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Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

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Heroes make up the majority of your military power. Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga puts a heavy emphasis on using your heroes to the best of their potential. To leave a lasting impact in the game, you’ll need to choose which heroes you want to have in your teams. Your favorite characters from the stories surrounding the historical Three Kingdoms saga are now waiting for you to get them and use their powers to conquer the kingdom that is rightfully yours.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

Now that you’ve learned how to develop your Economy and Military, you’re ready to take the final step in conquering the game: choosing the right heroes to lead the charge. Three Kingdoms has quite the roster of heroes made available for you to collect. With so many heroes to choose from, it can be a challenge to know which of these characters should you have on your team to beat the best players around. Follow this Hero Guide to learn more about them!

How To Get More Heroes

Heroes are given to you as rewards for completing quests or story chapters, but you can get most of them from the Hero Pub. The Hero Pub offers a variety of ways you can recruit new heroes through a Gacha System. This means that you won’t have much of a choice in getting the champions you need. However, there is a way for you to get a better chance of getting higher rarity heroes from the pub. There exists a method that most gacha players use in games that use this system.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

Mastering the Art of Gacha

The gacha system is a common feature in most mobile games. The gacha system requires collecting or buying a certain amount of currency – such as tickets or gold – to randomly get a character or item from a specific pool. Most gacha players will avoid spending tickets one by one and wait until they can get the maximum amount (in this case, ten draws). Going through with the 10-draw will increase your chances of getting the highest rarity units – even guarantees it, in some cases.

Importance of Heroes in Three Kingdoms

1. Attacking/Defending

Both Attacking and Defending require your heroes to fight against the enemy team. Aside from army size and fortification factors, heroes contribute the most in battles against the enemy army. Having more teams means that you’ll have a better chance to defend against the enemy attacker. Similarly, having more teams means that you can send more attackers to the enemy kingdom and ensure that you’ll exhaust the enemy’s resources to defend.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

2. Overworld Collection

Hero teams are also necessary to send out troops to collect neutral resource plots or battle against the Wild Force. You’ll eventually need to do this if you want to upgrade your heroes, collect valuable equipment, or get extra resources to train more troops and upgrade your buildings. Keep in mind that while your troops are out harvesting resources, they can’t defend your home city, so be smart about how you do it.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

3. Dungeons

Completing dungeons is vital to the collection of items you’ll need to upgrade your heroes to the next star. One of your teams needs to contain all your best heroes so that you can beat the increasing difficulty of the campaigns. The higher you climb into the dungeon floors, the stronger enemies you’ll face that a weaker hero won’t be able to beat. You’ll need to build a smarter team composition and upgrade your heroes as often as possible to increase their skills and stats.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

4. Arena

You can challenge players up to 5 times a day in the arena. When challenging players, make sure you challenge players with a significantly low enough Power Rating that your team can easily take them down. After you reach the higher ranks, you won’t find many players who have lower power than you, so be smart about who you want to fight. Some players only have high Power Ratings, but their team compositions are worse than how the ratings show it.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

The Ideal Team Composition

The ideal team composition consists of having a relatively tanky frontline, a healer, and strong backline attackers. Make sure to place your ranged units with lower Health Points at the back row so that they won’t get smacked around by everybody. Healers should be protected at all costs, so they should be on the sides where they’re most protected. Increase your team’s survival rating by upgrading your frontline heroes first so that they’ll last longer in fights.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

Gearing Up For Victory

Leveling up your hero isn’t enough to make them relevant in high-level skirmishes. You’ll need to collect items from campaigns to upgrade a hero to the next tier. You can also collect equipment from the Wild Forces in the overworld or buy them in the Blacksmith using Weapon Souls that you can buy in the market. You’ll also need to upgrade the Equipment you’ve placed on your heroes to increase their overall power ratings and have better stats.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Hero Guide

Gather Multiple Hero Copies

Don’t worry if you have multiple copies of the same heroes. The Talent Hall will allow you to evolve a hero by combining it with two other copies of the same hero. Keep in mind that if you have an evolved hero, you’ll need to use heroes with the same rating to evolve the hero again even further. As much as possible, you want to evolve your heroes so that they’ll be able to gain more stats and increase their relevance in your team.

Unlock More Team Slots

Getting more team slots means that you’ll have more heroes who can attack or defend. You can get more Team Slots by unlocking VIP 4 or upgrading your Training Grounds. Players with the most teams have the upper hand against their enemies. This might seem like a pay-to-win strategy, but take comfort in the fact that you’ll eventually have the same number of teams as the premium players when you’ve reached the higher levels of the game.

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