Progressing in Tap Titans 2 is highly dependent on the amount of damage you can deal, no matter if it comes from the Sword Master or Heroes. Despite being an idle-clicker game, not having the right tools for the job will stop you in your tracks since bosses will require players to kill them before the time limit ends, or else they’ll prevent you from proceeding to the next stage. When this happens, the player is left with no choice but to find ways to increase their damage output in Tap Titans 2.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 has a lot of hurdles that new players have yet to encounter, as the very early stages of the game are fairly easy to beat. While Tap Titans 2 is a great way to relax and release some stress by tapping your problems away, serious players can always find more to do, considering they will have to worry about and keep the competitive aspect in mind. If you’re the type of player that wants to join weekly tournaments but don’t know how to do it right or where to start, here’s what you need to upgrade.

Pet Damage

Pet Damage is directly associated with your Sword Master’s tap damage. Each pet has a unique ability that upgrades one aspect of your account. Players will receive a bunch of pets as the game proceeds, but they can only use one pet at a time during fights. To choose which pet you want to use, go to the Pet Tab and select the one that you want to have active. At Pet Level 5, you will gain a passive effect bonus from that pet even if you don’t have it active during a fight.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

The only way to level up a Pet in Tap Titans 2 is to receive a duplicate copy of that pet from an egg. Once a pet reaches Level 5, the player will benefit from a 5% effect bonus from that pet that will increase every time a pet levels up. This can scale to a maximum of 100%. The goal here is to collect as many eggs as possible in order to get as many pets to Level 5 so that you can have more passive bonuses affecting your team, increasing your damage output to ultimately clear more stages with ease. 

Skill Tree

The Skill Tree is another major source of Damage in Tap Titans 2. If you want to learn some in-depth information about this, go to our Tap Titans 2 Skill Tree Guide. Basically, the Skill Tree upgrades a specific aspect of your skills, abilities, or other factors depending on how you play Tap Titans 2. For new players, it’s important that they commit to one of the skill trees so that they reap the full benefit of one branch since there are only a limited amount of Skill Points in the game.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

  • Knight – Increases Tap Damage & Pet Power; For Active Players
  • WarlordIncreases Hero & Clan Ship; For Passive Players
  • SorcererIncreases Skill Effects & Mana Generation; For Semi-Active Players
  • RogueEases Stage Progression & Gives Utility; For Progression Players

Choosing the right Skill Tree is a choice that needs to be made early on. New players are often baited into committing to upgrading the Knight Skill Tree, even though they have a completely different playstyle. Proper management of the Skill Tree in accordance with your playstyle will carry you a long way.


Artifacts are also crucial modifiers in the game that you can get by performing Prestiges. Artifacts can be bought and upgraded using Prestige Relics and are earned by climbing stages above Stage 60. The higher the player climbs in terms of stages, the more often Prestige Relics will be rewarded to the player after performing a prestige.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

Players need to collect as many Artifacts as possible and eventually complete all 97. In addition, an artifact’s effect will increase when it is upgraded using Prestige Relics. Players should choose which artifacts they want to upgrade with Prestige Relics while trying to unlock one or two artifacts every time they perform a Prestige.


Equipment might look silly, but they provide some massive powerups to your damage output. These pieces of equipment randomly drop from chests or when defeating a Titan. The power of equipment depends on both its rarity and level. Equipment of a higher rarity is significantly more potent than lower-rarity ones even if the levels are equal or slightly higher.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

Collect equipment by checking up on your game once in a while and clicking on the fallen pieces of equipment on the ground. When a piece of equipment is not claimed for a certain duration, it will expire.

Hero Masteries

Hero Masteries are a rare upgrade obtainable by participating in Tournaments, redeeming rewards, or buying chests at the cash shop. Hero Masteries come in two forms: Weapons & Scrolls. Obtaining and upgrading these masteries will significantly increase the Hero’s power and utility by enormous margins.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

Players will need to grind a lot, compete in tournaments, and complete daily challenges just to get a small chance to obtain these masteries. Weapons & Scrolls are bound depending on the Hero they are meant for, so you can’t freely choose which Hero you want to upgrade in the game using these masteries.

Raid Cards

Raid Cards are mainly for Clan Raids but are considered an upgrade nonetheless. The Raid Card only helps increase your damage modifier to defeat raid bosses in a guild event; you can’t apply other modifiers like Tap Damage & Hero damage in these stages as the dungeon will set your Sword Master damage depending on the Raid Card used.

How To Increase Your Damage in Tap Titans 2

During Raids, the Sword Master will be fighting alone, meaning – unlike the main game mode –  you can’t simply join this event and play passively. If you’re using the BlueStacks Controls Editor Function, you’ll have an easier time completing these Raid Events since you won’t tap as much as you’d have to if you were using your thumbs on an actual smart device.