With Tales Noir, PIXEL RABBIT develops and publishes an MMORPG that combines elements of classic ARPGs and city-building in an MMO setting. The title is free-to-play on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Tales Noir story is set in a fictional world made up of fantasy characters from popular childhood story books like Grimms Fairy Tales, The Fantasy Wonderland, The Cursed Forest, and the Plateau of Slumber featuring popular characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, and many more. Players will be able to collect over 100+ of their favorite childhood friends through a gacha system. Yes, Tales Noir is a gacha game which means that players need to summon characters in order to use them in battles. Players can summon these fantasy characters are different rates depending on their rarity. For example, the higher rarity characters will be having a lower probability of being summoned while a lower rarity character will be having a higher probability of being summoned.

For the unique aspects in Tales Noir, apart from the cute and graphically adorable chibi-art design of the characters, players can also choose to engage in different types of PvE and PvP-focused content, depending on their preferred choice. Players can also experience a vast Clan system where they can communicate with other players to join a new Clan or create their own for their group of friends. Players will be required to traverse through the early game quite a bit for them to unlock the Clan system. They can engage in different Clan campaigns either solo or at a party with Clan members/friends to gain juicy rewards as well as Clan’s reputation. 

Like the usual MMORPG tropes, the main characters which the player will role-play need to be from a set of 5 classes. Players can create multiple characters from the same account but play on only one at a time. Each class provides a different insight and set of skills to use in battles. Keep in mind to choose your class wisely as the game doesn’t let you change it once chosen. The 5 different classes are as follows:

  • Hunter – A high attack speed ranged carry.
  • Sorcerer – Control the elements of nature and use them to your advantage.
  • Musician – Heal and Support allies with the flow of music.
  • Knight – Become the sturdy shining knight in armor.
  • Assassin – A DPS heavy melee beast, best suited for executions. 

Each class in Tales Noir can further take up different jobs as they are leveled up. The 1st job for any class is unlocked at Level 38 while the 2nd job for any class is unlocked at Level 60. Players can unlock these jobs quite easily and they further enhance the way your character can be built with specific abilities. 

Hunter Class

Hunters are the bread and butter ranged DPS class which is destined to be the main killer of bosses in PvE content and enemy players in PvP content. They excel at dishing out damage from vast ranges and shooting arrows/bolts of energy at massive speeds which the enemies find hard to dodge. The Hunter class is notorious for being popular due to their easy-to-play nature, fun and fast movement, as well as being the hyper damage carry for your team. Although they excel in dealing huge damage, they are quite prone to dying fast and easily as they cannot take much damage. They have a low health pool and coupled with their low base defense, they are food for the beastly Knights that like to get up close and personal on the battlefield. 

Should You Choose the Hunter Class?

Hunters are best suited for players who like to play from a safe distance and expect to deal a huge amount of damage. Contrary to popular belief, Hunters are easy to play but tough to master as they require a good sense of map awareness to not get assassinated by enemy damage dealers. 

Sorcerer Class

Sorcerer Class is also a ranged damage dealing class with the added bonus of being able to control the different elements present in the nature to crowd control enemies. Sorcerer’s main advantage is the controlling abilities that can save them from melee enemies who like to advance close and deal massive damage. Their DPS is comparatively lower than a Hunter but their survival skills are excellent. Sorcerer’s main weakness remains to be their fragile nature and low base defenses that threaten their survival on the battlefield. Sorcerer is not a unique class as they can be compared to Mages/Wizards in similar MMORPG titles.

Should You Choose the Sorcerer Class?

Sorcerers are best suited for players who like to deal continuous damage to enemies for a long duration of time. Sorcerers are not the extreme damaging beasts but they do provide a consistent source of damage for any team formation. They also require players to understand the flow of battles and have precise movements.

Musician Class

Musicians are the core healers and supporters in Tales Noir. Their main aim is to keep the allies alive and they are primarily useful for players who do not like to be the center of attention on the battlefield. Musicians are blessed with ample skills for survival, however, they lack the ability to carry and deal damage to enemies. They also deal magical damage like the Sorcerers but their multipliers and base damage are very low compared to theirs. They excel at controlling the flow of the battle by pulling strings from the backline. Musicians are like a boon to DPS characters that are squishy and threatened by enemy damage dealers as they can potentially save their lives with their buffs and heals. They need to be aware of enemies on the battlefield as they are prone to get assassinated by assassins that can be stealthy. 

Should You Choose the Musician Class?

Best class for players who like to heal and provide buffs for the team. Musicians are often neglected by players due to their low damage output but their importance is irreplaceable in high-level PvP content and Clan content. Musicians are best recommended for players who are playing with their friends as they can help in progression in the early game.

Knight Class

Knight class in Tales Noir can be compared to the tanks or warriors in other similar titles. Knights can change their jobs to act either like a Tank or as a Warrior. Players will be experiencing the thrill of the battles at the center of the battlefield as they try to tank for their team while keeping an eye for the enemy damage dealer. Knights need to be aware of the squishy targets on the map to execute them and/or to distract them from dealing damage to your allies. Knights have a huge amount of HP pool and high base defense but they are balanced by low damage numbers.

Should You Choose the Knight Class?

Much like Musicians, the Knight class is also defamed and unpopular among the choices due to their low damage output. Players who are playing in a group must have a Knight to absorb the vast amount of physical/magical damage dealt by enemies. Contrary to popular belief, their 2nd job modification allows them to deal some amount of damage.

Assassin Class

Assassins are one of the most sought-after and popular classes for new players starting out in Tales Noir particularly due to the fast and agile abilities that let them travel long distances in a short duration of time. Players will be able to execute enemies from a long distance, although Assassins are a melee class and deal physical damage. This is due to the sneaky abilities that let them become invisible on the battlefield for a short duration of time. Assassin’s jobs further enhance their stealthy execution style by empowering their abilities and increasing the duration and status effects provided by them.

Should You Choose the Assassin Class?

Assassins, the stealth masters, are among the most popular choice for players who are experienced veterans of the genre. Players will have tons of fun going invincible and seeing their enemies running in every direction in the horror of getting assassinated. 

Tales Noir boasts a highly customizable MMORPG experience on the get-go. The game offers a ton of grinding and micro-management which consumes a lot of time. It is recommended to play Tales Noir on a bigger screen of your PC with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks for a time-efficient and optimized gameplay.