Heroes in Tap Titans 2 are arguably the most significant source of damage in the game. As the game’s primary units, players are required to make sure that their heroes are performing with maximum damage efficiency so that they can save their thumbs all the trouble of tapping for hours at a time just to keep up with the competition. There are several ways you can upgrade or maintain your heroes; all of them will be explained in this Tap Titans 2 Heroes Guide made specifically for you.

Tap Titans 2 - In-depth Heroes Guide

Older heroes fall off pretty quickly in Tap Titans 2 in favor of more updated heroes. Even if those heroes no longer serve a purpose in terms of damage, they still have other ways to benefit the account, which ultimately makes them worth upgrading. Let’s move on to the most important tasks that players need to accomplish to ensure that their heroes are up to the task of beating endless waves of Titans to aid the Legendary Sword Master vanquish this gigantic threat from the face of the Earth.

Upgrading & Ascension

Upgrading a hero through leveling it up is the fastest and easiest way to increase your hero’s power. Unfortunately, it also costs an arm and a leg to do so and will require a ridiculous amount of gold production just to keep up with the DPS requirements of a boss in higher stages. There is no Level Cap for upgrading heroes, but the sheer cost of upgrading limits how high you can push their levels. Level up all your heroes just until it starts to take a toll on your total gold earned.

Tap Titans 2 - In-depth Heroes Guide

Ascension is an advanced upgrade that can only be performed when you have Hired/Unlocked all the other heroes. Ascension will dramatically increase the hero’s stats and abilities, reaching up to Ascension IV. However, Ascension will not persist when a player performs a Prestige, so only do this when you’re planning to climb a couple hundred more floors after performing a Hero Ascension. This is for very advanced players who have reached beyond Stage 1000.

Skills & Passives

Skills & Passives are the most critical part of Heroes. As you know, older Heroes fall off pretty quickly and essentially lose any purpose DPS-wise during the later stages of the game, even if you upgrade them. While they might not contribute in terms of direct damage, they have different ways they can improve your team’s damage output and efficiency, which makes it essential to still level them up to their max level.

Tap Titans 2 - In-depth Heroes Guide

Whenever you upgrade a Hero to a certain milestone, they will gain a new Passive Ability that helps your team. For example, leveling Maya Muerta to level 20 increases your Crit Damage by x1.1%. This might seem small, but if you combine all the passive bonuses that your Heroes unlock, your team will be so much stronger from all the buffs they gain from each other. This is why you should aim to upgrade your Hero levels as much as possible so that you benefit from as many effects as possible.


Masteries come in two forms: Weapons & Scrolls. As mentioned in our How To Increase Your Damage Guide, Masteries affect a specific hero’s attributes or abilities, depending on the rarity or level of the acquired scroll or weapon. Hero Weapons increase a Hero’s damage by a certain amount, depending on the level of the equipment. When the player unlocks all 37 Hero Weapons, the multiplier increases significantly for the highest similar levels that all of the weapons share.

Tap Titans 2 - In-depth Heroes Guide

Hero Scrolls increase a Hero’s abilities in the same manner that Hero Weapons do. When you unlock all 37 Hero Scrolls, the multiplier increases significantly for the highest similar levels that all of the weapons share. Hero Weapons are unlocked primarily via the Tournament, whereas Hero Scrolls are gained from Clan Raids. Players must participate in these events in order to gain these as rewards. Masteries will be received at random though, so players can’t choose what they will be getting.

Class & Types

Heroes are separated by Class & Types. There are three classes in the game; these are the Warriors, Rangers, and Mages. On the other hand, there are only two Hero Types, and those are the Ground Heroes & Sky Heroes. Certain modifiers will affect each hero, depending on their class and type, which is important when players are trying to maximize damage. Determine which hero type is yielding maximum damage output in order to set your Equipment and other passives accordingly.

Tap Titans 2 - In-depth Heroes Guide

There is no hard difference in terms of a Hero’s Class or Type, unlike traditional RPGs where each Class will specialize in a certain area. The only difference in this game is that Heroes of a certain class will often provide buffs to benefit similar classes in the game. The difference in Hero Type just depends on where they stand. Ground heroes need to stand on the ground or on platforms while Sky Heroes will be found floating around the map, hitting the titans in the air.


Stories are interesting bits about the Heroes you’re using in the game. They don’t really affect any stats but are worth reading on anyway, even if only to create a connection with the characters in this series. As you know, the original Tap Titans game also had several characters, but they have all gone in this storyline. Learning about a game’s lore is one of the most fulfilling parts of any game as it helps you understand and imagine why you’re doing anything at all in a game when you play.

Tap Titans 2 - In-depth Heroes Guide

Are you reading up on the Heroes’ lore? It’s a great way to kill time when you just want to play passively, but you likely can’t open up any other app on your smart device since changing tabs will most likely pause any progress you’re making. This is generally the case unless you have the Silent March passive skill activated on your account. If you want to play other games while retaining your gameplay with Tap Titans 2 uninterrupted, you might want to consider switching to BlueStacks to help you get an overall better gaming experience.