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StoneAge World – How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

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There’s just something about games with collectibles such as gacha titles, where the objective is to collect strong characters and create powerful teams with them. The dopamine rush from finally obtaining a powerful hero from the randomized system is second to none. However, Netmarble’s new StoneAge World goes even further by not only providing a randomized system through which you can find many different and powerful creatures but also of catching them by battling them, just like you would in any Pokémon game.

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

There are hundreds of different pets that you can tame in StoneAge World, all with their unique types, skills, and stats. Much of the enjoyment in this game comes from running around the world and finding different creatures that you can catch. In this guide, we’re going to explain how to catch new pets in this game, as well as some basic information on stats, abilities, and other useful pointers related to the different pets.

How To Catch Pets in StoneAge World

If you’ve ever played any Pokémon game, then you’ll know exactly how to catch pets in this game. In a nutshell, you can catch many different creatures in StoneAge World by engaging them in battle, weakening them, and then using your capture skill.

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

These are the steps for catching any pet in StoneAge World:

  1. Walk up to the pet you wish to capture and click on it. Select “Capture pet” to engage the creature in combat.
  2. In combat, you can use different skills to weaken the pet you wish to capture. As its HP decreases, the chances of successfully capturing it will increase.
  3. Once weakened (when the success rate is >80%), use the Capture skill to attempt to catch the pet.

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

In most cases, your catch rate will cap out at somewhere around 80% – 90%, which means that there will always be a chance that the capture fails. Don’t worry if this happens as you can just try again on the next turn. Keep in mind, however, that some monsters will attempt to escape, but you can prevent this by using the “Fence” skill. Moreover, every capture attempt has a turn limit of 10 turns, after which the fight will end, regardless of whether or not you managed to tame the beast.

The Vitality System

Every capture attempt requires payment in vitality, a resource that you must replenish manually by consuming vitality bundles. The initial payment for engaging pets in combat is low—usually about 3 units. Moreover, some combat actions, including the Stone and Fence skills, cost additional vitality for every use.

You must always stay aware of your remaining vitality so that you never run out in the middle of a capture attempt. Luckily, both the simple attack and Capture skills don’t have a vitality cost, so you’re not completely out of luck if you run out of this resource mid-combat. As long as you have enough vitality to engage a pet in combat, you have a decent chance of capturing it.

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

You can purchase vitality from the store with gems once per day, or receive the bundles as rewards for certain quests. Though in all honesty, you won’t really have to worry about it at the beginning.

Pet Types, Elements, and Rarities

The different pets in StoneAge World fall into different categories depending on their type, elements, and rarities:

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

  • Element: A pet’s elemental affinity. Determines their effectiveness when fighting against other elements.
  • Type: A pet’s role in combat. The different type categories are Heal, Suppress, AoE, DEF, and ATK.
  • Rarity: A pet’s combat ranking, represented by a letter. Determines a pet’s stat growth when leveling up, and therefore their max potential.

There are four different elements in StoneAge World: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. When it comes to elemental matchups, Water beats Fire; Fire beats Wind; Wind beats Earth, and Earth beats Water. Moreover, for pets that have more than one element, their main element will be the one that has the largest number in their information screen. The interactions and exact numbers when fighting against a pet with dual elements are a bit more complex than this, but for now, all you need to know is that you should always target the enemy’s elemental weaknesses in combat.

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

A pet’s type will simply determine their role in combat. In this sense, an ATK pet will have skills that can deal lots of direct damage to the enemy, whereas a Suppress pet will be able to incapacitate, cripple, and otherwise weaken the enemy, and so on.

A pet’s rarity represents their growth potential every time they level up. Their overall rarity (the big letter you see beside their name when you capture them) is simply an average of their growth rate in every stat and usually means that a pet will be stronger than others at max level. For instance, a pet with A+ growth in HP will have much more HP at max than an identical pet with a B in the same stat.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the rarity, the stronger the pet. This is especially true for the late game when you unlock the Growth Rate Modification feature, which allows you to increase a pet’s growth rate in any stat. However, the max growth rate of any attribute is still limited by the letter on their growth rate. In practice, this means that a B stat can never be of a higher growth rate than, say, an A+, even when fully upgraded.

StoneAge World - How to Catch Pets in this Pokémon-Like RPG

There’s quite a lot to keep in mind when it comes to catching the best pets in StoneAge World. We suggest simply getting out there and catching everything you find until you get familiar with how this system works. Once you feel comfortable, swing by our blog where you’ll find more guides about how to effectively raise and use your pets in this awesome RPG.

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