We’ve already mentioned in the past how War Games gives you lots of liberty when it comes to overcoming its challenges. In contrast with other conquest games, where you’re always guided by the main story quests or challenges, there is nothing of the sort in this title. In this sense, you’re basically on your own from the very start.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

In conquest strategy games, the first days are essential for building up your forces and defenses. In most cases, you’ll get a peace shield that will last you for many hours, which prevents other players from spying or attacking you. In these moments, you can forget about protecting yourself and can focus instead on upgrading your production buildings. And right when the shield is almost expired, you can start training your forces for the looming threat ahead.

In War Games, the initial peace shield lasts only for 24 hours, which means that, on your first day, you will be very busy working on your base of operations. Upgrading your production buildings, creating new training grounds, working on your Headquarters, and researching new technologies is only a sample of the things you’ll be doing. However, since resources are scarce and generate very slowly in this game, you’ll need to choose carefully what you’re going to focus on in these first few hours.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

Luckily, if you’re just starting out, we created a handy beginner’s guide that you can follow to get right on track. However, once you’re finished with the initial preparations, what comes next? We were in the same boat ourselves, asking us this very question, and were stumped for a while since War Games doesn’t give much guidance. Nevertheless, while we’re still starting off ourselves, we’ve noticed a few important bits and things that you could do to optimize your progress.

The next time you find yourself wondering what to do in War Games, try the following:

Don’t Neglect Your Production Buildings

War Games has a slow pace, which is mostly due to its meager resource accrual in relation to other games. You simply don’t generate much resources, nor can gather much from the world map. Furthermore, every construction project takes a hefty amount of resources to complete. This issue is so prevalent that you’ll find yourself waiting more to get enough resources than for the timers to count down, which is rare in most conquest games.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

However, we’ve noticed that, at the beginning, most of your resources come from your production buildings. While you can gather a bit from the map, it’s actually your production structures that will bear the brunt of your resource generation. As such, in War Games, more than in any other conquest title, you cannot neglect your production structures.

As soon as you upgrade your Headquarters, your immediate course of action should be to upgrade every single production building to the next level. In this manner, you can maximize your passive resource generation while you wait for your construction projects to finish.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

Gather From the Map as Much as You Can

The fact that most of your production comes from within your base doesn’t mean that you can shirk your gathering duties. While your troops are stationed in your base, they consume resources every hour for upkeep. In this sense, if you’re going to have a bunch of troops waiting around, you might as well put them to work.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

In War Games, troops have a relatively low load capacity, which means that they won’t be bringing back much resources with each trip. Nevertheless, with consistency and perseverance, your gathering trips will add up and provide a valuable boost to your production, especially if you use the right units for the job.

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As we mentioned in our beginner’s guide, the Frigate is the unit with the highest load capacity at the beginning. While they’re not very good for direct combat, they make for awesome gatherers. Make sure to train lots of these load boats and to always send them on gathering runs whenever possible. The good thing about this task is that troops load up fast on resources, so you can potentially do several runs in a short period.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

Find an Active Alliance

In most conquest games, there is always strength in unity, and War Games is no exception. If you want to survive in the long run, you’ll need to find an alliance that can keep you safe while you’re offline, and that can give you a hand in developing your base. However, you can only receive aid if your alliance partners are online to help you. In this sense, it’s imperative that you find an active group if you want to reap the benefits.

We know that finding an active group in one of these mobile games is tough, especially since people come and go so often. However, the payoff of searching for one of these is well worth the effort, especially when it comes to keeping each other safe.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

Alternatively, if you’re up to the challenge, you could create multiple instances using our BlueStacks Instance Manager and create an alliance using your various accounts. In this manner, you can essentially become a one-man army, or lend your vast might to another alliance and greatly bolster their strength. Take a look at our BlueStacks usage guide for War Games to learn the many ways you can use our app player to improve your experience with this game.

Use the Downtime to Follow the Mission List

We’ve mentioned how the missions in War Games are a way to guide your efforts in the right direction. However, these missions are generic and don’t really focus on the important parts of the game. For instance, it might tell you to upgrade your Arsenal over, say, your production buildings when the former is used very sparingly in the beginning.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

If you’ve already sent out troops out to gather, are currently researching new technologies, and have nothing important to build or upgrade, then you can consider following the mission list. By completing the tasks listed there, you’ll receive a few rewards in the form of resources, which will come in handy to fund your war effort.

Send Your Commander on Missions

Joining an alliance has more perks than simply to protect you when you’re offline. Once you belong to one of these groups, and research the corresponding technology, you can start attacking enemies on the world map with your Commander. These enemies are called rebels and consist of submarines, walkers, and other mechanical menaces that are wandering around the map.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

Attacking an enemy consumes stamina, which your Commander regenerates over time. There is no risk of your Commander dying from fighting an enemy though, depending on his level, she might need several runs to defeat a single opponent. Nevertheless, with every run, you’ll receive useful rewards such as accelerators, resource packs, and materials that you could use to craft powerful gear.

Just like with gathering resources from the map, you should always remember to attack enemies on the map if you have the stamina for it. Not only is this a good way to get experience, it’s also the only method through which you’ll receive unique items and rewards.

Tips and Tricks for War Games - Commander

Do you have any other awesome tips and tricks for War Games? We’d love to hear your favorite strategies, so leave a comment below and help your fellow gamers!

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