Power rating in The Walking Dead: Survivors is the main indicator of strength in the game. Raising your power is an vital part about playing so that you can fulfill requirements such as joining strong Clans. There are multiple ways to increase a player’s power rating, but it’s difficult for them to boost their power if they only do general tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient ways to increase your power in The Walking Dead: Survivors.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Players are often impressed by the power rating that you have. Even a whole clan will think twice about attacking a player whose power rating is as strong as the strongest player in their alliance. While premium players have the advantage of gaining power rating faster than free-to-play (F2P) players, F2P players still have a chance to catch up and become relevant enough in the game. The most important part about taking that chance is making smart decisions.

Train More Fighters

Fighters are the fastest way to increase your power rating because you can get a huge number of troops trained in a short duration. Depending on the rank of the troop that you’re using, you’ll be able to get a decent amount of power after completing a batch of fighters from each category. However, the problem with having too many soldiers is that they drain your upkeep quickly, which, in turn, negatively affects your progression in other areas that require veggies/meat as their resource.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Players should aim to be constantly training soldiers as often as possible with very little downtime. Having more fighters also benefits you in terms of military strength because it doesn’t overinflate your power rating to give the illusion of strength, as opposed to most newbie cities in the game. Once you have a huge army at your disposal, hostile players might reconsider challenging you with a great defensive army at your disposal.

Efficiently Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading buildings is general knowledge and might seem like it’s stating the obvious. However, most players upgrade buildings inefficiently, if they even know to, which causes them to lose out on huge boosts for their power rating. Efficiently upgrading buildings is the key to getting huge power rating spikes in between logins. There’s a proper order to follow to upgrade or construct buildings to maximize worker efficiency, as discussed in our TWD: Survivors Beginner’s Guide.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Players that don’t spend a lot of time in between login sessions on TWD: Survivors should learn which buildings to upgrade first. Upgrade the buildings that have the lowest build timers first, especially those that you can instantly skip; in turn, you can make use of the construction bonuses that the builder gives. Reserve buildings that take about an hour or so to complete before you plan on logging out, so that it’ll be ready again once you’re back.

Research Technology

Researching technology can also reward you with the gift of an increased power rating. Research that involves upgrading or unlocking fighters are the biggest influencers in the power rating because they affect thousands of units every time you upgrade them. While it’s true that players shouldn’t ignore prioritizing researching economic technology, keep in mind that military boosts also give a ton of power every time you finish, especially if you have a large army.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Players should always try to race towards unlocking new unit types and promoting old units to the new types so that they’ll have an army that has an admirable power rating. Remember that the biggest contributor to your power rating is your army, so anything that involves upgrading military strength is a decent way to quickly enhance your camp’s power.

Survivors’ Influence

A quick way to increase your power without spending resources or waiting for countdown timers is to level up your survivors. Players often ignore leveling up their survivors aside from their main ones that they use on adventures or march orders. In reality, developing survivors plays a big part in the development of your camp since they influence the production of resources and the cooldowns on other actions.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Players should start out by leveling up all of their survivors to Level 10, but work towards upgrading them just until the player unlocks all of the units’ abilities. Never leave a survivor sitting around at Level 1; that’s a huge waste of the benefits that you gain from their passive influence over your camp. The most difficult to upgrade are Legendary (gold frame) survivors because of legendary badges.

Inflated Power Ratings

Power rating is a good indicator of which player is strong, but inflated power ratings should not be feared. Inflated power ratings in TWD: Survivors indicate that they have very high power values but their military capabilities are extremely weak. In other words, they’re all bark and no bite. This means that they have little to no fighters to attack with or defend their base in case of an attack.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

These players often only draw most of their power rating from the level of their buildings and don’t really have any plans of attempting PvP-content, so they don’t prioritize training troops. The problem with having an inflated power rating comes when experienced players will attempt to scout your camp to check your real military strength. Having a huge power rating without an army to back it up means that you’re a target loaded with resources just waiting to be looted.

Power Rating Goals

A good goal to have as a beginner when playing The Walking Dead: Survivors is to achieve 500,000 power within your first week of playing the game. This rating is the minimum as a F2P player so anything below is a bit slow. This rating is achievable even if the player only plays for hourly durations two to four times a day.

How to Increase Power in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Power rating alone doesn’t really make the game though, since there are other ways you can protect yourself such as hiding behind the protection of a strong clan. In the end, players shouldn’t forget that the most important thing is to enjoy your time playing The Walking Dead: Survivors while doing your best to contribute not only to your own camp but also to the friends that you make along the way.