In most mobile strategy games, the word “Resources” is often enough to elicit PTSD flashbacks from many veterans. This is because, in the advanced stages of these games, every single upgrade costs exorbitant amounts of resources and time to complete. It’s not uncommon for a single upgrade to cost millions of units of resources, and take several days to complete at that point. However, these issues are not limited to the endgame as resources, or the lack of them, will be your main constraint when it comes to developing your town from the very beginning.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

Simply put, there’s simply not enough wood, iron, food, and other resources to go around at the start, which means that you’ll need to increase your production through several different methods. We already mentioned several ways to expedite your beginning in War and Peace. However, in this short guide, we’re going to explain some of the best ways to bolster your passive production of resources in your town.

Your Building Layout

Before we discuss how to supplement the production of your town, however, we must first address the distribution of your resource buildings in War and Peace.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

In War and Peace, your town has 25 rural slots in which you can construct any production building without restriction. In theory, you could build 25 of the same structure and focus entirely on producing one resource. However, developing your town usually requires a bit of every type of resource so focusing on just one wouldn’t be a very wise idea.

What you’ll want to do is establish an adequate production to fulfill your needs at the start, and then modify your layout as you progress through the game. Considering, that your initial development efforts will require ample lumber and iron, you should have several lumber camps and iron mines, respectively. Similarly, since you’ll also want to train troops while your builders are hard at work, you’re going to need lots of food as well.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

It’s important to consider troop upkeep while establishing your production since every single soldier in your army has an hourly food upkeep cost. This means that, while constructing and upgrading structures has a one-time cost of iron and lumber, your food is constantly being drained according to the number of troops in your army. In the beginning, it’s important to keep a positive production of food to guarantee an 100% uptime on your troop training.

As you progress through the game, however, you’re going to want to demolish several farms to make room for other, more important production buildings. Since you’ll have a large army at that point, most of your food will come from either attacking other players, or from gathering it from the map.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

Your production layout is not set in stone. Feel free to demolish buildings and construct others to fulfill your requirements. This restructuring, however, will take a lot of resources and time, not to mention tons of clicks. However, if you play War and Peace on BlueStacks, you can streamline this process via our Keymapping Tool, and automate several aspects of the game with several well-placed macros.

Technology and Production

While most of the production in your town is passive, there are many ways to improve the yield of your resource buildings other than by actually upgrading the structures themselves. Your College has many different types of research projects that you can perform to upgrade certain aspects of your town, including your resource production.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

These projects are usually very costly in both time and resources. Luckily, they don’t require much supervision and usually provide good bonuses for next to no effort. Furthermore, whenever your College is idle, you’ll have a handy notification in the top left corner of your screen. Make sure to always be researching something in order to continuously improve your town beyond what your buildings alone can provide.

Upgrade Your Fort to Level 5

Your main building in this game, the Fort, is not as important in War and Peace as it is in other strategy games, mostly because it doesn’t restrict the max level of all your other structures. However, the level of your fort determines both how many troops you can send per march, as well as the number of march slots that you have. While you only start with one march slot, you can unlock a second one by upgrading your Fort to level 5.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

This upgrade indirectly increases your resource production since you can now send two armies on every gathering trip. In other words, at Fort level 5, you can send two armies of up to 20,000 soldiers each to gather from the map, which will double the rate at which you can collect resources. However, you’ll need at least 40,000 troops to take full advantage of this upgrade. By constructing many Barracks, you will reach that number in no time. If anything, upgrading your Fort just a few levels will also help considerably as you will be able to send more troops on every gathering trip.

Use Those Production Boosters

In War and Peace, there are certain items that, when used, can greatly increase your resource production for one specific resource. These boosters are fairly common and come from completing some quests, and opening chests, among others. While their effects are greater as your production is higher (since they provide percentage-based boosts), they will definitely come in handy at any point in the game.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

Whenever you’re rushing to finish several projects, make sure to use the corresponding boosts to ensure that you have enough resources for everything.

Activate VIP Bonuses and Increase Your VIP Level

Your VIP level in War and Peace can contribute towards boosting your production significantly, as well as providing many other bonuses such as additional missions, and increase the time at which you can speed up constructions. However, you can only enjoy these effects as long as your VIP subscription remains active.

While VIP is, technically, a feature for premium users, there are many ways to improve your VIP level and activate its bonuses as a free user. The most common method is to acquire VIP activation items via assaulting enemy forts in the world map. By rallying your forces with your allies, you can attack these NPC enemies and, if successful, receive many special items as a reward. Among these spoils, you will find VIP experience and VIP activators. Make sure to activate them whenever possible to enjoy all these benefits.

War and Peace on PC Resource Production Tips

In War and Peace, your passive resource production is just as important as farming materials from the state map, especially since your town continues producing resources for you even while offline. By following the methods we’ve shared here, you can significantly boost the said production, and gain an edge over other players.