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As many of you may know by now, the global release of the highly anticipated Tower of Fantasy is just around the corner, releasing later in July. This rumored “Genshin Impact killer” has all the makings of a brilliant game, especially when you consider that it’s also a mobile title, which includes a fantastic art style with tons of eye candy; a vast open world with tons of quests and things to see, and countless collectibles in the form of characters, weapons, mounts, and much more.

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Starter Guide - How to Get the Best Start When the Game Goes Live

Tower of Fantasy has been out for a few months, but only in certain regions of Asia, which has only served to amp up the hype of its eventual Western release. However, with so many elements, game modes, and other aspects to interact with, knowing how to progress and get a good beginning can be a bit tricky, which is where this guide comes in.

In this article, we’ll be doing our best to show you the most important aspects to focus on when playing the global release of Tower of Fantasy. 

The Main Story Quests

Just like many other gacha RPGs out there, Tower of Fantasy features a heavy focus on story and narrative elements, slowly introducing players to the different aspects and elements that you can interact with during your journey through Aida. However, while these quests will give context to our actions and to the premise of the game, they also grant a ton of rewards for completing them, including valuable experience points and other useful items.

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Starter Guide - How to Get the Best Start When the Game Goes Live

Along with the main quests, you’ll also find a ton of sidequests that also give some experience and items, and that are totally worth doing to make your exploration and adventuring more worthwhile. However, when it comes to leveling up, Tower of Fantasy essentially limits your progression to a certain level every day, which means that you can’t just grind to max level in under 24 hours. 

Sorry to all the speedrunners out there, but you’ll just have to be patient like the rest of us!

Make Sure to Avoid Overcapping on Stamina

While the main story quests are great for scoring some nice rewards, the solo and multiplayer dungeons are also a good source of experience and valuables. However, these dungeons require stamina to access, a resource that regenerates over time. 

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Starter Guide - How to Get the Best Start When the Game Goes Live

As a general rule of thumb, you always want to avoid overcapping on these types of resources, especially since you literally stop producing them if you’re maxed out. In this sense, we always recommend spending your stamina on a daily basis to avoid overcapping. Additionally, keep in mind that you have the aforementioned hard limit on the number of levels that you can gain each day, so you’ll have to balance out your dungeons and the main story progression in order to optimize your progress without wasting resources.

Regardless, the dungeons are always worth doing even if you’re at the level cap for the day, especially since they also give good loot. Also, don’t spend your currency on stamina recharges early on if you can avoid it. Instead, try doing every single quest you come across, which should put you close to the daily level cap, and then you can go the rest of the way by doing dungeons. In other words, only use stamina recharge items if you’re still short on experience, and you need a few extra dungeons to max out your level for the day.

Your Daily Goal Should be to Reach the Level Cap

If there is one thing that should be clear by now, it’s that your main focus at the beginning should be to ALWAYS reach your daily level cap. This is to ensure that you’re always progressing as much as the game allows, and that you don’t fall behind in relation to other players. Moreover, by reaching the level cap, you’ll get faster access to many of the game’s features and modes, which mostly unlock once you reach certain levels.

Simplify Exploration Using Waypoints

While Tower of Fantasy’s Planet Aida isn’t as big at launch as Mondstadt and its neighboring zones were when Genshin Impact was first released, it’s still quite a sizable map. Further, while you’ll progressively unlock many different traversal tools like jetpacks and mounts to speed up your exploration, the best way to actually get around the map is by unlocking the many waypoints that are littered across its many zones.

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Starter Guide - How to Get the Best Start When the Game Goes Live

To unlock waypoints, you simply have to walk up to them. And from that moment, whenever you wish to fast travel, all you have to do is to open your map and select the target waypoint.

Buff Up For Tough Battles With Food

Another aspect that Tower of Fantasy borrows from Genshin Impact is the cooking system, in which you can use the materials that you gather on your adventures to cook up some truly delicious meals. And while the food looks quite good, its true function lies in the buffs that they provide when consumed. 

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Starter Guide - How to Get the Best Start When the Game Goes Live

Eating a dish can bestow effects like regenerating your HP, or even increasing your max stats for a duration, among others. Try to eat a good meal before taking on any tough challenges, like World Bosses.

And speaking of which…

Farm World Bosses as Often as Possible to Score Nice Rewards

One of the things that you’ll notice in Tower of Fantasy is that, across its massive world, there are powerful world boss enemies that can spawn at any given moment. These bosses are very tough to kill, usually requiring a group to take them down, but grant powerful rewards when defeated, including SSR gear. 

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Starter Guide - How to Get the Best Start When the Game Goes Live

Whenever you’re out adventuring, keep an eye on the chat log, as people tend to call out boss spawns and send out invitations for people to go and help kill it. By joining a group, you can easily teleport to your teammates, help take the boss down, and then go back to adventuring in a few moments, but also with a few pieces of loot for your troubles.

With these tips in mind, you can now get a head start in Tower of Fantasy and progress as quickly as possible in order to get access to everything the game has to offer. Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks in the comments below!


Download Optimized BlueStacks Version for ToF