Talion may be your run-of-the-mill, autoplay mobile MMORPG when it comes to PvE content, but in terms of PvP, it has fantastic potential. Each of the four classes comes with a unique playstyle and specific abilities that bring variety to established PvP roles. In addition, the four possible PvP modes currently available in game (where they are referred to as Realm vs Realm or RvR) give you the possibility to experience anything from 1v1 to 20v20 combat.

When you add it all up, there’s a lot of fun to be had in Talion’s RvR experience. From tight skirmishes against one opponent to massive clashes between a total of 40 players hacking and slashing their way through the map, this mobile MMORPG offers more PvP action than most other games in its niche.

Choose Your Alliance

Before you enter the world of Nar, you will be asked to choose one of two alliances, the Aegis or the Bident. Members of both alliances have access to the same classes and roughly the same locations, so the difference between the two is settled primarily in terms of lore.

The Aegis. The founders of both alliances in Nar drank Dragon Blood in order to become more powerful. However, they could not agree on what they should do with this power once it was theirs. The Aegis, or the Alliance of the Shield of Protection, wanted to shelter the remains of the old world from further destruction.

Following the will or Arsulne, the Guardian Dragon of Harmony, they created a giant seal to protect their sanctuary. Overall, you’d be tempted to think that these are the good guys, especially since they dress predominantly in white and claim to fight for absolute freedom. However, it’s obvious that the Aegis haven’t read Plato’s position on the philosophical paradox of unlimited freedom, which, for us, was reason enough to give the bad guys a chance.

The Bident. Unlike the Aegis, the Bident have no illusions about the utopian nature of a sanctuary where all inhabitants are free to do as they please. Instead, they wish to burn all remnants of the old world and look forward towards the new.

The Bident, or the Flame of Judgment Alliance, obey the will of Bezeniel, the Guardian Dragon of Chaos. They built a giant tower where they plan to harness their Dragon inheritance, gather more power and achieve invincible strength. Yup, an undeniably more convincing argument.

Aside from your sensibilities regarding the best side of the force, so to speak, there is little to determine the choice of one alliance over the other. The only further difference between them is that they seem to have contrasting preferences in fashion, as you can see in the case of the mage below.

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Bear in mind, though, that all of your characters on a server must belong to the same alliance. Make sure that, if you intend to play with friends, you’re all on the same side from the get-go. Once you’ve decided on your allegiance and have a decent gear setup, it’s time to jump into epic RvR battles.

Take Part in Massive RvR Battles

Not all RvR modes are available as soon as your character emerges in Nar. To unlock all possible options, you have to progress in the main storyline up to level 40, give or take (depending on the number of daily/side quests you complete). RvR Occupy, perhaps the most impressive PvP mode in Talion, becomes playable just one hour into the game.

Below, we’ve put together the beginner’s guide to RvR modes in Talion, but if you’re already familiar with the latter, feel free to skip to our advanced PvP guide.

RvR Deathmatch (1v1). In Deathmatch battles, your goal is to defeat your opponent before they defeat you. Alternatively, if both of you are still standing when the timer runs out, the player with most HP wins.

After winning a Deathmatch battle, you are awarded victory points and your character advances on the ranking ladder. You can earn additional victory points if you successfully defeat multiple opponents in a row. At the end of each season, you are given a reward based on your ranking position. This can range from 150 Rubies for participation to 3,000 Rubies for 1st Rank.

RvR Occupy (20v20). A battle of truly epic proportions, RvR Occupy puts 40 players on one map to fight for base domination. Several bases can be captured by both alliances and each owned base generates points in time. Once the 12 minute timer is out, the alliance with most points is victorious.

In addition to bases, the map is populated with utility buildings that grant buffs when captured. Regardless of your class, you can choose between 4 roles at the beginning of each game for additional abilities and/or passive bonuses. Support and Defense are some of the most important functions in Occupy, but don’t be surprised if 15 people on your side choose Charger anyway.

RvR Team Battle (5v5). Team battles are point-based skirmishes where score is gained by taking possession of the Crown of Victory. The Crown always spawns at the center of the arena and generates points for a team whenever a member of that team picks it up. The first team to reach 3,000 points is victorious. Otherwise, the winner is the team with the most points when the timer runs out.

The catch in team battles is the fact that players who are holding the Crown cannot attack others. In other words, their single goal is to run and survive, while the other four players must protect them to the best of their abilities. Rewards range from Alliance coins to skill books and buff scrolls.

RvR Major Clash (10v10). A mode that is still being tested at present, the 10v10 Major Clash puts 20 players on a map where they can fight members of the other alliance alongside the 2 Governors and their Soldiers. The ultimate goal is to defeat the Governor of the opposing alliance or to be the team that has done the most damage when the timer runs out.

If your stats are lower than the average in a Major Clash, your character is boosted for balance purposes. Your reward at the end of a Major Clash battle is scaled based on your performance. The more players/soldiers you’ve killed, but also the more damage you’ve done to the Governor, the better your spoils.

Our advice? Don’t get discouraged by the autoplay PvE portion of Talion as you enter the game. It takes only a few hours to hit level 40 and, once you do, there’s heaps of fun to be had in RvR combat across multiple formats. Finally, don’t forget that if you’re experiencing latency issues on your mobile device, you can always download Talion on BlueStacks  and play the game on your PC.

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