In mobile strategy games like War and Peace, the first few hours are always the most crucial and important. Considering that you always start with a free peace shield, it’s imperative that you advance as fast as you can and build your defenses before its protection wears off and you become vulnerable to enemy attacks. Trust us when we say you don’t want to be defenseless in these games, especially if you’re surrounded by vultures that only want to plunder your resources and erase you from the map.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

However, in order to expedite your progress in this war game, you need to have the proper know-how about which tasks to focus on, and which activities are better left for later. In this sense, we’ve created a guide with a few tips for beginners that, hopefully, will help to expedite your progress in War and Peace from the start.

If you just started playing this game and don’t know how to proceed, then take a look at these tips.

Production Comes First

In other war games, there’s a certain order in which you must develop your base, which is centered mostly around your main HQ building. Since the level of every other structure in your base is limited to the max level of your HQ, advancing this building would become imperative for developing your town. In War and Peace, however, the level of your buildings are not limited by your HQ.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

In this game, leveling your Fort (HQ) only helps to improve your march capacity and march slots. While these two aspects are important in the mid-game, it’s likely that you won’t have a large enough army to actually make use of the improved capacity provided by your HQ. As such, at the beginning of this game, it’s much more important to focus on establishing a decent resource production.

A good starting point here would be to fill all your rural slots with production buildings and upgrading them to at least level 3. You can choose to spread your slots across each resource evenly or to focus more on one or two of them over the others. In our case, we built more farms and lumbers camps than iron mines and cotton mills. This is because these two resources are more important for developing our town and armies than the others.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

Once you’ve established a good production, we recommend upgrading your Fort to at least level 5 and leaving it there for the time being. At this level, you’ll unlock a second march slot that will allow you to deploy two armies simultaneously, which brings us to the next tip.

Always Gather From the State Map

In most strategy games like War and Peace, your passive production is generally not enough to sustain your development. This means that you’ll need to take an active role in your upkeep and acquire additional resources through other means. Luckily, the state map is chock full of resources ripe for the taking, and all you have to do is send your troops to collect them and bring them back to your town.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

This is a vital strategy for ensuring the continued growth of your town, as the resources that you collect from the map will ensure that you always have enough for all tasks. However, sending your troops out requires a lot of diligence and attention, which you won’t always have if you’re doing other things on your computer. Luckily for you, you’re playing War and Peace on PC with BlueStacks, which means that you have access to our handy macros.

Play War and Peace on PC

With these powerful automation tools, you can configure your BlueStacks to automatically send your troops out to gather any type of resource from the world map, with no supervision required. We went into further detail in our BlueStacks usage guide for War and Peace, so take a look there if you want to get the most out of your game on our emulator.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

Build Several Barracks

In the same vein as our first entry, you can also build and upgrade your Barracks regardless of your Fort’s current level. This structure is important since it’s where you’ll train most, if not all, of your troops. Furthermore, you can build several Barracks that will greatly increase the number of troops you can train at any given time.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

Since you’ll want as many soldiers as possible to increase the number of resources you can gather from the map, it’s worth constructing at least 4 or 5 of these buildings. A good idea would be to construct and upgrade them to at least level 3, which will allow you to train 100 soldiers per Barracks. While this number isn’t very high, it’s a great start to building your forces.

Claim Your Quest Rewards

One of the main limitations to your development in War and Peace are your resources. Simply put, you don’t have nearly enough resources to pay for all your upgrades. Luckily, the game rewards you greatly for completing quests and achieving milestones in the form of resources and other goodies. However, you must manually retrieve these rewards in its respective menu.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

If you feel you don’t have enough resources for anything at the beginning, remember to swing by the quest menu to pick up your free stuff. Furthermore, if you’re not sure what to do, these tasks are also a nice way to refocus your building efforts.

Get Free Gold by Defeating Monsters on the Map

War and Peace is awesome since even f2p players have decent ways to obtain Gold, the game’s premium currency. One of the most straightforward methods is by attacking monsters on the state map, which you should be doing anyway, regardless of your playstyle. By defeating these foes, you’ll receive many different rewards, including a chance at obtaining fixed amounts of gold depending on the monster level.

Beginner’s Guide for War and Peace - Tips and Tricks to Start on the Right Foot

In short, if you want to expedite your progress in this game, and build your defenses before your peace shield wears off, your first priority would be to establish a decent production. However, while your builders are hard at work, you should also be training troops nonstop in your numerous Barracks. If you keep this up, you’ll be strong enough by the time you become vulnerable and will likely be able to survive even longer.

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