The Skill Tree is a central part of Tap Titans 2 and is a choice that players will need to make early on in the game. After all, it’s fairly difficult to collect the resources needed to upgrade it along the way later on. The game has four skill trees which vary depending on the playstyle that players want to have. Eventually, players will progress enough to be able to upgrade all the skill trees, but that might take weeks or months of gameplay depending on the amount of time players dedicate each day.

Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 is fairly playable without worrying about the complicated parts before the Stage 1000 mark. As the players progress through the higher stages, allowing your overpowered Heroes on the stage to beat up Titans won’t be acceptable anymore. Modifiers such as Artifacts, Pets, Equipment, and the Skill Tree will play a major role in making sure that you can kill any boss you want. However, players that are just starting out might not know which Skill Tree they might want to commit to.

How To Upgrade the Skill Tree

The Skill Tree is found on the Sword Master Tab on the uppermost part of your screen. There are four options that players may opt to take, and those are Knight, Warlord, Sorcerer, and Rogue. Each of these Skill Trees specializes in doing one thing for your account. Depending on your playstyle, you may want to either focus on one of these Skill Trees at the beginning or evenly distribute your skill points. However, focusing your skill points on just one is probably the best way to get a head-start in Tap Titans 2.

Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2

There are several ways to get Skill Points, the most common being that players need to reach certain milestones when beating Stages. Players can also get Skill Points from Tournament Rewards or from Titan Chests, which can be purchased using real money. Players may choose to reset the Skill Tree if they’re not satisfied with the current build, but that will cost a number of Diamonds that correspond to the number of Skill Points applied in all Skill Trees on that account.

  1. Knight

The Knight is the Skill Tree that is introduced to you as a player, and is the one that the tutorial urges you to spend your Skill Points on. The Knight Skill tree specializes in empowering the damage of the Sword Master themselves. The Knight Skill Tree is for players that like to play actively, enjoy tapping away at enemies, and want to keep the primary source of damage in a fight coming from the Sword Master rather than Heroes or Skills. 

Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2

There are three branches in this Skill Tree: Sword Master Raw Damage Focus, Fire Sword Skill Enhancement, and Pet Power Enhancement. The first branch increases the Sword Master’s tapping power. The second branch significantly increases the Tapping Power of the Sword Master when Fire Sword is active. The final branch increases the damage the pet does in combat with the Sword Master.

  1. Warlord

The Warlord is the most passive Skill Tree in the group, as it focuses on increasing your Heroes’ strength instead of the Sword Master’s. This Skill Tree is mainly for players that like to play the game as an Idle game without the Clicker part. Choosing this tree will allow players to increase the damage that their Heroes deal so that they become relevant for a couple more stages instead of falling off rapidly – in terms of damage – at the later stages of the game. 

Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2

There are three branches to this Skill Tree: Hero Raw Damage Focus, War Cry Skill Enhancement, Clan Ship Damage Enhancement. The first branch increases the raw damage and bonuses that Heroes gain passively. The second branch significantly increases the damage heroes deal when the skill War Cry is activated. The final branch of this tree increases the damage that your Clan Ship deals to enemies as long as the player is a member of a Clan and has Heroes.

  1. Sorcerer

The Sorcerer Skill Tree is also somewhat for active players since it focuses on upgrading the Skills’ effects while increasing the resources needed to activate them. This Skill is for players that like to add some versatility to their play style and prefer activating effects to suit the situation instead of relying on a “one strategy fits all approach. This Skill Tree is generally good to take after completing any of the other skill trees since it has the highest impact in terms of effect. 

Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2

There are three branches to this Skill Tree: Utility Skills, Damaging Skills, and Shadow Clone. The first branch increases the skills and elements in the game that provides rewards and currency like Gold or Fairies. The second skill tree primarily focuses on increases or providing more damage when using activated skills like Heavenly Strike. The final Skill Tree upgrades and adds more effects when using the Shadow Clone ability, which makes it a great skill to use all the time.

  1. Rogue

Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2

There are three branches to this Skill Tree: Deadly Strike, Summon Daggers, and Skip Stages. The first branch upgrades and adds effects to the Deadly Strike skill, which is based on Deadly Damage, which gives players the chance to instantly kill a target regardless of health. The second branch introduces Daggers that float around the screen; tapping them will deal damage or yield other effects. The final and most popular branch in this tree allows players to skip stages or bosses to progress faster in the game.