Tips And Tricks To Quickly Conquer Three Kingdoms: Epic War Lands

Tips And Tricks To Quickly Conquer Three...

Three Kingdoms: Epic War contains something from every genre: It has gacha elements, real-time battles, role playing features, action camera… All of these can be challenging at first glance, especially if you are a beginner. However, by using some tips and tricks, you can ease your journey in this game and conquer the lands faster. Worry no more: Below, we are sharing every important thing you need to know about Three Kingdoms: Epic War.

You Can Get A Legendary Hero Just By Checking In

And all you need to do is wait 30 days. Well, this may not seem like a short period but you are already playing the game anyway and the result is guaranteed. Three Kingdoms: Epic War offers daily log in rewards and at the end of each week, you get the souls shards of a legendary hero named Da Qiao. If you can manage to log in every day for 30 days, you can collect all the shards of this hero and recruit her. Note that you also need to spend 30 gems every time but you can get this many gems for free within in-game activities. So, wait for 30 days and get your legendary hero – guaranteed.

Your Heroes Can Have Entourage

Just like a Hollywood celebrity, your commander heroes can have entourage too. In fact, they are charismatic enough to have four sidekicks. At levels 5, 15, 25, and 35, you get to pick your entourage and each one comes with a different set of advantages. The sidekicks will increase the power of the main hero and make them much more effective on the battlefield. If a character seems good enough but not good enough to be one of your commanders, consider using him/her as a sidekick. This way, you can get a much stronger army.

And each of your heroes works well with a different sidekick – if you assign these specific characters to the main hero, the benefits you get will be much higher. You can see which sidekicks are best for your main hero from his/her profile page.

Get 300 Gems For Free Instantly

For this trick to work, you need to be a social person with at least 30 Facebook friends. Or, you must be desperately lonely to create 30 different Facebook accounts, both are ok. In any case, if you invite 30 Facebook friends to the game, you can win 300 gems for free, in addition to lots of other rewards such as legendary hero shards, gold coins, and stamina points. Yes, sometimes pyramid schemes work. 😀

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Use Your Personal Tour Guide

The cities in Three Kingdoms: Epic War are big and filled with lots of important NPCs. You need to find quest givers, shop owners, and caravans to progress the main story. If these NPCs are a part of the main story missions, you can find them automatically by clicking on the quest panel. But if they are not, it can be quite hard to find a particular NPC. Well, there is a solution for that: Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left and all of the important NPCs in a city will be listed. When you click on one of them, your character will automatically move. Your personal tour guide, always ready to help.

Stay On The Safe Side, Become A Carebear

Three Kingdoms: Epic War includes many PvP battles, especially in the later stages, and these can be challenging if you are not interested in fighting against other players. Anybody can “duel” with you anytime and you automatically accept these requests. At least if you don’t change the default settings. Yes, if you want to play the game only in PvE mode and reject all duel invites automatically, you can do this: Open your character panel and untick the “accept duel” option. Now, you can only terrorize computer-controlled characters – hooray!

Get Thousands Of Gold Coins For Free By Recycling

Even after playing Three Kingdoms: Epic War for a few hours, you will collect dozens of characters that are not useful for anything. These 1-star characters (even 2-star ones) are not worth upgrading and they will just be filling space in your inventory. Instead, you can “recycle” them and gain gold coins in return. After playing the game for 2 hours, we collected enough low-level heroes to gain nearly 20k gold coins, for example. Just make sure you are not recycling a good side-kick that you can assign to a commander hero.

Are you ready to become the mightiest ruler these lands have ever seen? Well, you better be because you have a lot of rivals and ready or not, they are coming for you. But at least now you have an idea of what to do and how to gain power quickly. Continue with reading our Battle Guide and BlueStacks Setup articles, as they both contain much useful information. Let’s fight on BlueStacks together and conquer these lands!

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