Three Kingdoms: Overlord – Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

Three Kingdoms: Overlord – Tips and Tricks...

Three Kingdoms: Overlord is an interesting conquest game with a ton of strategy elements, that takes the tried and true formula perpetuated by the best games in the genre, and adds its own unique spin to it. The result is a game that, while resembling titles like King of Avalon or Rise of Kingdoms, actually plays quite differently when it comes to the farming and combat aspects.

Three Kingdoms: Overlord - Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

While most conquests games have a heavy emphasis on city-building and development, with an equal focus on training troops and building your army, and even researching new technologies, the general gameplay in Three Kingdoms revolves mostly around the combat. In fact, in this game, your troops are treated like literal resources that are produced automatically in your towns, depending on the level of your Palace and the number and level of Huts built in the said town. These troops are then used by your generals to attack and annex other cities in order to add them to your ever-expanding empire and defeat all the other players on the map.

In order to win in this game, you’ll need to stay on top of your towns, constantly upgrading them and growing your armies so that you can keep your territory safe from invasions, and also to attack other players and take their cities. In this regard, Three Kingdoms is quite similar to Million Lords in its concept. If you’ve played the latter, there’s a good chance you’ll know exactly what to do in the former.

Three Kingdoms: Overlord - Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

Nevertheless, the gamers who play Three Kingdoms on BlueStacks have access to many different tools that might give them an edge over other players, which will definitely come in handy if you’re serious about winning in this conquest game.

Here are only a few of the things you can achieve by playing Three Kingdoms on PC with BlueStacks.

Automating Your Game With the Macro Recorder

This game is quite unique in the way you can build and upgrade your towns. Specifically, instead of having to build every single structure manually, there are options for both building and upgrading in batches, which means that you can essentially get your towns set up with just a few clicks. Convenient!

Three Kingdoms: Overlord - Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

This method of building your towns makes Three Kingdoms perfect for playing on BlueStacks since you can easily automate several levels of upgrade using the Macro Recorder. This is important since, even if you can upgrade all your buildings with a single click, you’ll still have to wait for the process to finish before working on another project. If you’re AFK from the game on your PC working on other projects, having to come back to the game constantly can quickly become a hassle.

Play Three Kingdoms: Overlord on PC

Three Kingdoms: Overlord - Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

Fortunately, all it takes to fix this is a well-placed macro in order to automate a couple of upgrades to your town. Keep in mind, however, that while Three Kingdoms already has a feature to automate upgrading your buildings, they only offer a minimum of 30 levels, or 3 levels to each of your 10 buildings. On the one hand, 30 levels for a single building is a bit overkill, and on the other, 3 levels to each of your buildings aren’t really that much, and neither are 8 levels, which is the maximum you can automate in this game. This is where macros come into play.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a macro to automate upgrading your town in Three Kingdoms:

  1. Enter any of your towns and start the recorder.
  2. With the recorder running, issue a batch upgrade of your buildings.
  3. Stop the recorder and give your macro a suitable name.
  4. In the macro recorder, click on the gear icon next to the macro you just recorded to customize its settings and have it repeat infinitely until manually stopped. Make sure to set a reasonable interval between executions so that you can automate many upgrades. We went with 10 minutes just to be safe, though you can customize your macro with a more precise time in order to optimize your upgrades without wasting much time between executions.

Three Kingdoms: Overlord - Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

Regardless of how you configure your macro when it comes to the time between executions, this macro will help to save you lots of hassle if you’re looking for a way to automate your upgrades. This macro is particularly useful when upgrading your palace as this building takes a lot of time to finish upgrading. In this sense, you could run your macro, go AFK for a few hours, and come back to a fully-upgraded palace.

Streamline Your Experience in Three Kingdoms With BlueStacks

While the Macro Recorder is a very useful tool for automating a great chunk of the gameplay in Three Kingdoms, it’s only a small sample of what you can achieve by playing this game on PC with BlueStacks. With the Keymapping Tool improving your controls, the BlueStacks Recorder that allows you to create videos of your best plays, or simply the fact that our emulator is stronger than even the most expensive phones on the market, BlueStacks is always on the top of the chain when it comes to playing hard!

Three Kingdoms: Overlord - Tips and Tricks for Playing on BlueStacks

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