Ragnarok: Labyrinth is a casual idle mobile game set in the same universe as the original Ragnarok Online, the hugely popular MMORPG of the early 2000s. This title, in contrast to its original counterpart however, offers a much more casualized and streamlined approach to the classic RPG gameplay, with tons of features for automating the combat and the grind, allowing players to progress at a steady pace, without having to sink countless hours into it.

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

Even with all these features, however, there are still many things you need to know if you want to progress at a steady pace while avoiding the difficulty walls that you’ll inevitably come to along your travels. And in this guide, we’ll be giving you a few Ragnarok: Labyrinth tips and tricks to help expedite your journey through Midgard, and hopefully, help you level up and progress quickly.

Play on BlueStacks to Enhance Your Automation and Multitasking

Ragnarok: Labyrinth is designed to be a very hands-off type of game, with features to automate most of the grinding. However, even if you’re playing with the automation features, you’ll still need to keep the game running on your phone in case you run into dangerous enemies, or in case a boss or MVP spawns, so you can join the fight and score some extra rewards.

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

However, not everyone has a phone that can run this game, nor do they have the time or disposition to constantly monitor their game for the times when something interesting pops up. Luckily, by playing Ragnarok: Labyrinth on PC with BlueStacks, you can not only enjoy this game on your large PC monitor and with access to a variety of tools to enhance your experience, but you can also easily minimize the game to the background while auto-grinding, and simply bring it up when you hear an MVP or boss enemy spawn, so you don’t miss out on the rewards.

Check out our PC setup guide for Ragnarok: Labyrinth if you want to learn how to install and play this awesome idle RPG on your computer.

Upgrade Your Gear and Cards

We’ve discussed and shared a few tips and tricks for newcomers in our Ragnarok: Labyrinth beginner’s guide already, with one of them being the fact that you can upgrade your gear to improve their stats. By spending a bit of Zeny and materials like Oridecon, you can increase the level of your weapons and armor, permanently improving their effectiveness. 

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

At specific upgrade breakthrough points, such as when reaching +10, +20, +30, or +40, you’ll also progressively unlock card slots, which allow you to fit special monster cards to improve the stats of the piece of gear even further, or to give them special new properties altogether.

These monster cards are obtained mostly as rewards for beating tough bosses, or for clearing stages in the labyrinth, with each offering a variety of benefits, usually revolving around boosting your stats. Moreover, just like with your gear, you can also spend Zeny to enhance a card, boosting its stats and properties.

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

You can upgrade both your cards and gear directly from your inventory, by clicking on the “Bag” button and browsing your way to the desired cards, weapons, or armor that you want to upgrade.

Choosing the Right Class

One of the particularities of Ragnarok: Labyrinth, which is also present in the original games, is the class and job system.

In this game, everyone starts out as a Novice, a classless hero-in-the-making that has yet to fulfill their true potential. However, at level 5, you get to choose your first class transfer depending on your play style and the role you want to play as, which will set your character down a specific path. 

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

It’s important to know the right class for you since this will determine, in great part, the way you play this game. With that being said, the best melee DPS in the game is the Assassin; the best tank is the Crusader; the best caster is the Wizard; the best healer is the Dancer, and the best ranged DPS is the Hunter. Keep in mind that these distinctions only apply to min maxers, as all classes are viable. In any case, you should choose the one that appeals to YOU the most.

Unlock New Hunting Grounds ASAP

With the exception of a few game modes, Ragnarok: Labyrinth is mostly an idle game. However, your progress is determined mostly by the type of rewards you can get from auto-farming, which are determined exclusively by the hunting grounds in which you’re currently fighting. To unlock more hunting grounds, you need to defeat the boss of your current location, which you can do by clicking on the purple “BOSS” button on the lower right of the screen.

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

It’s important to unlock new hunting grounds as fast as possible as this will give you access to tougher enemies, better rewards, and even different MVPs that can give lots of valuable goodies when defeated.

Use the Sharevice Only When Actively Farming

Ragnarok: Labyrinth has a special feature called the “Sharevice” that allows you to temporarily recruit and add other players’ characters to your group, dramatically improving your firepower in the process. The drawback to this is that you can only summon allies for a limited time each day, since the Sharevice can quickly run out of charge. And the more allies you have recruited at any given time, the faster it’ll discharge.

The Best Ragnarok: Labyrinth Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Growing Your Power

In this sense, we recommend using this feature only when you’re actively farming. That is when you have the time to actually pay attention to the game. This is in order to avoid missing out on MVPs or other valuable targets that can pop up from time to time. With your crew of powerful adventurers, you can basically destroy anything that stands in your way, in a matter of seconds.

That’s all for our Ragnarok: Labyrinth tips and tricks for newcomers. With these in mind, you’ll be able to blaze through the game while progressively powering and avoiding becoming stuck on the harder missions and labyrinths.