Summoners War New 2A Dungeon Revealed – New 2A Monsters and Skills

Summoners War is on a roll with back to back Content and Quality of Life updates to make the 6-year-old game feel better and better with time like a fine wine. In their latest Developer Note, Com2Us finally opens up about the much-awaited new Secondary Awakening Dungeons and its monsters. We also get a sneak peek at their new designs and artwork, as well as their upgraded skills. Com2Us also mentions that this developer note will be the last one as of this year.

Summoners War New 2A Dungeon Revealed – New 2A Monsters and Skills

New Dimension: Khalderun

Quoted by the devs: “Dimension Khalderun is a land of the dead, filled with dark energy that has no trace of life. It’s said that Summoners can witness souls wandering on the verge of death.”

Summoners War has created this dimension on the theme of “Undead,” and hence, the monsters chosen for Second Awakening here are – Grim Reapers and Howls.

Entrance Condition for Dimension Khalderun: Must Include monsters of each type (Attack, Defense, HP, and Support).

Summoners War New 2A Dungeon Revealed – New 2A Monsters and Skills

They also disclosed the upgraded skillsets of Water Howl and Dark Grim Reaper, leaving the rest of the attributes mystery when the patch drops.

Here are the Upgraded Skills of Water Howl (Lulu):

Ability 1(Attack!): Attacks the enemy target and recovers the HP of the ally with the lowest HP ratio by 15%.

Ability 2(Heal!): Removes all harmful effects on the target ally and grants Immunity for 1 turn. In addition, recovers both your HP and the target’s HP by 25% each.

Ability 3(Remove! Heal!): Removes all harmful effects of all allies and recovers the HP of all allies by 25% each. Grants Immunity on the allies who had no harmful effects for 2 turns.

Here are the upgraded skills of Dark Grim Reaper(Thrain):

Ability 1(Grim Scythe): Reaps the life of the enemy with a deadly scythe. Acquires an additional turn if the enemy dies.

Ability 2(Plague): Spreads a Plague to all enemies to inflict 2 Continuous Damage for 2 turns. You instantly gain another turn after using the skill.

Ability 3(Doomsday): Meteorites of Doomsday fall onto the enemies, and the inflicted damage increases with time. Stuns the target for 1 turn and recovers your Attack Bar by 20% each if the enemy is under Continuous Damage.

These improvements will help these monsters shine in different types of content. Thrain (Dark Grim Reaper) was used extensively in Trial of Ascension Hard mode, and these changes will only increase his utility. Lulu(Water Howl) was a popular choice in Special League, Siege Battles, and Labyrinth. These changes will make her more viable to use in other PvP as well as PvE content.

To get a better understanding on how to perform better in the dungeon and some overall tips and tricks to help you in progression, feel free to refer to BlueStacks Tips and Tricks for Summoners War.

New Dimensional Dungeon Khalderun 

Apart from the Secondary Awakening Dungeon, a new Dimensional Dungeon of Khalderun is also available. The Dungeon’s Ancient Guardian is Ruin of Silent Death(Dark Attribute).

Summoners War New 2A Dungeon Revealed – New 2A Monsters and Skills

The new Ancient Guardian harbors an effect called “Aura of Death”.

Well, in simple terms, Aura of Death is an effect that stacks each time you take a hit from the boss.

The boss also takes lower damage but deals more damage when more stacks of {Aura of Death} are present on your monsters. This effect cannot be cleansed but only reduced by using HP recovery skills. Hence, healers are vital to winning this fight.

The rewards include Ancient Runes/Ancient Gems/Ancient Grindstone of Swift, Guard, Shield, Destroy, and Tolerance Set.

You can read the rest of the information, including some other Ancient Guardian Mechanics and the Beautiful artwork of the new 2A Monsters In game>Event>Developer Note.

To Enjoy Summoners War on your PC with a keyboard and mouse, download it from BlueStacks.

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