Summoners Era is the latest Idle RPG to hit the market, offering hours of gameplay as you beat story missions, unlock and upgrade over 150 different characters, and become the best player in your server in both PvE and PvP settings. However, before you get to that point, you’ll need to grind quite a bit, which takes a bit of know-how. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might run into difficulties and struggle to beat certain stages.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

Luckily, this is where this beginner’s guide comes into play. In this brief article, we’ll be giving an overview on some of the most basic and important aspects that you need to know in order to get started in Summoners Era. If you’re new to the game, then this guide is for you.

Hero Types

As we just mentioned, there are over 150 different heroes in Summoners Era, all of which you can unlock and add to your squad. These heroes, however, come in different types that determine their role in combat. While some of them are suited for taking the enemy head-on, others can support their team with healing skills, or even cripple the enemy with debuffs. Moreover, every hero has its own element, which can also affect certain abilities in the field.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

A hero’s type and element is represented by the icons that appear next to their names. However, while the icons are fairly straightforward to understand at a glance, we couldn’t find any official nomenclature, so we gave them names that we think would fit with the theme. These are the different types of characters:

  1. Warriors (Sword Icon): Characters with a focus on defensive stats, that can deal lots of damage with basic attacks, but whose skill sets are often suited for tanking rather than defeating enemies.
  2. Assassins (Hood Icon): Like Warriors, these heroes can deal lots of damage with basic attacks. However, their low defense and HP makes them squishier, comparatively. Nevertheless, they often have skills that can easily defeat the toughest enemies with a few hits.
  3. Rangers (Bow Icon): The ranged counterparts of Assassins, who can not only deal lots of damage, but that can often target enemies that fulfill certain conditions, even if they’re in the back rows. Ideal for dealing with squishy targets that like to hide behind tanky heroes.
  4. Supporters (Wing Icon): These heroes prefer supporting allies and debuffing enemies rather than dealing damage head-on. And while they can cause some harm, most of their skills come with added effects, which gives them their utility in combat.
  5. Mages (Scepter Icon): Heroes that can wield the elements to cause destruction. They’re more offense-oriented versions of Support characters in the fact that they can also heal and debuff enemies, though their focus is on dealing damage with spells.

As we mentioned above, heroes also have different elemental specialties, also known as factions. These can be Water, Fire, Undead, Earth, Light, and Dark. Though different factions often have different skills focuses, the main thing you should consider here is that, by creating a team with specific elemental compositions, you can activate different bonuses that can give you an edge in combat.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

Summoning New Heroes

While you can receive a couple of heroes from completing the tutorial, you can unlock more characters by three main methods:

The first is by simply progressing through the story. Some missions give you hero fragments as rewards which, when combined, can be used to add a specific character to your team. The second method is via gathering hero fragments from different sources such as the shop, and then combining them into full characters once you have enough of them. Lastly, you can also pay Gems in the Summon feature to roll for different characters.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

When it comes to summoning new characters, the odds of getting good ones is very low (0.04% chance to get a 5-star hero from the basic summoning), which means that you’ll need to summon quite a lot in order to build a good team. Alternatively, most players often attempt to reroll in order to unlock a few good characters from the very beginning. Check out our tips and tricks guide for Summoners Era if you want an overview on how to reroll in this game.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

Leveling Up Your Heroes

However, unlocking a good selection of heroes is seldom enough to get you through the game. This is because, even if you have a team of 5-star champions, they’ll still fall behind if you don’t upgrade them and increase their stats. Luckily, upgrading is easy enough; you simply need two basic materials: Gold, and Hero Exp.

While there are other ways to upgrade your characters, the most basic method to go about this is by increasing their level. You can easily level your characters up in the Heroes menu by choosing the hero in question, and then mashing on the “Level Up” button.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

We recommend leveling up your heroes equally to keep your entire squad competent.

Your Summoner

Other than your characters, you can also choose between several different summoners in this game. Your summoners play a support role in combat, though they can only act when their action bar is full. The action bar is in the top left corner of the screen while in combat, and slowly fills up every time your characters attack or use their skills. Once 5 charges have been gathered, the summoner will automatically use a special skill to assist in combat.

The type of skill that they can use varies according to the summoner, with some of these dealing damage, assisting the team, or weakening the enemy. And just like your heroes, you can upgrade your summoners to increase their power.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

The AFK Grinding System

One last thing that you should consider when it comes to progressing in Summoners Era is the AFK grinding system.

Whenever you’re offline, your team will continue fighting and gathering resources for you so that, the next time you log in, you can receive a bunch of useful upgrade materials. This is a great feature that allows you to stay up to speed even if you don’t have much time to play. However, these AFK rewards cap out at 12 hours and, once it fills, your characters will stop grinding.

To ensure you’re always farming, make sure to keep your AFK rewards chest empty, which you can do by clicking on it in the “Campaign” menu.

Summoners Era Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know to Get Started

These are five of the most important aspects to keep in mind as a beginner in Summoners Era. Let us know if you have any other useful starter tips and tricks in the comments below!