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Beginner’s Guide for War Games – Commander on BlueStacks

Here at BlueStacks, we’ve played a lot of conquest games in our constant search for the best titles in the industry. Games like Iron Throne, Guns of Glory, and King of Avalon, to name a few, are just some of the titles that we’ve tried along the way, and that we enjoyed thoroughly at the time. However, in all our experience with mobile gaming, we’ve seldom seen a game give us so much freedom as War Games – Commander has.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

The latest title by Gagale Games puts us in the role of a base commander tasked with restoring a military establishment to its former glory, and dominating the surrounding landscape through military might. However, don’t let our description up there fool you; this game has no story whatsoever. For better or for worse, you’re thrown into this chaotic, war-stricken world with nothing but your wits and the experience you obtained from playing other conquest games. Feel free to read our review if you want to learn more about the premise of the game.

This conundrum poses a challenge for the player since there is virtually no hand-holding in War Games. While most titles give you a short tutorial on how to get started, or what to do, there is no such thing here. Instead, you’re presented with a mission list on the lower left corner of the screen. These suggestions can be helpful for the most clueless gamers, but they’re not optimized at all. Furthermore, since they don’t give much resources for completing each individual task, there’s really no need to adhere strictly to this list.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

However, in a game with no guidance as to what you need to do, how do the newcomers to the genre manage to proceed optimally in their efforts to become the most powerful base in the server? We feel that this is an issue that needs to be resolved more sooner than later as it may alienate beginners and make the game suitable for only the vets in the genre.

Luckily, while War Games doesn’t do much to help you out at the start, we here at BlueStacks have taken it upon ourselves to creating a list with several beginner tips and tricks. If you’re planning on venturing into the vast world that this game creates, then you’ll want to take a look at this guide first.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

Basic Resources

At first glance, we noticed this is one of those games with a slow start, which means that buildings and projects take lots of resources to complete from the very beginning. Instead of building and upgrading everything up to a certain level quickly, you’ll have to plan out your development strategy to optimize your efforts.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

The main resources in War Games are Electricity, Oil, Iron, Food, and Cash, all of which are used for different purposes. The first three are used in construction and upgrading processes, and are some of the most vital resources in the game. Furthermore, these three are also used, alongside food, to train new troops for your army. Cash, on the other hand, is used when developing new technologies in your research facility.

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Regardless of your approach in War Games, you’ll need a LOT of resources for funding your activities. Whether it’s growing your army, constructing and upgrading buildings, or even chipping in to fund your alliance’s projects, you’ll need a decent production in your base. For this reason, your first order of business should be to fill your rural lots with production buildings. Since you’ll also want to grow your army fast, try to give preference to the farms.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

There are 25 lots in which you can build production structures. At the beginning, we created ten farms, five oil wells, five smelters, and five power plants. This should keep us going for a while. And regarding upgrading the structures, try to get them as high as you can without having to wait for the timer, and then take your time upgrading them one by one and accelerating the project as soon as the timer dips below the five-minute mark.

Troops and Gathering

While your passive production in War Games is important throughout your entire existence in the game, you’ll also need to supplement it with regular gathering trips on the world map. To expedite your base building project, you’ll need as much resources as you can find, which means that your troops will also have to lend a hand in this ongoing process.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

By going into the world map, you’ll notice many unoccupied gathering points. You can freely send your troops to any of these locations and have them stock up on its resources. After they’re all loaded up, they’ll take the resources back to your base and add it to your stockpile.

Just like the passive resource production, gathering is a slow process as your troops can only carry a few units of food. However, by repeating this process, their efforts will add up and your production will increase considerably. Also, when it comes to gathering from the map, try to send the troops with the highest load capacity. At the beginning, these will be the frigates. In our case, we created a few of these units and sent them out as often as we could manage, given our busy schedules.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

Staying Safe

As we mentioned in the past, the first few days of a conquest game are the most important. This is mostly because you always begin with a free peace shield that lasts for a few days. In the case of War Games, the peace shield lasts only 24 hours. In that sense, it’s your duty to shore up your defenses and troops for when the barrier expires, so that you don’t get pushed around and bullied by your neighbors.

While resource production is key in the beginning, you’ll also want to train as many troops as you can. It doesn’t matter if they’re low level since your immediate enemies will likely be too weak to spy what types of units you have, anyway. What’s important here is to boost your numbers so that no one would want to mess with you under any circumstances.

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

To improve your survivability, make sure to spend all your resources before logging out. This method will make you a less enticing targets for potential enemies as they will have nothing to gain from attacking you. The best part about getting started here is that, since the game is very new, most of us are on the same page and there are still not dominating players in the server.

The important part of surviving in War Games, as well as in any other conquest game, is to keep a low profile while steadily building your strength. With the tips in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to achieving this and much more. If you ever wanted to thrive at a conquest game, then you’d better download War Games and get started today!

Beginner’s Guide for War Games - Commander on BlueStacks

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