Netmarble’s most recent release – Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – clearly favors P2W players, especially when it comes to PvP. But let’s face it: all Gacha games do. The real question is whether as an F2P player, you will also have the chance to enjoy the game and compete against others, at least on a smaller scale. For this particular release, the answer is fortunately yes! Not only that, our guides on heroes, farming, rerolling and combat can get you ahead of the crowd.

Not only do players receive a free SSR summon ticket every two weeks just for logging in, but we are also given a few awesome heroes for progressing through the story. Granted, not all F2P heroes are as good as they seem to begin with, but the 4 that we describe below are absolutely insane.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

If these are the characters you’re stuck with and you didn’t manage to pull anything better so far, you shouldn’t even feel that bad about it. We know that resources are particularly scarce in SDS: Grand Cross, but it’s perfectly fine to invest in these heroes because they will totally carry their own weight (and that of your team) later on. Let’s take a closer look!

Blue King: Crazy Support and DPS in One Package

Even though everyone gets Blue King for free just for playing the story, he is actually one of the best heroes in the game: not just for F2P players, but overall. As soon as you get Blue King, feel free to invest as many resources as you want into his development. You won’t regret it.

In terms of skills, Blue King brings the following kit to the table:

  • Fossilization – a single-target attack and Blue King’s most important ability. While the damage is negligible, upgrading this card to rank 2 adds a 1-turn petrify that can incapacitate any target. That even includes bosses.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

  • Pollen Garden – a team-wide support ability that removes all debuffs from allies. At rank 2, a 30% heal is added, while rank 3 heals for up to 50%.
  • Sunflower (association ability) – when paired with the right allies, Blue King becomes a fantastic AoE damage dealer in addition to providing support for his team. His Sunflower ability ignores resistances and deals no less than 420% of damage on all enemy heroes.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

  • Fairy King (passive) – although not as spectacular as the rest of his kit, Blue King’s passive grants a minor stat boost to all Fairy allies, which can be useful in the right comps.

Green Hawk & Elizabeth: A Reliable Farming Duo

As we’ve already mentioned in our guide to farming gold and diamonds, you’ll spend most of your time in SDS: Grand Cross farming for currencies and materials. There are, however, a few heroes that are so good for farming purposes that they can increase your income per day in a noticeable manner. Green Hawk & Elizabeth, a duo that you get early on in the game, is one such character.

Her (or their) skills include:

  • Super Pork Loin Illusion – a single-target skill that deals a decent amount of damage and, more importantly, weakens the enemy’s defenses.
  • Super Hawk Illusion – a massive AoE ability that deals 250% pierce damage to all enemies. Hawk-Liz’s best ability by far.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

  • Final Pork Stomping (association ability) – a finisher attack that deals a fantastic 700% damage on a single target. Works great against bosses.
  • Tavern Mascot (passive) – a rather unimpressive skill that improves allies’ HP stats, but doesn’t work in PvP. Still, the HP boost will correlate directly with your team’s Combat Class, which can give you the push you need to get that first action during battles.

Green Gowther: The Best F2P Hero for PvP

At a glance, this hero might look terrible, but he can be devastating under the right circumstances. More specifically, Green Gowther is best used in PvP combat, where he can consistently disable one or several of your opponent’s strongest characters.

Gowther is a great disabler thanks to his unique set of skills:

  • Overdrive – at rank 2 and 3, this ability deals significant damage to a single target, decreases skill ranks, and depletes the enemy’s ultimate gauge by a number of bubbles equal to the amount of decreased skill ranks. In other words, if you know that your opponent relies heavily on a character with powerful rank 2 or 3 abilities or if you’re up against an opponent with an ultimate-centered team, you can use Gowther’s Overdrive to counter them directly. Fun for you, extremely frustrating for the other player.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

  • Nightmare Teller – if you don’t manage to prevent an Ultimate from being cast by using Overdrive, this skill is a back-up solution. It decreases the damage of the target’s ultimate and prevents the ultimate from applying any effects for 3 turns.
  • Gatling Jack (association ability) – essentially a second Overdrive with slightly more damage, this ability allows Gowther to perform his support role even more consistently.
  • Mental Fabrication (passive) – to seal the deal, Gowther’s passive decreases the defensive stats of all enemies by 15% in PvP, giving your entire team a significant advantage over your opponent.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

Red Ban: Great Support and Self-Sustain for Tough PvE Encounters

Red Ban might not be as glossy as the three heroes we’ve mentioned above, but he nevertheless performs a crucial role in very difficult PvE battles. With excellent self-sustain, he can prevent enemy heroes from casting their ultimates long enough for your team to clear them off the field.

Red Ban’s abilities can be used as follows:

  • Eliminate Spirit – a skill that deals decent single-target damage and depletes 1 Ultimate orbs at rank 1. Best used against enemies or bosses with powerful ultimates to prevent them from casting indefinitely.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – The Best F2P Heroes in the Game

  • Undead Physical – a stance ability that makes Ban immune to debuffs and allows him to evade all damage for one turn. At rank 3, this skill also heals Ban for 50% of his missing HP on the start of the following turn. Great self-sustain.
  • Power Hunt (association skill) – a fantastic single-target skill that deals no less than 700% of damage to an enemy. Perfect against difficult bosses.
  • Extort HP (passive) – another great self-sustain mechanic, Ban’s passive gives him 30% lifesteal whenever he has less than half of his HP. Coupled with a skill like Power Hunt, this ability will top up the hero’s HP in a single turn.

Told you these heroes would be great! In other Gacha games, the best F2P characters are, well, mediocre at best, but this is certainly not the case in SDS: Grand Cross. Netmarble truly did their best to make F2P players feel appreciated, which we wholeheartedly commend. Now, then, what are you waiting for? Go level up your King!