Com2US forefront runner Summoners War: Sky Arena is a popular turn-based RPG titled that has been consistently ranked among the top 3 gacha games for 9 years straight. It is also considered the originator of many mechanics that are now adopted by other similar games that came after Summoners War: Sky Arena. Some of the unique features pertaining to the game are its fancy and flashy anime-stylized graphics, a fully live 3D rendered model for all its accompanying monsters, and a wide variety of collectible monsters, ranging up to 500+ in storage. Com2US, the Korean gaming giant, is excited to release their major 2023 update for the game titled “RELOADED” which is essentially a small overhaul of many mechanics in the game to make it more player friendly. Summoners War: Sky Arena is available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Table of Contents

  1. Re-rolling for a Natural 5-Star
  2. Joining A Guild
  3. Focus on PvE Monsters First
  4. Rushing 6-Star Evolution for Core Monsters
  5. Runes and Artifacts are your Biggest Powerups
  6. A Good Team Composition is Key to Victory

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

In this article, we will be providing some of our personally observed tips for progression in Summoners War: Sky Arena. As the game is 9 years old, things have changed quite a lot since it was first launched. This article is specially written from the perspective of a new player joining in 2023. As such, the language used is also layman and quite a newbie friendly. The tips are presented in a step-by-step manner and are guaranteed to increase your efficiency. Many veterans might find them right at home with these tips. We wish all the summoners the best of luck on their journey in Summoners War: Sky Arena.

Tip #1. Re-rolling for a Natural 5-Star 

For those unaware, Summoners War: Sky Arena is a gacha game, where players are required to summon different types of monsters through the innate summoning system using a currency known as “Scrolls”. Monsters come in different rarities, with the highest being a 5-Star. As a new player, it should be your goal to get your hands on a Natural 5-Star monster as soon as possible, as they can speed boost any account’s progression due to their sheer power. This is more so for the hardcore players who love to get a jump ahead by rerolling in their games.

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

The process itself is not that tedious, as each rerolls in Summoners War: Sky Arena should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Firstly, the game will throw you in a tutorial that will teach you all the basic mechanics of the game such as the combat system, summoning system, the monster power-up methods, runes, and the Adventure story mode. Once you complete the tutorial, proceed to completely defeat all the stages of the initial chapter Garen Forest on Easy difficulty. Doing this will unlock a 1-time free purchase of 11 Mystical Scrolls and 100,000 Mana Stones in the Shop according to the new player reward improvements. Players can also look up some redeem codes that are active at the moment to further get more summons for their re-rolling process. Looking for a 5-Star monster through these 11 mystical scrolls is quite tough, at a 0.5% chance per scroll. Hence, the process can be quite tedious. But, if you’re in the boat for re-rolling, we would recommend further looking for an accurate tier list of the best monsters.

Tip #2. Joining A Guild

Regardless of whatever stage of the game you are, if you are not in a Guild, you are seriously missing out on a lot of content and a lot of rewards in Summoners War: Sky Arena. Being a pioneer in Guild content in gacha games, Summoners War: Sky Arena takes pride in its vast variety of Guild content. Supposedly, players can get not only help from other high-ranking players, but also get a lot of rewards for participating in the different game modes a Guild offers – Siege Battle Tournament, Guild War, World Guild Battle, Tartarus Labyrinth, Monster Subjugation, and Guild Rival Battle. 

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

Guilds are also quite helpful for players in terms of the resources they can get by participating in the above-mentioned PvE and PvP game modes. Some of the important resources include the likes of 5-Star Rainbow, Mystical Scroll, Fire/Wind/Water Summoning Scrolls, Engraved Scrolls, Almighty Summoning Pieces, Light and Dark Scroll Pieces, Monster Pieces for 5-Star, 4-Star, and 3-Star monsters. Further, you can also earn a lot of other resources such as Reappraisal Stones, powerful runes and artifacts, and cosmetic upgrades pertaining to your heroes such as background effects, transmogrification items, and Guild Seals. 

