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World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

One of the most asked questions by new players in base building games like World War Rising is which troops they should train or focus on. Although we’ve covered the basics of WWR combat in a previous article, we didn’t really go into much detail about the different types of units that are at your disposal.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

Knowing which units to train, as well as how to specialize your research trees will help you gain a major advantage when facing strong opponents. If you’re a beginner, you might also want to check out our tips and tricks section for WWR. The information there will save you many hours of gameplay and just as many headaches. Naturally, you’ll also want to know how you can boost your army’s most important stats.

Understanding the 4 Troop Types

Having a good amount of trained, boosted, and upgraded armed forces in World War Rising will ultimately secure you a better position in your region; perhaps even a spot in a good, active alliance. As you can tell from your training grounds, there are 4 types of units that can go in the make-up of a deployment – Infantry, Vehicles, Artillery, and Operatives. That being said, the first three are the bread and butter of your armed conflicts. Focus on them the most.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

Infantrymen are your frontliners. As every good general knows, these are the units that protect the others and take the most casualties. They’re the backbone of every strong deployment, which is why you should always ensure you have a fair amount of them standing by at the ready. They can be easily squished by Vehicles and Wall Defenses, but have the upper-hand against Operatives and Artillery.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

Vehicles are vulnerable to Artillery and Wall Defenses, but they can easily kill Operatives and Infantry units, whereas Artillery is good against Operatives and Vehicles, but weak against Wall Defenses and Infantry. At a first glance, the troops seem fairly balanced, with the odd one out being the Operatives. Their speed is lower, but they compensate for this drawback by carrying almost double the load of any of the other units.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

One important thing you should know about Operatives – something we wished we had known ever since day 1 of our WWR experience – is that they are the only ones who can help you loot Cerberus Stockpiles. On your region map, these look like a tiny box with a Shark-like red flag on them and they spawn after a Syndicate NPC is defeated.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

Juega Call of Duty en BlueStacks

These battle remnants have the potential to give you access to incredibly powerful items that you can equip on your hero. The trick to them is to 1) defeat the enemy and 2) occupy the stockpile as fast as possible before somebody else does. You can also attack an already occupied node, but you have to be prepared to bear the consequences. These conflicts don’t always end in the most pleasant ways.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

As you can see, we decided it was high time we claimed this tile, so we attacked the player with a fair amount of resources and we were victorious. The lesson to be had here is that you always need to be vigilant of stronger players in your vicinity. Just make sure you have enough Operatives if you take on one of these. The maximum loot quantity these nodes provide at level 1 is 10, but our 1,445 Operatives are only enough to get 5, so you need a fair amount of these units to get the most out of your raid.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

A Note on Troop Tiers and Research Focus

You might be tempted to think that higher-tier units are always better to have than lower-tier ones. This is not necessarily the case, though. For example, if your troops are currently T2, you might want to consider having a few thousands of T1 infantry when attacking an enemy base. The T1s might die off fast, but they’ll significantly reduce the damage that your T2s take, giving them plenty of opportunities to kill off your opponent’s defenses before they can retaliate meaningfully.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

If you’ve got enough MASH buildings lying about, then you’ll be able to recover the greater part of your lower-tier infantry with little expenditures. They’re cheaper and easier to make, so if you do happen to lose a good part of them, you won’t feel as bad as you would otherwise. More importantly, you’ll get enough intelligence on your opponent to decide on your next move – sometimes a truce is better, particularly when you’re faced with very strong enemies. The way we see it, it’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

Now, if you’ve looked into the skills of your Hero, you probably know about the passives that can significantly improve your army’s effectiveness. Most people initially thought that an all-round balanced selection would be the best approach. However, it seems that focusing on one type of troop, such as Vehicle or Artillery, is much better than spreading your Research resources far and wide. When in an Alliance, make sure that your focus is complementary to that of your colleagues in order to maximize the strength of your rally.

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Some heroes will be better for an offensive playstyle than others. Xira, for instance, is a powerhouse in terms of Army attack. If you want to know more about the different in-game heroes you can acquire in World War Rising, as well as their utility, feel free to check out our dedicated guide here.

World War Rising: Complete Guide to Troops and Their Stats

With this in mind, you are now ready to become a military genius in World War Rising. We do advise you take a look over our other articles, both the ones specifically connected to combat, as well those that focus on base-building, as they will give you a better grasp of how the game works. After all, brilliant military commanders throughout history were more than just tacticians. They were true leaders who took care of all the basic needs of their regiments.

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