Three Kingdoms Epic War Battle System Guide: Become A Ruthless Commander

Three Kingdoms Epic War Battle System Guide:...

The battle system of Three Kingdoms Epic War is complex and unique: You need to correctly position your units on the battlefield, use the most appropriate formations, and activate the special skills of your commanders at the right time. Learning all of these systems and doing everything perfectly can be challenging, but as always, we are here to help you. Below, you can learn how to become a successful army leader and crush your enemies efficiently as a peaceful lord. Natives are getting restless milord, and these lands won’t conquer themselves, so let’s start.

Before The Battle Starts: PWR Ranks

You gain PWR (power) by recruiting rare commanders and leveling them up. As explained in our review, each commander hero has a different PWR value and the sum of all the heroes in your army determines your overall battle power. You have five commander hero slots and by assigning characters with high star numbers, you can increase this value.

The marked section shows our overall PWR value. Note that increasing the level of your commander heroes will also increase this value too.

This is the pre-battle screen. The marked section shows the PWR of the enemy. As long as your points are higher than this value, you are good to go.

Placing Your Units

The first thing you need to do after entering the battleground is to place your units onto the “grids”. Each of your commander heroes brings their own armies to battle, and each of them has different units. For example, one of them may bring infantry and another may bring archers. In total, your army will consist of different types of units and it is up to you to place them correctly.

You can place the units onto these grids by dragging them.

There are two important rules to follow when placing your units:

  • Archers and other ranged units must be placed behind, infantry and other melee units must be placed front.
  • The enemy should not get open lanes, as long as possible.

The reason for the first rule is obvious: Ranged units have lower health points and they can die easily, so you must protect them with infantry/melee units. The reason for the second rule is, if you leave any open lanes, the enemy can attack your army from behind. Doing this won’t always be possible, but try not to leave any open lanes on the battlefield.

As can be seen, the enemy units are controlling five lanes. If possible, we must place our own units accordingly and encounter all these lanes. Otherwise, they can attack from behind.

Correct Formations: Rock Paper Scissors Game

Unit placement is not the only important thing in battle: You also need to use correct formations.  Each formation counters another one and the whole system is like a rock paper scissors game. Different unit types can use different formations and to activate one, click on a unit group.

We can set the formation of these infantry units as “normal” or “spear”.

The white holo-image around the enemy units shows what kind of formation they are using. You should set your own formation accordingly.

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So, what are these formations and how do they counter each other? Take a look at the table below:

Assault Cavalry & Archers 10x basic attack damage
Spear Assault 12x basic attack damage
Long-Range Spear 15x basic attack damage


Once again, you should decide which formation to use according to enemy units’ formations. For example, in the screenshot above, enemy archers are using “long-range” formation so we will use “normal” formation for our units. Otherwise, the enemy will be dealing 15x more damage.

After The Battle Starts: Special Skills Of Your Commanders

Once you click on the “start” button, all of your units will be fighting on their own. You cannot control them – the only thing you can do is watch. However, you can still use the special skills of your commander heroes. These are shown with their portraits at the bottom right corner of the interface and each commander has a different skill. For example, some of them can heal your units and some of them drop a meteor onto the battleground.

Click on these portraits to activate skills. Each skill can be used multiple times during a battle but with different cooldown periods.

Now, you need to choose your commanders carefully to maximize their usefulness. Picking commanders only with attack skills won’t be that good: Your units will need healing on a constant basis. In general, we recommend picking at least one commander with healing abilities, one with attack buffs, and one with AOE (area of effect) attack abilities.

Click and hold on a portrait to see the explanation of that commander’s skill.

And now, all that’s left to do is to collect the rarest and strongest heroes by summoning. Don’t forget that BlueStacks offers many unique features such as Combo Key that will help you on the battlefield too. Read our other Three Kingdoms Epic War guides, keep crushing your enemies, and become the only ruler of these lands – good luck!

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