Tip #3. Focus on PvE Monsters First

A lot of the new players, when first joining the game, are quite focused on the PvP aspect first. This is the wrong approach as yes, PvP might be the end game for any player in Summoners War: Sky Arena, but focusing on PvE content is the key to succeeding and making progress in the game Not to say you should always ignore PvP modes but a healthy balance is needed. Summoners War: Sky Arena is a lot of time commitment; hence, you should always look for building monsters that will reduce your daily game time and make faster progression. 

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

The first problem that we would recommend tackling is defeating the ferocious Giants B10 boss, previously known as B12 before the Reloaded Update. There are also Giants Abyss floors but these floors are too tough for a new player to expect to clear in their initial days. Giants B10 clears will give you access to good quality 6-Star runes on a consistent basis. This feat alone will give you a massive boost in power for your monsters. Here are some good monsters that you should train to defeat Giants B10:

  • Shannon (2nd awakened preferably)
  • Bernard (2nd awakened preferably)
  • Sigmarus (Fusion monster)
  • Fran (Free monster)
  • Loren (Purchased through Guild Shop)
  • Belladeon (2nd awakened preferably)
  • Mellia (Fusion Monster)
  • Lapis (Free Monster)
  • Lushen
  • Darion (2nd awakened preferably)

Tip #4. Rushing 6-Star Evolution for Core Monsters

When first starting the game, it is quite mandatory for players to get stronger in order to beat the progressively harder content. This fact is especially true for PvE game modes such as the Caiross Dungeon, Dimensional Hole, Story mode on all difficulties, and more. One of the biggest decisions that many players are initially confused about is choosing which monster they should 6-Star and awaken at the beginning of the game. To solve this problem, Com2US has released massive updates in Summoners War: Sky Arena that help in levying some of the initial burdens on players by providing massive resources as rewards.

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

For the sake of new players, we would highly recommend from our own side to first level up and 6-Star evolve a monster that can help you farm Faimon Stage 1 on Hell difficulty. These monsters, amicably called as “farmer” are crucial to your progression as they help you easily level up the rest of your monsters. Generally, good farmers include the likes of Lapis, Lushen, Water Homunculus, Chow, and any other good AOE-targeted damage dealer or bruiser that can fast clear waves. 

Tip #5. Runes and Artifacts are your Biggest Powerups

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a turn-based RPG that harbors many of the elements that are seen in older RPGs, where upgrading your character also included powering up their equipment. Equipments are known as “Runes” in the game, and they provide a ton of extra stats to your monsters. These stats are different from the base stats that every monster has. Players can farm for Runes in different specific dungeons such as Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, Spiritual Realm, and Necropolis. They are additive in nature. Hence, a better runed low rarity monster will definitely perform better than a badly ruined high-rarity monster. In fact, this can be considered a saving grace for many players who are not lucky and not able to pull high-rarity monsters from their summons.

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

Artifacts also have extra stats and miscellaneous buffs that can be equipped to your monster. This system was a recent addition to the game, being only 2 years old. Players can farm for them in different specific dungeons such as Steel Fortress and Punishers Crypt.

Tip #6. A Good Team Composition is Key to Victory

As previously mentioned, Summoners War: Sky Arena is a team-builder where players are required to build a team of 5 monsters in PvE content and a team of 4 monsters in PvP content, outside of Guild Wars. Naturally, building a balanced team of monsters is key to victory when you are tackling difficult content. Do not make the mistake of building a team consisting of your strongest monsters as they might lack synergy between them. 

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 6 Major Tips for Efficient Progression

Each monster in the game has a specific element and role assigned to them. You should aim for building teams to tackle the content you are targeting. For example, Giants Keep Dungeon is a water elemental boss that makes use of powerful AOE-targeted attacks, defense breaks, 7th-hit counterattacks, and more. To counter this, it’s recommended to bring Wind elemental monsters that can push the attack bar of allies, heal your allies, provide defensive and offensive buffs for allies, and of course, have high DPS output.

To enjoy Summoners War: Sky Arena on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse.