With 46 different automatons up to date, War Robots is turning out to be one of the most diverse and entertaining mobile battletech MOBAs you can play. A great deal of the game’s charming quality comes from the bots’ special abilities, some of which can really turn the tides of a close 6 vs. 6 match-up. You can also Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Whether it’s flying through the air, quickly drawing some hidden weapons, or rushing amidst your enemies only to explode a few seconds later, this BlueStacks guide will break down each and every special ability so you’re never caught off guard.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities


Although the Destrier does not have any special ability, the second bot you get, the Cossack, does. He shares the Jump with Griffin and Rogatka, both of which are significantly stronger than this little machine. A good way to use it is to close the distance between you and the enemy, especially if you’re playing one of the more popular builds, like Death Button Griffin.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities


Jesse, Doc, and Butch all have the potential to fire a set of weapons, holster them, and draw an additional set of cannons to blast their enemies to bits. Whenever it was just us and another robot on the field, we couldn’t help but feel the resemblance with Spaghetti Western gunslingers. Just make sure you don’t get caught wandering on the wrong side of town.

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War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities

Phalanx Mode

Another ability you’re likely to encounter fairly early while playing War Robots is Phalanx Mode. Available only on Gareth and Galahad, this skill allows the automatons to pull a shield from their side to their front as a guard against incoming missiles. Especially while playing with Galahad, we’ve had many a foe underestimate just how strong this ability is and crumble under our Gekko/Pin combo.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities


This one’s a smash hit. Featured solely on Mercury, the latter can activate stealth and jump into the air whenever it wishes. Before you know it, they’ll land straight on top of you and deal immense damage in a 50m radius, which is also part of the reason why Mercury is the best robot of 2019.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities


Both Lancelot and Carnage have the potential to turn on their turbochargers and temporarily increase their movement speed at no additional costs. For 10 seconds, your automaton will be moving up to 66% faster, which allows you to either get out of a sticky situation or rapidly take a beacon and defend it from high ground.

Assault Mode

Rhino has a unique ability of his own – Assault Mode. It’s a combination of Rush and Phalanx Modes, as he gains protection from in-built shields and 100% more movement speeds, but loses the ability to turn, as well as to fire medium weapons. Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Bastion Mode

If you’re the kind of person who wants to take a beacon and never give it up, Raijin’s Bastion Mode is what you’re looking for. Although you become unable to move, the bot raises his tower, giving him additional shields, as well as a 33$% increase in power. You’ve got to be careful, though, because enough enemies will kill you if they attack together.

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War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities

Fangs Out

With his front shields active, Falcon decreases all incoming damage by 66%. The downside is that only his heavy slot weapon is active. However, when you activate his special ability, Fangs Out, the robot can jump and use all his weapon slots for 12 seconds with none of the defense perks. Everything you have to do is wait for the enemy to empty their weapons and then go berserk on them.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities


Both Inquisitor and Spectre can activate stealth, jump, and fly undetected. This is amazing if you don’t want your enemies to be able to lock their weapons onto you, even more so considering the fact that your camouflage is extended for another 5 seconds after you land.


This one’s only on Hover, which also has fuel to power his flying around. Needless to say that you can fly for as long as you have gas in your tank, but don’t worry, it recharges over time. This is the reason why he’s often referred to as a super-jumping beacon capper.


Hellburner’s Overdrive is as unique as it is impactful towards changing the fate of a game. This is like an oh-shit-button that lets you overdrive the reactor of your automaton, charge in, and explode dealing immense amounts of damage in a 50-metre radius. You do take 12% durability loss in the process, but the fireworks are totally worth it.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities

Stealth Mode

Stalker’s Stealth Mode is designed to enable players to infiltrate deep into enemy lines. When activated, you essentially disappear from the enemy’s radar for 8 seconds, allowing you to move while your enemy is unaware and flank them with a full salve of your weapons.


Weyland’s Repair allows it to heal itself, as well as any other allies that might be nearby. The downside is that you’re sitting ducks for the duration of the ability, while the upside is that it can do this endlessly or at least until you switch it off. In the right circumstances, it will save many lives.


Mender’s support is used way more often than Wayland’s, mainly because you don’t have to be stationary for it, but also because Mender is overall a better Battletech. His ability is, essentially, an improved Repair. In this instance, the bot nearby got up to his full healable health in a matter of seconds.

War Robots: A Guide to Special Abilities

And this concludes our list of War Robots’ special abilities. With this in mind, you are now prepared to take on any battlefield, as you know every single ace up your enemies’ sleeves. As a general rule, you want to make it very unlikely for the opposing team to take advantage of their special abilities, while strategically deploying yours. Throughout the Private, Bronze, and Silver leagues, this is not that hard to achieve, especially when you play with good teammates.

From what we’ve gathered thus far, the higher echelons of the Legend League require advanced coordination and team play to consistently emerge victoriously. Aside from having the best weapons and the best bots, that is. Why wait? Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.

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