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StoneAge World – The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

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In Netmarble’s brand new StoneAge World, you can run around the world exploring the marvels of Tektonia and meet many different and colorful beasts and creatures. As a trainer, it’s your duty to catch these powerful animals and use them to battle against other beasts and trainers. In other words, if you like Pokémon, you’re definitely going to like this new RPG.

StoneAge World - The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

There are over 250 pets that you can collect in StoneAge world, each with their different stats and properties. The process of capturing them is quite straightforward and simply requires battling the creatures, weakening them, and then using the respective skill to try and capture them. The exact process is a bit more complex than that, so feel free to read our guide on capturing pets  if you want to learn more.

However, the pets in this game are more than just adorable and fearsome creatures; they have plenty of parameters and attributes associated with them, which you should always keep in mind if you’re looking to create the best teams. From their base stats and growth rates to their elemental matchups, and other related stats, there’s much more to the pets in StoneAge World than meets the eye.

StoneAge World - The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

The Best Pets in StoneAge World

Though the game is still very new and information on the current meta and tier lists is limited, there are quite a few creatures that caught our eye and that have potential to be the best pets in StoneAge World:

  • Kakibot (Fire/Wind, 4*, AoE): Confusion, Burns, and AoE damage.
  • Nordor (Wind/Earth, 4*, ATK): AoE damage, strong direct damage that goes through defenses, and silence.
  • Kingor (Water/Fire, 4*, ATK): Strong burst damage and lots of HP coupled with a chance to counter when taking hits.
  • Tessail (Earth/Water, 4*, DEF): Fantastic self-heal, ability to shrug off minor damage entirely, and power defensive self-buffs, as well as a slight chance to petrify enemies.
  • Monas (Fire/Wind, 4*, DEF): Very strong heals, tons of HP, and powerful AoE attacks that scales with the caster’s current HP.
  • Angelcui (Water/Earth, 4*, ATK): Decent attack coupled with useful passive heals at the end of every turn. Decent AoE damage and poisoning capabilities.

StoneAge World - The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

The Elemental Matchups in StoneAge World

The pets in this game all have a maximum of 10 elemental points, distributed in up to 2 different elements. The four elements in the game are Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water, where Fire beats Wind; Wind beats Earth; Earth beats Water, and Water beats Fire.

These elemental matchups are pretty standard features in the combat systems of most RPGs. However, things get a bit more complicated in StoneAge World when it comes to pets that have dual elements.

StoneAge World – The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

As we mentioned above, every pet in this game has up to 10 points that can be distributed in up to 2 different elements. For example, Wootutu has 6 points in Fire and 4 points in Wind, while Pteravis has 5 points in both Water and Earth. These numbers mean that, for the former, his main element will be Fire. However, for the latter, the interactions are a bit more complex.

In the case where the pet has 5 points in both elements, their main element is determined like so:

  • Water and Fire: The main element is Water.
  • Earth and Wind: The main element is Wind.
  • Fire and Wind: The main element is Fire.
  • Earth and Water: The main element is Earth.

The differences in elemental quantities will determine the effectiveness of any attack. For instance, if a monster with 10 points in Fire attacks a pet with 10 points in Wind, it will do 30% more damage to it. However, if the defender only has 5 points in Wind, it’ll only receive 15% extra damage. This goes both ways; a pet with an elemental disadvantage will deal less damage.

StoneAge World - The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

Growth Rates and Stats

Every species of pet, even those that are identical in name and appearance, has different stats and growth rates. This means that no two pets are ever the same in terms of stats as some can be quite stronger in certain areas than others, while weaker in other aspects.

You can measure the potential of any pet in StoneAge World by two factors: By their starting attributes when you first catch them, and by their growth rates. The first is self-explanatory in that, if a pet has higher stats, it’ll be better in specific aspects. A pet with high HP will be better at absorbing damage, for example.

StoneAge World - The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

However, your pet’s growth rates are tremendously important as these will determine its potential at the max level. In this sense, a beast with lower stats when first caught can completely outclass an identical pet due to having higher growth rates.

A pet’s growth rate starts off at a certain point and can be increased up to a maximum amount after reaching level 30 and unlocking the Growth Rate Upgrade feature. A pet’s maximum growth rate for any stat is affected by the rarity in the said stat. For instance, a beast with an A+ rarity in a certain stat will be able to reach higher growth rates than an identical pet with a B in that same stat. A pet’s rarity letter is the average of all their stats combined. In this sense, pets with higher rarities are frequently stronger in terms of numbers than others.

Pet Behaviors

One last factor regarding a pet’s stats that you should always consider is their Behavior. There are 10 different behaviors in the game, one of which is assigned at random to the pet when you catch it, and that gives small passive bonuses to their stats.

The different pet behaviors in StoneAge World are:

  • Brave: ATK up (1.2% – 3%).
  • Reliable: DEF up (1.2% – 3%).
  • Composed: HP up (1.2% – 3%).
  • Agile: Agility up (1.2% – 3%).
  • Fiery: Critical rate up (1.8% – 4.5%).
  • Gloomy: Reflect chance (1.8% – 4.5%).
  • Kind: Heal effect up (1.8% – 4.5%).
  • Merciless: Counter chance (1.8% – 4.5%).
  • Noble: Increased resistance to abnormal status (10 – 25 points).
  • Sinister: Abnormal status effect up (10 – 25 points).

StoneAge World - The Best Pets (and How to Upgrade Them)

You can upgrade a pet’s behavior bonus once you reach level 55. You can even change its behavior by using shells. In all honesty, you don’t really have to worry about it if you’re just beginning in this game. However, it’s always a good thing to keep in mind whenever you’re looking to min-max and create the best teams in the game.

As you can see, there are numerous factors that can affect a pet’s stats and abilities in StoneAge World. These are all things that you need to keep in mind when you’re looking to create powerful and effective team setups. Feel free to share your setups and strategies in the comments below and help your fellow gamers out!

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