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Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

Armed outlaws are on the loose in the Wild West and you are going to need enough firepower to be able to take them down in intense gunfights. Wild West Heroes is not as simple as watching Wild West characters shoot each other to the death. In fact, there are some complexities in the game that you need to take into account in order to always emerge victorious in gunfights.

Selecting the Right Heroes

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

Firstly, we need to recognize that each hero is built differently compared to the others. Every hero has their own role, which corresponds to what their position is on the battlefield. There are three roles that hero can have and these are:

  • Tank (Front) – This role is responsible for absorbing the majority of the enemy’s damage which in turn will protect the other roles from dying prematurely during the battle. This role has higher HP and DEF stats compared to the others.
  • DPS (Mid) – This role primarily deals with damage to the enemy and is often the one that wins the gunfights. This role has a higher ATK stat but their low HP and DEF stat mean that they would not last long in battle and would need constant protection.
  • Support (Back) – This role utilizes their abilities to help the team by either giving them stat buffs (i.e. temporary stat boosts) or by debuffing the enemy (momentarily degrading the enemy’s stats). Some support roles can even heal the team’s HP. This role has fairly balanced HP, ATK, and DEF stats but they cannot be used to substitute DPS and Tank roles.

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

Additionally, heroes also have their own specialties. Viewing their specialty through their page will essentially give you an idea of what they are good at. For instance, some heroes specialize in debuffing while some in AoE (Area of Effect) damage. From here, you can start coming up with strategies based on what abilities your heroes have.

There are plenty of hero combinations that you can come up with; however, you can refer to one of these templates as a guide. Each of these templates highlights a certain playstyle that can be effective depending on the situation. Bear in mind that you can only deploy up to a maximum of five heroes to a gunfight.

  • Offensive – one Tank, four DPSs. This setup is ideal for when you are fighting against weak enemies. You may also replace some DPS heroes with Support ones.
  • Defensive – two Tanks, two DPS, one Support (specifically Ol’ Sawbones, a healer). This setup should preferably be used when fighting against stronger enemies as it prioritizes keeping everyone alive for as long as possible while still maintaining enough firepower to defeat the enemies.
  • Balanced – one Tank, two DPS, two Supports. This setup can be used for almost any situation as it provides an evenly distributed lineup of heroes. Like the Defensive template, you can include Ol’ Sawbones as part of one of two Supports to provide healing to the other heroes.

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

At the end of the day, we strongly suggest that you come up with your own unique strategy using the current heroes that you have. It is optimal to view each of your hero’s stats as well as skills to know exactly what they are good for. You must always take into account your heroes’ stats but you must also consider their faction as it can make quite a big difference in battle.

Utilize Faction Advantages

There are six factions in Wild West Heroes and the heroes you recruit throughout your journey can be part of one of these factions. The game has a “Faction Advantages” system in which a hero belonging to a particular faction can deal 30% damage to one faction but can also receive 30% more damage from another. Refer to the table below for complete details.

Faction Name Faction Color / Icon Deals 30% More Damage to Receives 30% More Damage from
Duelists Blue / Spade Smooth Talkers Peacemakers
Smooth Talkers Yellow / Diamond Green Thumbs Duelists
Green Thumbs Cyan / Clove Peacemakers Smooth Talkers
Peacemakers Red / Heart Duelists Green Thumbs
Regulator White / Joker Hat Rambler Rambler
Ramblers Purple / Crown Regulator Regulator

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

If you find the table confusing, you can instead refer to the game’s visual guide. With this, the Factions Advantages system should be easier to memorize.

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

Before starting a fight, always check what factions the enemy team is predominantly composed of. If the enemy team mostly consists of Duelists, then it is a wise idea to not deploy too many Smooth Talkers to your own team because they will just receive 30% more damage. You will encounter a variety of factions throughout the campaign. Because of this, we recommend investing at least three heroes from each faction.

The Faction Advantages system is not the only feature that gives passive buffs. The game also rewards you if you have a certain number of heroes with the same faction in the same team.

Use Heroes of the Same Faction

Placing heroes of the same faction together during battle will result in passive buffs being given to all heroes. The intensity of the buffs will depend on how many heroes of the same faction were put together. Additionally, the buff intensity is indicated by the bullets in a revolver cylinder found on the top part of the menu. Refer to the table below.

Number of Heroes Needed HP Boost ATK Boost
Four (4) heroes from different factions excluding Regulators and Ramblers 10% 10%
Three (3) heroes of same faction 10% 10%
Three (3) heroes of same faction + Two (2) heroes of another faction 15% 15%
Four (4) heroes of same faction 15% 20%
Five (5) heroes of same faction 25% 25%
Regulators can be used for any faction. For instance, if there are three Smooth Talkers and one Regulator, then they will receive a 15% HP boost and 20% ATK boost.
Having a certain number of Ramblers activates certain buffs. The buffs are cumulative. 1 Rambler:
DEF 30%
2 Ramblers:
DEF 30% + Grit from taking damage 25%
3 Ramblers:
DEF 30% + Grit from taking damage 25% + CRIT Rate 15%
4 Ramblers:
DEF 30% + Grit from taking damage 25% + CRIT Rate + 15% + CRIT Bonus 15%
5 Ramblers:
DEF 30% + Grit from taking damage 25% + CRIT Rate + 15% + CRIT Bonus 15% + Accuracy 15%

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

If you prefer, you can refer instead to the game’s visual guide for this system. Just remember that the more heroes with the same faction, the more stat boosts they will receive.

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

The same-faction system can give you a huge advantage during battle so make sure to have enough heroes in each faction so that you can enable the big stat boosts. However, do not forget to keep in mind the Faction Advantages system. You may have gained a 25% boost on both HP and ATK by deploying five Duelists but that can be easily wasted if the enemy team is predominantly composed of Peacemakers.

Upgrade and Recruit Heroes

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

The aforementioned tips would not be effective if the heroes themselves are too weak. You must constantly upgrade your heroes to increase their power which will make them capable enough to defeat higher-level enemies. Read this game guide for an in-depth guide on upgrading your heroes to their best potential.

Tips on How to Win Gunfights in Wild West Heroes

Aside from upgrading heroes, you should also recruit more heroes to add to your inventory. Recruiting is done through the Stagecoach located in your town and is transacted with either Advanced Cards or Friendship Points (you will often receive Advanced Cards as rewards). Alternatively, you can also unlock heroes with hero fragments, which can give you a hero with a specific star level and faction depending on the fragment.

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