Players have begun to play Three Kingdoms: Art of War and a lot of time has passed since a lot of you discovered how to play the game. The gameplay is extremely addicting and really entices players to spend hours and hours each day trying to defeat powerful enemies and collecting all the coolest and strongest units available in this game. However, we’ve noticed that some of you may still be troubled with how to play the game despite spending a lot of time figuring things out.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War

Three Kingdoms: Art of War doesn’t have complicated gameplay mechanics but the sheer number of tasks that they force you to do make it almost impossible to find the right things to prioritize when playing the game. This causes many players to lag behind in terms of progress. This is why we’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks to help players who are playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War make the most out of playing the game once they start their adventures.

Save Your Pulls!

A common mistake that beginners make when they get into gacha games is using the summon function once at a time. In Three Kingdoms: Art of War, you can do a recruit for one ticket or by spending 240 diamonds. However, this isn’t the most efficient way to do your summons because it significantly lowers your chances of getting an SR or SSR unit by a lot. The player’s ultimate goal is to assemble a team consisting of 5 SSR units so you always want to maximize the odds.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War

The best way to increase your odds is using the Recruit*10 option by saving up your tickets and Diamonds. It can be tempting to start recruiting immediately after having just enough resources to summon once but we always recommend trying to hold back. If you’re not sure which units to get in the game, we’ve prepared a Hero Tier List that showcases some of the most powerful SSR units available in the current roster. If you’re trying to get competitive, those are the characters you need to get.

Rush the Campaign

Rushing the campaign is one of the most important things that players need to do in Three Kingdoms: Art of War. As you already know, you can get different types of resources once you complete a stage in the different chapters in the Battle mode of the game. The most important resource that players need to get here is the equipment that can be placed on their heroes. At the higher-leveled chapters of the campaign, the quality of equipment increases so it’s a good idea to get to Chapter 6 in your first few days and progress from there.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War

One thing that players don’t do is farming equipment. Remember that you can get equipment by completing a specific stage in the chapter and the rewards that you can get from there are fixed. This means that if you re-try the stage and complete it once again, you’ll get the chance to earn the same rewards. To fully equip your squad with the equipment they need, make sure to re-visit the different stages and farm for equipment you are lacking. Make use of the Sweep button so that you don’t have to re-watch the combat every time.

Mind Quick Timers

Quick timers are a core part of combat in Three Kingdoms: Art of War. Unlike a lot of turn-based RPGs that flaunt a hands-off approach to combat, with players only being able to press specific commands during a hero’s turn, Three Kingdoms: Art of War rewards players who actively participate in the combat with the addition of a Quick Time button that appears whenever a specific hero activates their ability and provides a chance for the player to deal additional damage.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War

The image above shows what the Quick Time button looks like and it randomly appears on an enemy when a skill lands. The goal of the Quick Time button is to hit the fist icon before the outer ring reaches the innermost part of the icon. The close the outer ring is to the icon before tapping the button, the better the effects of that ability will be on the target. Additionally, whenever a player successfully hits a Quick Time button with a rating of Great or higher, they earn an additional Quick Time button with the outer ring traveling faster each time they succeed. 

Participate in the Arena

The PvP Arena is the main feature of Three Kingdoms: Art of War where real players will be testing out their teams to fight against each other to determine who the strongest player is in the entire server. Players get a limited number of chances at a time to participate in a fight, so it’s a good idea to participate in the Arena every time you log onto the game. Every time you win or lose your match against another player, your arena rank changes according to the result.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War

During your first few matches, you’ll notice that you’ll only face extremely weak opponents that offer not much threat to your team. Three Kingdoms: Art of War gives new players to the arena a chance to learn about how the concept works by giving players the chance to fight against AI opponents with intentionally weak teams. Once you start challenging real players, make sure that you review the opponent’s team or you might end up losing badly and lose your rank.

Join a Legion

Legions in Three Kingdoms: Art of War functions like Guilds or Alliances in other games. It’s basically the social aspect of the game where like-minded people are able to join in a group setting to help each other succeed in the game. However, there are other benefits to joining a Legion that allow players to collect valuable resources such as Summon Tickets and Gold. 

Tips & Tricks to Playing Three Kingdoms: Art of War

Players need to be mindful about the Legion they’re joining because the last thing that they’d want is to be stuck in a guild that’s inactive or isn’t progressing properly. A general rule when joining a good Legion is to choose between the Top 5 or Top 10 names on the list because they are the most active out of all the other guilds on the server.