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The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Three Kingdoms: Overlord is, first and foremost, a conquest game with an interesting and unique concept, which revolves around capturing and annexing cities, and eliminating all your enemies from the map to win the match. The combat, however, is not waged by regular troops like in other titles, but by your hero characters, which are your commanders in charge of leading your soldiers into battle.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

In short, your troops in Three Kingdoms are more like resources instead of actual units that you train. Every hero in the game has a maximum number of troops they can lead, which is determined by their Might stat. Regardless, they are the single most important part of your army since, without them, you couldn’t even attack your enemies.

The important part about your heroes, other than the fact that there would be no way to attack your enemies if not for them since they are the leaders of your army, is that they are among the few elements that get transferred over at the end of the match. In this sense, while everyone starts again from the beginning in every match, those who have been playing for longer will start off with an advantage since they will already have strong heroes, compared to the newbies who are just starting out.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Every hero has different stats as well as many unique skills that are unlocked as you upgrade them. It’s these differences that make some of them stand out among the rest as the most powerful characters in Three Kingdoms. However, since there are a little under 300 heroes at the time of writing, we’re going to give you a list of the best ones in the game so that you know exactly who to look for.

How to Acquire New Heroes in Three Kingdoms

Despite being mostly a conquest game with loads of RTS elements, Three Kingdoms also has gacha and RPG elements in its hero system. Specifically, the only way to get new commanders in this game is by summoning them in the Hero House through the game’s gacha system using Ingots or Recruitment Tokens.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

You may receive both of these items by playing the game regularly and completing challenges. Many Recruitment Tokens can be obtained simply by logging into Three Kingdoms every day, so don’t miss out on your free stuff. If you’re playing on BlueStacks, we suggest creating a macro that will open the game as soon as you launch the emulator. You can even make the macro claim your free rewards for the day so that you’ll never forget to do so!

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms

As we mentioned before, there are almost 300 unlockable heroes in Three Kingdoms at the time of writing. With such variety, finding the best ones can be really tricky. Luckily, we’ve scouted the roster of available characters in the game and came up with several options that would come in handy in any team:

Lü Bu (Neu)

One of the strongest characters when it comes to sheer damage output, with high numbers in the Valor stat, which makes him hit like a truck with every melee attack. His special skill requires three points of rage to use and hits all enemies for 115% of his P-DMG, while also increasing his own crit rate by 100% for 2 turns. When it comes to melee combat, Lü Bu is definitely the king.

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The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Wang Yuanji (Jin)

A support-type character whose special skill allows her to restore all her allies for 160% of her S-DMG, while also purging them of any hindering effects. Moreover, this skill also has an added effect that increases the DMG and DMG Resist of all allies in the back row for 20% for 2 turns. This healing skill, coupled with decent stats, make Wang Yuanji a good choice for defensive formations that require a dedicated healer.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Sima Zhao (Jin)

Simply put, Sima Zhao is the Lü Bu of casters, whose special skill deals massive damage to the enemy’s entire back row. His high INT stat means that Sima Zhao deals large amounts of damage with his Stratagem Attacks, while also boasting reliable defenses against them.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Cao Ren (Wei)

A good way to punish your foes and reduce the damage that your troops sustain in combat is by simply incapacitating your enemy whenever you get the chance, and this is exactly what Cao Ren can do. While his special skill deals only 120% P-DMG, it affects the entire enemy team while also stunning them for 2 turns. However, Cao Ren also ends up stunned for 2 turns after using this skill so make sure to pair this hero with a supporting character that can purge the stun effect.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Guan Yu (Wei)

In the same vein as Cao Ren, Guan Yu can also incapacitate the enemy, while also supporting his entire team. His special skill affects all enemies and has a 65% possibility of freezing them for one turn, preventing them from attacking. Moreover, his skill also heals everyone for 30% of his P-DMG and gives him a free turn, allowing him to further attack the enemy while they’re frozen.

The Best Heroes in Three Kingdoms: Overlord

With a character spanning upwards of 300 heroes, listing the best champions in Three Kingdoms is like finding a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, the five characters that we mentioned on this list are some of the best that we found, so far. What are your top picks for the best characters in this game? Share your best team compositions and setups in the comments section below!

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