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World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Given that your base is only protected for the first 24 hours of playing World War Rising, you’ll want to be ready to attack and defend against potential aggressors as soon as possible. We know, we know. We’ve already been through what you’re thinking right now – one day is too little time to get accustomed to an entirely new base building game. Even in mobile RTS terms, it seems a bit hasty.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

It’s a steep learning curve, but if you’ve read our tips and tricks for beginners, you’ll know exactly what to do to get the early upper hand. Who doesn’t love a challenge? On the flipside, you’ll also be able to attack inactive players and get your hands on hordes of valuable resources, so our advice is to surf the combat wave and stay ahead of the game as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about the fundamentals of combat and what you can do to always be victorious in your engagements.

Meet the Lads and Lasses

Every general’s success is built upon the shoulders of thousands of servicewomen and men who have pledged allegiance to a cause far greater than one individual. Or, in our case, if they happened to be recruited at the Training Grounds. Knowing your army inside out is the first step towards defeating both NPCs and other players. There are four basic types of troops in World War Rising: Infantry, Vehicle, Artillery, and Operative.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

If you want to find out more about how each of them works, you should definitely check out our BlueStacks guide to WWR troops. When you attack, you can choose whether to deploy all types of available troops or just some of them. Many people choose to specialize in one category, but you can also try to achieve a balance between the four available types of units.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

As you may have noticed, you can also send your hero alongside your deployment. This is crucial, since these special units can give substantial boosts to the basic stats of your army – attack, health, and armor. If you feel, for any reason, that the attack might not be worth the bother, you can also order your regiments to fall back. This is one mechanic you can use to coordinate large attacks with multiple players or rallies.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

For instance, a player can start up the initial attack. But your enemy gets wind of what’s going on with the help of their Radar Station, they’ll most likely send their troops away for a long deployment in order to avoid a confrontation. At this point, the remainder of your allies can choose to intercept them at their destination, back home, or in both places.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

There are numerous ways to go about attacking another base, or, indeed, another alliance, which is a major part of the reason why WWR became so popular so soon after its release at the end of 2018. Some have taken strategizing and espionage to such an extent that they infiltrate enemy Alliances and start up fake rallies to distract troops from a particular conflict. We definitely can’t get enough of planning engagements in the War Room.

Guaranteeing the Kill

Your troops are the bread and butter of any attack. However, their power can be significantly enhanced by means of boosts. Think of these as the salt, pepper, and spices that really make your meal extraordinary. They could never sate your hunger on their own, but they can definitely take a dish to the next level.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

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You can significantly improve the crucial, base stats of your regiments by selecting an appropriate hero and levelling their individual Hero Boosts. For now, we’re not solely prioritizing troop bonuses because we’re still in the beginning and we hope to grow as fast as possible. If you want to find out more about how you can also grow your Command Center to 15 at breakneck speed, feel free to check out our guide to early-game development.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

After Hero Skillpoints, Research passives, Equipment, and Emblems, Buildings can also boost the strength of your squadrons. Note that we haven’t necessarily listed these according to the degree of fortification they provide, since this is entirely dependent on the choices you make. For instance, the gear you’ve equipped on your character can substantially increase your Army’s resilience and fatality. To get the necessary items to craft items, all you have to do is keep attacking Syndicate NPC targets. As you can see, we’re just 1 piece of Rose Metal to getting our hands on a powerful Cerberus.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

What’s more, you can imbue each piece of gear you own or craft with powerful emblems. As of right now, we can further add another 11.5% Attack to our Infantrymen if we Affix three level 3 Gallant Emblems. With higher-tiered mats, you can achieve even more.

Deployment and Enemy Selection

The last two important aspects of WWR combat are deployment and who you’re fighting against. Deployment refers to the amount of troops you can dispatch at a time and in how many groups this can be done. If you plan on attacking someone (which, by all means, you should), you need your Command Center to always be upgraded to your maximum potential. As of level 6, you’ll unlock a second deployment. Presently, we can have two deployment groups each with 10,000 troops.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

At CC 15, you’ll be able to unlock a 3rd one, which is why you need to rush to upgrade your base as much as possible. The other thing you need to pay attention to is selecting your opponent. This is true regardless of the RTS game you’re playing, but the impact of this decision is most outstanding in WWR.

World War Rising: Guide to Basic Combat

Depending on the Alliance you’re a part of, you might need to ask for permission to attack another player. Whether there is a formal rule about this or not, it’s still common etiquette to pop the question. In some instances, higher rank officers need to approve of your battle plans before you carry them out – this is important because you don’t want to be left hanging in case your adversary decides to bring their friends along for the ride.

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