The Walking Dead: Survivors puts some hardcore gameplay into action with competitive aspects being the most important part to keep in mind to survive this game. New players have a hard time keeping up with the fast-paced action happening around the server, so often, there is a huge gap between veterans and beginners. These tips and tricks will surely help beginners and F2P players catch up to players with more resources and knowledge to keep their presence known and relevant. 

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

Management-based real-time strategy games are one of the most competitive genres in mobile and browser games. Players who have spent more than five days playing this game will understand the exhilarating pressure that comes with being surrounded by multiple players who are all at war with each other. Attacking, defending, and surviving all involve some form of advanced strategy that players will need to learn in order to keep up even towards the end stages of the game.

Use Speedups & Resource Packs

Don’t be stingy about the use of your speedups and resource packs if you want to upgrade your camp faster. These items are meant to be used, after all, especially in the game’s starting stages. There isn’t a “best time” to use it other than immediately because it helps players levelup much more rapidly. Use speedups to immediately skip upgrades, research, and training to give your power rating an extra boost.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

Resource packs are crucial; upgrading quickly becomes an expensive venture when moving forward at higher levels. Make sure that you don’t spend to produce any amount of resources past the maximum limit because it’ll end up getting wasted. Just spend enough for the cost of the action that you’re trying to do.

Clan Benefits

Join a strong clan. Once you’ve done that, enjoy the benefits of being in a clan such as claiming gift boxes, getting help for construction or research, or attacking Clan-based content on the map. There’s also the benefit of teleporting to the clan base so that you’re surrounded by players that can help save you from hostile players.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

Joining a clan isn’t only about what they can give you. Make sure to contribute to the clan by helping them out too and being ready to sacrifice some of your troops when the clan’s officers ask you to help attack or defend a certain player. You don’t have to be the strongest player in your clan, but you shouldn’t miss out on your chance to step up, lest you risk getting kicked out.

Assigning Survivors

Survivors have specific roles and specializations. Combat survivors specialize in being mobilized to attack or defend your city from threats, so you shouldn’t be using these survivors for any other purposes. Try to look at which unit type they give bonuses to, so that, when you assign your fighters, you can assign them the best troop type to increase their combat efficiency in battle. 

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

Development survivors have various roles. The most important ones are the builders, which should be assigned to the Workers Cabin to minimize construction duration. Distribute your survivors in buildings according to their specialization and don’t forget to use their survivor skills on cooldown so that you will be able to get free resources or troops every 12 hours.

Raising Elite Level

The Elite Level is a mechanic that may look like it’s reserved for premium players. However, even players that don’t spend money can benefit from this mechanic by making use of their free gems to buy “Elite Experience” to raise their elite level. While you might be tempted to use all of your gems on summoning survivors, you should try to use it on Elite Level instead because the benefits are guaranteed and will last you for a while.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

Elite Levels offer varied benefits such as an increase in the production of your resources. Depending on the level of your Elite, you’ll be able to gain some helpful bonuses like having an extra worker that you can use to upgrade more buildings between your log off sessions. Even though players who spend money will have the definite advantage, that shouldn’t stop you from benefiting from what you can afford for free.

Military Strategies

One of the parts that most new players are afraid to dive into is the PvP aspect of the game. This is because there are so many things that can go wrong when challenging other players. Here are some tips on how to use your fighters smartly.

  • Micro Farming

Micro Farming refers to sending out your military to attack small camps or weak players to collect resources. The most common target for micro farms are AFK players or those that have already quit the game. Collecting resources from AFK players is the best way to use your army because you don’t lose a lot of soldiers from the attack, but have everything to gain. 

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

The point of micro farming is not to engage in full-scale attacks but to get as many resources as you can from your march orders. Unless you’ve already committed to staying inside the clan base, you should look for an area on the map that contains enough low-level players whose military strength can easily be crushed.

  • Scouting & Attacking

Scouting is the most important preparation that you need to complete before engaging another player. Depending on their troop size and resource level, some attacks aren’t worth carrying out. Unless you’re simply doing it for the sake of increasing your kill count or to send a message to another player, attacks should be done intelligently in a way that doesn’t cost you too many soldiers.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Tips & Tricks to Help You Become Better

In case an attack becomes too much to handle on your own, try to rally your clan to aid in your attack on another player. Be sure to have a valid reason to attack another player though, or your clan officers might not support the idea of you attacking another player, especially if that attack might ignite a clan war.