If you think you’ve seen everything there is terms of mobile MMORPGs, Talion is poised to prove you wrong. Gamevil’s adrenaline packed 3D, open-world MMO just launched on the EU and NA market after a thoroughly successful trial run in the Russian, Japanese, and South-East Asian servers. The game has a lot going for it, but, as we’ve already mentioned in our guide to alliances and RvR modes, the PvP aspect is, by far, the most rewarding, fun, and exciting.

In a previous article, we gave you an overview of basic combat mechanics you can use to get started in PvP. This guide, on the other hand, takes a closer look at the single most popular RvR mode in Talion, the 20v20 Occupy. Even though, as PvE fans, we’d fight a boss over another player on any given day, Talion managed to keep us on the edge of our seats with this battle mode.

We’re about to show you why.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

Plan Your Battlefield Strategy

The massive Occupy mode pits 20 Bident players against 20 Aegis ones in a resource-focused skirmish. Every side has their home base and Artillery, which consists of six Catapults, three on either side, as well as a Stables. Aside from these, the map features four Normal Bases, two on either side and eight Ancient Powers scattered throughout. The AP is basically a buff you can pick up to gain powerful boosts to your attack and defence. The purpose of Altars is to reduce overall respawn time, while the Stables (once repaired) increase your movement speed.

These two buildings start at 0 durability and have to be topped off by players in order to become active. Ultimately, however, the bases are the buildings that generate points and give your alliance the victory. You can see the rate of win point generation under each base. The time limit usually runs out before either side can reach 5,000 points, since this would require maintaining almost all available bases at the same time. Even with all four Normal bases and the Core base in the middle, it takes a while for the score meter to be topped off.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

As soon as your Occupy match is ready, you are prompted to select a role. Because there are no proper healing classes in the game, the Healing role gives two significant passive abilities to the ones who chose it. Players with this role can constantly heal allies in their proximity and reduce everyone else’s cooldowns.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

You might get away with just two Support players, one for the top and one for the bottom lane, since there aren’t many structures down the middle. However, Healers can easily change the tide of the confrontation, so don’t hesitate to join them. Just 1 more healer than the opposing team will usually give your alliance the overall lane balance and sustainability that makes it possible to constantly push the opponents back to their base.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

Defenders are best at protecting positions that have already been conquered, while also shielding the Supports that are manning the artillery. Needless to say that Chargers should be leading the attack, downing people left and right.

Getting the Early Advantage

Occupy mode is very similar to other MMO battle arenas you might have played. Getting the early advantage can be momentous towards your win, as it often happened in our case. So what should you do first, as soon as the gates open? Should you rush to the Artillery or the Core base? Things are a bit more complicated than that, since you don’t have a way to communicate with the other players – unless you also happen to be on discord with your party, which is great. If possible, try to be the one that balances out the lanes in order to improve your team’s chances of winning.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

Play TALION on BlueStacks 4

What does a balanced Occupy initial phase look like? Well, the bottom lane is the first priority. That’s where your Altar is and this is where the bulk of your forces should be focused. The reason for this is that your Altar reduces respawn time, which essentially guarantees your forces will overwhelm the adversaries. Without it, walking back to where the battle is held will take much, much longer. If it seems that everyone is going on Altar lane, try the middle or the enemy Altar. You’ll be surprised at how many people forget about these important objectives.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

Most people will rush to get kills. We advise against this. Your priorities should be tactical buildings, jumping to the aid of your allies, then killing players – in that order. You might not make the kill leaderboard at the end, but you’ll guarantee you’re on the winning side.

To begin with, your Altar is vulnerable, so you need to rush and get it to max health as soon as possible. This will also benefit your score at the end of the battle. You can use these structures to line of sight their damage dealers. Sometimes they get confused or engaged in other skirmishes, which gives you a chance to stay alive more and make better use of your cooldowns.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

Then, you need to bank on your momentum and win as many skirmishes as possible. If you’re going to be a front liner, you might as well opt for the healer role, as everyone else around you will benefit immensely from your durability. Ideally you should always jump past their Warriors and try to kill the Mages and Gunslingers, since these do the most damage. Some of them are adepts at kiting and slowing you down, so don’t stray too far from your group.

Realm Versus Realm on BlueStacks

Because we played Talion on BlueStacks, we were always one step ahead of our opponents. Whether it was reaching objectives faster, dodging or landing abilities, our performance was always spot on. We didn’t need to fumble trying to tap the screen; all the abilities were assigned to keyboard keys, which meant we could focus on strategy and timing. At a glance, these things might not seem important, but, when you’re on the battlefield, we guarantee they make a difference.

Own the Battlefield in Talion’s Occupy RvR Mode

With these tips under your belt, you can now take on the Occupy mode and dominate the opposing faction. Whether you win or lose, try your best to be a team player. You’ll be surprised at how many of your allies will notice and follow your positive behaviour, rather than go off on their own and do their own thing. See you on the field!

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