If you don’t grind enough in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, you’ll always find yourself short on supplies. Same is regarding hero upgrade materials, which hero is the best for different play styles, which one would be better and so on. So, we’ll look at all the heroes from each tier list that are useful and worth upgrading.

Rare Heroes (SR)

  1. Alioni- Alioni is a must upgrade unit. Its attack card deals quite a good amount of damage and his taunt card is useful in various strategies. Moreover, his passive gives a 10% attack-related stats boost to all the HP units in the team which is quite useful in various places.
  2. Marmas- Marmas is an especially important unit in the Guild Boss Kelak. You can use his defense debuff and his ultimate move before finishing with red derieri to gain massive points and score good.
  3. Twigo- Twigo is a good unit if you use a team of ‘Strength’ units. His passive gives a 30% HP boost to all the strength attribute allies. Both of his attack cards deal quite a good amount of damage and he has an AoE (attack on everyone) ultimate which is good to finish off all the enemies at once.

Best Units to Upgrade from Each Tier in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Super Rare Heroes (SR)

  1. Elizabeth- There are a total of 3 Elizabeth characters (1 Elizabeth and 2 Elizabeth & Hawk). All three of them are important for different aspects of the game, so it would be a major help if you upgrade all three of the SR Elizabeth heroes.
  2. Guila (Speed)- Blue Guila is an absolute must unit for red book farming. Guila composition is the best and fastest method to farm red books during half stamina events to earn a good amount of gold.
  3. Gustav- Gustav has a freeze and a recovery disable skill which is useful in a lot of situations. He’s also a particularly good unit to be used in the Kelak Guild Boss. He’s an affordable version of red merlin which works the same.
  4. Jericho (Strength & Speed)- Blue and Red Jericho are good substitute units as their passive offers a 10% attack-related stats boost to their respective attributes team. So, they help in getting that extra attack but they’re only to be used as substitute units and not on the main team.
  5. Eren Jaeger (AoT Collab Unit)- Blue SR Eren was a free unit available to everyone during the Attack on Titan collaboration event. People had the chance to max his ultimate for free by playing the event, so he’s an extraordinarily strong unit both in terms of skills and ultimate.

Best Units to Upgrade from Each Tier in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Along with the above mentioned units, Jillian (HP), Cain (HP), Gilthunder (HP), Slater (Strength), are some useful characters that are used in different places. So, you can upgrade them as well.

Super Super Rare Heroes (SSR)

  1. Demon Meliodas (Speed)- Blue Demon Meliodas (BDM) is an absolute beast in everything. He’s a must have unit in your team. Be it farming, PvP or any PvE content, BDM is absolutely ready for everything. His AoE pierce card just blasts away all the enemies in one go.
  2. Escanor (HP)- Green Escanor is another unit which absolutely smashes everything in its way. Escanor has the highest base stats among all the units, his debuff card removes any buff from enemies and his attack card does insane damage while filling his own ultimate gauge. He is another unit that you can use anywhere efficiently.
  3. Gowther (Strength)- Red Gowther is the best support unit that you can have in the game. His buff card ranks up the skills of your allies and the other card attack seals the opponent. His passive increases the base stats of allies by 10% if he doesn’t take any damage while his ultimate depletes the ultimate move gauge of all the opponents.
  4. King (Speed)- Blue King is useful from the start till the end. The moment you get him from the storyline, he can be used the entire time you play the game. One of his skills petrifies the enemy and the other skill heals allies. So, he’s quite useful in various situations and places.
  5. Derieri (Strength)- Red Derieri is an absolute beast in the PvE content. She is used everywhere you can think of, normal stages, Guild Boss, story content and much more. Her buff card which provides her evasion and her passive increases attack by 10% every time a skill is used (limit 10 times, removes if no skill is used in a turn). Derieri ultimate move deal 30% more damage per buff on herself, which works perfectly well with her passive ability.

Best Units to Upgrade from Each Tier in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Along with the mentioned units, Arthur (Strength), Escanor (Strength), Lillia (Speed), Howzer (Strength), Gowther (HP), Helbram (both strength & HP), Merlin (both strength & HP), Zeldris (Strength), Jericho (HP) and Slater (Speed) are some units that are very helpful and can be used in a lot of places.

Most of these units can be found in the ‘Coin Shop’ so it’s better to buy them from there whenever they are on sale and max out their ultimate move as well so they become more strong. Check out Beginner’s Guide to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross to learn more about the characters and how they work.

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