The darkness has spread across the world. Heroes who were meant to protect it have now succumbed to the forces of evil and now the world is facing annihilation. However, hope remains, and the world can still be saved when you play War of Deities: Darkness Rises on your PC or Mac with BlueStacks. In this beginner’s guide, you’ll learn all that you need to know to start your adventure in saving the world with a wide array of legendary heroes.

Main Menu

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with the main menu interface of War of Deities: Darkness Rises. The menu is divided into five different tabs and each tab gives access to various features that you can use to progress through the game.

Main City

The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

The Main City is technically the home screen of the game. This is where you can recruit new heroes into your team via the Tavern, upgrade or dismiss heroes via the Miracle, collect daily bonus rewards via the Interior, and manage your guild affairs via the Guild section. 

Additionally, this is also where you can access the game’s social features such as the in-game chat where you can chat with other players globally or locally, and the friend’s list where you can add friends and accept pending friend requests. You can only have up to 30 friends on the friend’s list.


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

The forest is where you can access special, non-quest sections of the game to farm for bonus rewards. These sections include The Heroic Crusade, Arena (PvP battles), Bounty Quests, Stonehenger, and The Trial of Truth. Not all of these sections are unlocked immediately as you need to fulfill a certain condition to unlock one of them. This could either be reaching a certain player level or completing a specific stage in the main campaign.


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

This is where you can access normal and elite campaign missions. As of writing, there are seven chapters in the main campaign (containing about 10 stages per chapter) and five chapters in the elite campaign. This is also where you can redeem special rewards for completing a campaign chapter. 


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

This is where you can see your currently owned heroes. The list can be filtered according to faction. Additionally, this is also where you can upgrade a specific hero by clicking on their icon.


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

This is where you can acquire bonus rewards by completing challenges provided by quests. There are three types of quests in the game: Main, Side, and Dailies.

Heroes of War of Deities

There are currently 51 heroes in War of Deities: Darkness Rises. There are many things that characterize a hero such as faction, class, rarity, star level, and much more. 


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

Factions determine the bonus attributes a hero can receive during battle. There are five factions of heroes in the game:

  • Justice: forthright, trustworthy, caring, helper to those in need, and guardian of justice.
  • Neutral: independent, neutral, and believes nature is true faith.
  • Evil: irritable, cruel, autocratic, capricious, and unscrupulous.
  • Holy: believe in light, pursue true fairness and justice, respect life and truth, hate darkness and depravity.
  • Corrupt: being self-centered, following inner desires, resentful, constraints and challenging conventions.


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

Each hero has a class that determines their combat abilities. There are:

  • Sage: decreases the damage taken
  • Warriors: basic attack deals bonus damage
  • Tank: absorbs more damage
  • Mage: casts rage skill faster
  • Ranger: deals more damage to target(s) farther away
  • Assassin: deals bonus damage to a specific target


Heroes are also clarified according to rarity. Generally, the higher the rarity of the hero, the stronger they are by default, but this also means they are more expensive and difficult to acquire.

From least to greatest order, the rarities of heroes are B (8 heroes), A (12 heroes), S (27 heroes), and SS (4 heroes).


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

Like rarity, stars are also a sign of strength for heroes. The more stars that a hero has, the stronger they are by default. The major difference here is that the number of stars of a hero can be increased via Miracle (which can be accessed from the Main City). Upgrading a hero’s stars significantly increases their attribute levels.


Upon spending a certain amount of EXP, your hero levels up and increases their attributes (smaller compared to upgrading their stars). 


The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

Skills are what make a hero completely distinct from others. These are what heroes use to attack enemies during battles. A hero can have three types of skills: a Rage Skill (akin to an ultimate attack), a Passive Skill, and an Active Skill. More skills are unlocked as the hero levels up.

Learn how to upgrade your heroes and defeat stronger enemies by checking out this hero upgrade guide.


When you play the game, there are three main currencies that you’re going to use frequently.

Coins are the main currency of the game and are used to enhance signature gear and ascend your heroes. These can be acquired by completing campaigns and quests.

Diamonds are the premium currency that can be used to recruit new heroes and buy special items from the shop. Diamonds can be earned from campaign chests (acquired by completing a campaign chapter) or from achievement rewards. They can also be acquired from microtransactions.

Energy is used up every time you play campaign stages. This is repleted every day, but 60 energy points can also be acquired instantly for 30 Diamonds.

Know more about where and how to acquire these resources so that you have enough to upgrade your heroes through this guide.

Combat Gameplay

The combat in War of Deities: Darkness Rises consists of a lineup (maximum of 5 heroes) of your heroes fighting an enemy team.

The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

The game gives you 9 slots in a lineup with which you can freely rearrange your hero positions. Bulky classes such as the Tank are best placed in front of the line whereas support classes like the Mage and Ranger are best placed at the back of the line.

The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

The combo system is a feature that allows you to give collective attribute bonuses by having heroes from the same faction in the lineup. You get more benefits when you place more same-faction heroes.

The Beginner’s Guide to War of Deities: Darkness Rises

Each hero’s health (green) and skill bar (yellow) are displayed. All basic attacks are automated, but the activation of a hero’s Rage Skill (ultimate skill) can be automatic or manual. A hero’s Rage Skill can be activated once their skill bar is full. The skill bar is filled up as your hero unleashes basic attacks.

The goal is to defeat the enemy team within a certain time limit. Some enemy teams may consist of bosses which have a significant amount of health.