The Sage is one of the most complex classes in Time Raiders, which probably makes it sound harder than it actually is. Nevertheless, compared to both the Blademaster and the Gunslinger, players who play as Sage will probably need to keep in mind a few extra elements, considering that this class is more skill-based and doesn’t rely as much on auto-attacks as the others. As such, while players need to keep in mind their positioning and defenses at all times, just like with the Gunslinger, Sage players also need to consider the best timing to use their skills, in order to get the most out of them.

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Time Raiders ‘Sage” Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know Before Starting as a Sage

With that being said, in this guide, we’ll be giving an overview of the Sage class in Time Raiders, and going over everything you need to know before getting started with it.

Sage Play Style

As we mentioned above, the Sage is one of the most complicated classes in the game: It involves not only proper positioning, but also correct usage of their skills. In other words, if you simply mash buttons like you could do with Blademaster or Gunslinger, you will probably lose lots of potential. As such, the Sage is better used with a slower approach to combat; slowly aggroing enemies and grouping them together, before smashing them all in one fell swoop with an AoE spell.

Sage Specializations

There aren’t many differences when it comes to Sage specializations, especially since they can both perform pretty much similar roles, both within a group setting, as well as when taking on solo content.

Time Raiders ‘Sage” Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know Before Starting as a Sage

The two Sage specializations are the following:

  • Ritualist

A fast and agile caster specializing solely in AoE skills. The Ritualist has a unique trait that reduces the cooldown of their other skills, which allows them to do damage in a steady manner, as opposed to the burst DPS of other classes. 

  • Runecaster

A Sage specialization that can enhance their own skills with a variety of weakening effects, allowing them to both damage enemies in AoE, as well as cripple them after the fact. In this sense, those who survive the Runecaster’s initial onslaught won’t likely be able to fight back effectively.

Recommended For

The Sage is the thinking-person’s class, especially since you need to actually consider the proper usage of your skills in order to get the most out of them. Moreover, since they’re quite fragile, they’re not recommended for beginners or players who are looking for simple classes. Regardless, if you’re looking for a challenge, or simply enjoy the spellcaster aesthetic, then the Sage is definitely your best bet!

Time Raiders ‘Sage” Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know Before Starting as a Sage

And with that, you now know all you need to know in order to get started with the Sage class in Time Raiders. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!