerators you receive on a daily basis.

Work on Your Fleet

Since you’ll be mostly busy trying to develop your colony and upgrade your buildings, it’s easy to forget the smaller details such as researching new technologies or constructing more ships for your fleet. The latter, in particular, is very important since your fleet is necessary for many purposes. Once again, this is another aspect where our BlueStacks tools can help you.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

A strong fleet can be sent on deep space explorations to battle pirate crews. The remains of the defeated pirates can then be converted into resources that you can take back to your base. This is some of the best method for speeding up your resource accrual, second only to developing your production buildings. In fact, whenever you’re not doing anything, you should definitely be creating more spaceships to improve your firepower, which leads to our next point.

Battle the Pirate Scum

Fighting pirates is one of the most important parts of Stellar Age. You can get an insane amount of resources for every successful expedition which, at the beginning of the game, will work wonders for the development of your base. In a single pirate hunt, you can get enough resources to develop an entire fleet.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

In contrast with other strategy games, you can get all sorts of resources from hunting pirate ships. In this sense, instead of gathering resources from the map, you simply need to find a pirate to attack, and reap the fruits of your labor. Luckily, there’s never a shortage of pirates in the galaxy, and you can always find someone to chase down and hunt.

Stay Safe!

When you start a new colony in Stellar Age, you’ll automatically receive a 72-hour protection shield that prevents anyone from both spying or attacking your colony. You’ll need this grace period in order to get your defenses up to par. This is why the first few days in the game are the most important. When the shield goes down, you’re completely vulnerable to enemy attacks. And if your defenses aren’t up to snuff, then you’re done for.

You can also receive 8-hour peace shields as you progress through the game, which are ideal for using them just before you log off for the day. However, like credits and accelerators, you should use these shields only when absolutely necessary, such as when you have to log off and you’re in the middle of a war.

Getting Started in Stellar Age on BlueStacks

You’ll discover most of the advanced strategies and mechanics in Stellar Age as you develop your colony further. After all, what’s a strategy game without any interesting methods and approaches for optimizing your progress? Feel free to share your interesting tidbits and info on how to get started, in the comments down below!

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