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Let’s Play Three Kingdoms: Epic War On...

Hybrid games are pretty common in the Android gaming world nowadays and Three Kingdoms: Epic War is a perfect example of this: It contains many elements and features and give you a taste of different genres. In this respect, we can say that it is a “mix” of gacha, ARPG, and RTS games. Three Kingdoms: Epic War promises big battles, mighty battlegrounds, and hundreds of heroes to collect. Combining all of these features is not an easy task – there are lots of things that can go wrong. Let’s take a closer look and find out how Three Kingdoms: Epic War fares on these promises.

Basic Features: Two Different Game Modes

After launching Three Kingdoms: Epic War for the first time, you may get surprised: It looks exactly like an ARPG (action role playing game). The graphics quality is surprisingly good and you may think that you are playing Lineage II, instead of an RPG/RTS/gacha mix. While not fighting, your character can roam the world freely and get many quests. Most of these quests will ask you to fight on the battlefield against other armies, but still, you can explore a pretty big world in third-person perspective.

The game has automatic pathfinding. If you are not sure where to go next, click on the highlighted area and your character will move automatically, just like classic ARPGs.

Your goal is to recruit the most powerful commanders for your army and you do this by summoning their “cards”. The summoning system of the game is pretty generous: You get to make 5 free summons every day and after each successful battle, you get to pick one more card. The power of the commanders is tied to the “star-numbers”, 5 being the maximum number. They also have rareness levels and the rarer a commander is, the powerful he/she is.

Drop rates for normal (free) summons.

A pretty powerful commander with 5-stars.

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You have 5 commander slots in your army and as can be expected, you try to fill them with the strongest characters available. After recruiting commanders, you can increase their levels, give them equipment, and empower their special skills.

The Battle System: Complex And Exciting

The battle system of the game is quite complex and exciting. Each commander comes with its own army units, and before a fight starts, you need to determine positions and formations of these units. The battlefield consists of grids and you can move the units freely. For example, you can place infantry on the front and archers on the back, and you can use different formations that will give your units additional advantages. The Combo Key feature of BlueStacks helps you to create best formations, record them, and repeat them in the future, as we mentioned in another article.

After the battle starts, you have no control over army units, they fight automatically and pick their targets.

Your commanders bring special skills to battle, which can be activated multiple times. Every commander has a different skillset: Some of them heal your units, some of them can cast useful buffs, and some can land a giant meteor on top of enemy units. Choosing which commanders to bring to battle is of crucial importance: You will have lots of heroes in your collection and each one will offer a different advantage.

This commander can cast a buff that will increase the attack power of your units. Click and hold on the commander portrait to see what that skill does.

We can say that Three Kingdoms: Epic War does a good job on combining different genres: It is a gacha game like Epic Seven and an RTS game like Clash of Clans. No matter which genre you like, it has something to offer you.  We liked what we see and we plan on playing this game for a long while – join us on BlueStacks and let’s conquer these kingdoms together!

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