Your Command Center in World War Rising is the heart of your base. It determines just how much you can do at a time, whether you’re looking to attack more or just develop your operations as much as possible. For example, at CC level 6 you get your second deployment, while the 15th level allows you to send out a total of three groups of units at a time.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

As you probably know already, the more upgraded your CC is, the bigger your army can get, since the troop capacity is also regularly increased. If this were not enough, the developers have thrown in yet another bonus. Aside from how much you can upgrade your other buildings, the Command Center also determines the number of people in your alliance that can contribute to hastening your research/building times.

How to Enable Fast Growth

Now, you may be wondering why you’d need to send out your troops in more than one deployment. Can’t we just send them all in the same batch? Nope. As you have seen in the combat section of your HQ, the troop capacity each deployment is severely, and we mean severely, limited. More of them will help you be more versatile in attacking, and, more importantly, they will enable you to gather more resources at a time by occupying free nodes in your region.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

Why do you need additional resources from outside of your base? It’s quite simple. Even if you do have a fully-stacked base with lumber mills, quarries, mine shafts, and farms, as well as a warehouse that’s reached capacity, you’ll still be producing marginal amounts of resources by comparison to the numbers you need to keep levelling on a consistent basis. As you’ll notice from level 6 CC onwards, these goods are the only thing keeping you from gaining more power.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

Especially when you’re well into your levels 12 and 13, every single upgrade, batch of troops or major research talent will require a hefty amount of mats. This means that you constantly need to go out and get what you need if you want anything to get done in time. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Two other things you need to remember about resources: 1) that you need to maximize your income from each type every step of the way and 2) you need to use them before somebody else figures out you’re stockpiling millions and decides to take them away from you.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

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Here, for instance, a player decided to test our mettle by attacking one of our occupied nodes. Luckily, we had a couple of squadrons at the ready. And thus we spilled our first blood of WWR. For more info on what you can do to be on the winning side, feel free to check our BlueStacks guide to combat in World War Rising.

Once you’ve got at least two deployments up and running, make sure you log in every couple of hours to send them out again. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of your gathering groups.

The Skeleton Build

The great part about growing your base in WW2 is that it starts you off strong. Almost all of the building upgrades until level 5 can be completed instantly because they take around 5 minutes or less. To help speed things up, we even made a Combo Key sequence to help shorten the amount of time we’d have to spend constantly going through the clicking routine. If you want to know how to do this yourself, feel free to check out our guide to playing World War Rising on BlueStacks.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

For the fastest way to get to 50,000 power early on, you’ll need to do things a bit differently. What we propose is a skeleton build, which basically means you construct and upgrade just those buildings that are required to get your Command Center to the next tier. Basically, this means just following what the mission at the bottom of your screen says.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

At this point, we have to get our War Room up to 11. The rule of thumb is that all of your essential structures, plus one of each resource will have to be the exact same level as your CC before you can upgrade it further. Troops are not really important to get your power up early on. Their farming potential will also be quite marginal right now. Just to show you that this is the case, we recruited even more army.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

Our total of 1,500 troops (which is, by no means, a sizeable army) can only bring back a meagre 6k resources. So, we’ll forego any troop building until we reach that 50k mark by maximizing our passive resource income and investing in buildings. You’ll also want to abstain from researching anything up until CC 12 or so. Then, what you want to do is fill all of your resource tiles and bring them as high as possible. You can also start this off a bit earlier, if you feel like it.

Next up, to maximize your overall resource income, we suggest you head into the Economics branch of your Research Lab and get your production passives up and running.

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

As you can see, we’ve already started on several of them, but we still have a long way to go. That’s alright, though, because nothing good ever comes easy.

Watch Your Back

While you grow like crazy, people will want to get a piece of your ever rising cake. When you’re not online or unprotected by a shield, make sure to not have a lot of mats lying around, so you’ll want to leave your biggest, most costly upgrades for when you log off. Also, don’t forget to upgrade that Warehouse, as this will increase the amount of goods that will be safe from enemy raids

World War Rising: How to Grow Your Command Center Fast

After you’ve got a good 500k or so per day of each resource up and running, you can massively boost your power with just several research branches. You’ll find these in the Research Lab, under the Missile Strikes tab. As opposite to other research items, these passives start at around 1k power for each completed task and grow in size exponentially with each iteration.

We’re already heading into CC12 in our third day of playing and we expect that, in no more than a couple of days, we’ll be hitting that 50k power threshold with the skeleton build and the Missile Research alone.

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