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Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

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Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga values military strength and rates players on their kingdom’s power based on this rating. Having a strong military isn’t necessarily just having a lot of soldiers. Your kingdom’s military strength is based on several factors that make up for the efficiency of your kingdom’s ability to repel attackers or successfully mount an attack against an enemy city.

A person with a high military rating will be respected throughout the entire server, while those with lower standings are doomed to be raided by stronger players. Building towards a strong military starts as soon as you begin the game and finish the tutorial phase. Keep in mind that there is a proper way of developing your military’s strength that you should follow. Learn everything you need to know about your kingdom’s military power with the help of BlueStacks.

A Big Army is a Strong Army

The most basic strategy in raising a robust military city is training plenty of troops. To do this efficiently, you’ll need to make sure that you can produce the right amount of resources, as discussed in our Beginner’s Guide. If you’ve already read it, then all you need to do is train new soldiers as soon as you’ve completed training one batch. Make sure you reach the maximum capacity of soldiers you can have at all times and leave extra resources to refresh them.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

When you’re playing offensively, you’re bound to lose some of your troops in each attack. This means that your barracks are continually trying to replace all the soldiers you’ve lost in battle. Defending players don’t have this much trouble, especially if none of their neighbors are aggressive players. When you’re playing in a guide, you’ll usually send reinforcements to an ally who is under attack, but don’t send too many troops that you’ll leave your city defenseless.

Upgrading Your Troops

The academy is the place where you can upgrade your soldiers’ military capabilities. The research skills necessary to boost your soldiers’ efficiency is higher up in the military tree. Since there isn’t any variety to the types of soldiers you train in Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga, the only way to make your troops stronger is by upgrading them. Defensive cities will have a better advantage since defensive research is done earlier on in the game.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

Importance of Heroes

Heroes are the heart of any good army. Some heroes in Three Kingdoms are based on military leaders, warriors, and influential people from historical records that played a big part during the actual era. In this game, you’ll be tasked with collecting different heroes through a gacha system by collecting recruitment tickets or hero pieces that you can get from collecting missions or dungeons. Forming a team of six heroes is ideal, and creating a fully functional team to lead you.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

Increasing our Training Group level will increase the number of teams you can have in your kingdom. Each team is comprised of up to six unique heroes and can be sent to do actions such as attacking enemies, defending your city, or collecting resources on the map. If you want to accomplish multiple tasks at once, you’ll need to have a higher-level Training Ground. If you want to know more about developing your heroes, you’ll need to refer to the Heroes Guide.

Bolstering Your Defenses

Whether you’re an offensive city or a defensive one, you’ll need to upgrade your city’s defenses to repel attacks from enemy players successfully. You can do this by upgrading your walls, warehouse, and placing a Team to defend your city at all times. If your defenses are competent enough, it will dissuade players from trying to make a move on your city. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your troops just to have a little reward in return.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

Scouting Your Enemies

Scouting is an essential part of strategic planning. Knowing the numbers of your opponent’s army will help you decide whether that person is worth attacking or not. It will also give you information on how much of a threat that player is to you. Be careful when scouting; enemies will know when you’ve scouted them and might see this as ill-intentions towards them. You shouldn’t try scouting players who are stronger than you, only those with lower power ratings.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

Knowing When to Attack

Attacking isn’t as simple as sending every soldier in your army to the enemy city and expecting to win. A smart general can simply dodge the attack by sending their soldiers to your city, knowing that you left your capital completely defenseless. Attack only when you’re sure that the enemy isn’t online or has sent their troops to fight against someone else. Keep the element of surprise with you at all times, and you’re sure to achieve a great victory on the battlefield.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

Keep in Mind the Costs of War

Unless you’re the strongest player in the entire server, you should expect to lose a few times during your time playing this game. There will be times when your city will get demolished by an enemy city or an instance when your greatest attack will get wholly defended. During these times, you’ll lose a lot of troops and resources to continue with your aggression. Just keep in mind that it is not the end of the world and that you can always rebuild after a massive defeat to bounce back.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga on PC – Military Guide

War isn’t a simple battle of who wins or who loses. Sometimes losing can offer you benefits in the long-run. All you need to do is make sure that you have a clear plan of how to fight your enemies always to have a fallback when a part of your plan fails. It won’t be easy trying to compete with players who are experienced in this game. But with the help of BlueStacks, you can achieve anything and be the one who will conquer the realm!

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