Players might think that Tap Titans 2 is nothing but a straightforward idle game, but in truth, there are many things that need to be managed to get the best outcome. Believe it or not, there’s also a competitive scene involved in Tap Titans where dedicated players take playing seriously. Such people need to be able to efficiently upgrade their characters in a short period of time. If you’re planning to compete in the tournaments as one of these people, these tips & tricks will sure come in handy.

Tap Titans 2 - Advanced Tips & Tricks

Tap Titans 2 has a lot of interesting mechanics to make sure that players will continue playing the game and feel like they’re progressing, in spite of the simplistic play style. There are some things that players definitely need to accomplish, regardless of whether they’re only playing casually or want to take on other players for the weekly tournaments. By following these advanced tips & tricks, players will be able to progress through the game so much faster than how other players would normally progress.

  1. Ramp Up Your Prestige

Prestige is the biggest power-up in the game. Prestige is unlocked when players reach Stage 60, indicated on the upper bar on your screen. The higher the stage you reach before doing Prestige, the more prizes you’ll get from finishing it. New and casual players are often afraid of doing Prestige; they may believe that they’ll be throwing a lot of effort down the drain since it resets parts of your progress such as Hero Upgrades, Stage Progression, and Sword Master standing. 

Tap Titans 2 - Advanced Tips & Tricks

It’s understandable that players are skeptical of what Prestige actually does for your account, but believe us when we say that using Prestige more often is beneficial for the long-term growth of your account. It allows you to gain currency to unlock Artifacts, reward you with Skill Points, and give you other rewards as well. This is why players should always try to do Prestige whenever they reach a new stage milestone. Do it every time you reach 100 more stages than your previous run.

  1. Don’t Overcommit To Low-Rank Heroes

The Sword Master may be the star of the show, but it’s no secret to most of the veteran Tap Titans 2 players that Heroes will become the primary source of damage for players who haven’t progressed enough in the game. After you reach Stage 150, you’ll notice that your Sword Master’s damage falls off significantly, despite spending all your gold on upgrading the DPS. You’ll also notice that your strongest Heroes start one-shotting all the Titans regardless of whether they’re bosses or not.

Tap Titans 2 - Advanced Tips & Tricks

Heroes are extremely strong, but not every hero serves a purpose in these later stages. Heroes you get earlier on in the game start losing DPS and won’t make a significant impact in a fight even if you max them out with all the gold you currently have. Once you get Gullbrand, you should stop spending too much gold on other heroes, at least temporarily. Instead of maxing out other heroes that will eventually fall off, invest in your strongest heroes, and you’ll eventually max them out. Once you do that, you can sit back, let them smash bosses, and let your work speak for itself.

  1. Level Those Artifacts

Artifacts play a big part in your journey to save the world from the Titans. Upgrades like Pets, Skill Trees, and Artifacts are permanent to your account, even if you choose to do a Prestige reset. This is why you should unlock and upgrade those artifacts so that your account will get marginally stronger compared to your account if you didn’t prestige it. To upgrade Artifacts, you’ll need Artifact Relics, which you gain by performing Prestiges. The amount depends on the highest stage you reached.

Tap Titans 2 - Advanced Tips & Tricks

Artifacts have different effects that help you in your journey. The more artifacts you unlock, the more effects that get applied to your account in order to make life a lot easier, even if you have to prestige and start from scratch. The chance to spawn an artifact depends on its rarity, but as you unlock more of them, the more likely it is that you’ll get a Rare artifact because you can’t get a duplicate of an existing one from the pool. That means you’ll eventually unlock all of the game’s 97 artifacts.

  1. Reach Higher Stages

It’s true that you should Prestige often in order to collect more Artifact Relics and upgrade your account overall. However, you should also try to reach higher stages before you Prestige so that you reap benefits such as acquiring higher-level equipment or unlocking new Skill Points. The higher the stage you climb, the better rewards you get from Prestiges and random loot boxes that fall on the ground.

Tap Titans 2 - Advanced Tips & Tricks

Prestiging is a requirement in the game. To know if you should start doing a Prestige, you need to determine if you have enough rewards so that resetting doesn’t become a total drag. You should also start to Prestige when the enemies start becoming too tough, even though you have the right heroes for the job. Find the perfect formula through the process of experimentation, and you’ll be able to maximize your rewards.

  1. Join a Clan

Joining a clan has a lot of benefits for a player. For one, it unlocks more content for players to enjoy, such as Guild Raiding and Solo Raiding. These game modes are really fun to play and can also give awesome rewards for members of the guild, depending on their contribution in terms of damage dealt to a boss. This allows players to collect the resources needed to upgrade their overall account.

Tap Titans 2 - Advanced Tips & Tricks

In addition, players that are members of a clan will be able to gain a Clan Ship. It’s a large airship that acts like a Hero during boss fights as it provides some extra damage scaling depending on the overall Hero damage that you have. You will also gain a passive damage buff that increases your overall damage and allows you to start a few stages higher, depending on your highest stage record in the game.