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WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

In our previous tips and tricks article on WWE Champions, we’ve tackled a few general points of interest for new players. Now, we’d like to take a closer look at the most exciting part of the game – the actual wrestling matches. What goes down in the ring (apart from wrestlers, of course) when you match gems? How can you maximize your Superstar’s damage output? Should you even focus on damage or is it better to straight-up pin your opponent?

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

Let’s face it – WWE Champions boasts an awesome combo of wrestling savagery and Match-3 gameplay, but it doesn’t do much to explain the rules for new players. Luckily, we have all the answers and some bonus tips below.

Basic Match-3 Mechanics with Special Gems

Wrestling might seem like an intimidating affair, but if you’ve ever played Candy Crush or Bejeweled before, then you’ll get the hang of this WWE-themed game right away. Basically, when you’re fighting someone in the ring, your Superstar takes action based on how many gems you manage to break.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

Unfortunately, you don’t get any bonuses for breaking L patterns or anything like that, so the basic 3-color match is what you’re looking for. If you’re lucky, you can break 4 gems of a kind to destroy the entire line or 5 gems for an extra turn. You can also chain one or several follow-ups if either the board arrangement or RNG are in your favor, but that’s about as complex as matches get. There are, however, other ways to show off.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

For one, not all colors you break have the same effect. Each Superstar benefits more from some colors in the sense that they do more damage when specific gems are used in combinations. You can check this under the “Information” tab of a wrestler, where the game will tell you how much damage he or she can do per gem. Our John Cena, for example, will do 58 damage per Yellow gem and 48 per Red, but only 35 or less for other colors.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

Depending on a Superstar’s class or style, you might also see other types of gems on the board. These include:

Silence Gems – Often created by Focused Technicians and Tricksters, silence gems created by opponents deal damage and fill up your pin meter, but do not charge your moves.

Multiply Gems – A staple of Focused Acrobats or Aggressive Strikers, these gems multiply the damage your wrestler would normally do for that color by a specific number. The multiply gems you create cannot be used as such by enemies.

Botch Gems – Created mostly by enemy Defensive Powerhouses and Aggressive Technicians, these gems can be broken, but do not deal any damage. They are meant to decrease your chances of created favorable combos.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

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Reinforced Gems – Created exclusively by Focused and Aggressive Showboats, these gems deal damage and charge abilities, but do not move the pin meter. They must also be included in a combo twice before they are removed from the board.

Blast Gems – Used by Focused and Aggressive Powerhouses, blast gems destroy all adjacent gems when used in combos. The damage of all destroyed gems is added up and the pin meter moves accordingly.

Immobile Gems – These cannot be moved by you if placed by your opponent. They are usually created by Defensive Technicians or Strikers.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

Heal Gems – Typical for Defensive Showboats or Acrobats, don’t do damage when broken, but they do move the pin meter, charge abilities, and heal your Superstar.

Color Turn Gems – Chaotic Acrobats and Tricksters love these. They function as regular gems for most purposes, but change color at the beginning of each wrestler’s turn.

Column/Row Break Gems – Created by Chaotic or Focused Powerhouses, these gems are rare, but can deal burst damage when used correctly. When matched, they destroy all gems on the same column or row. If column gems are most effective when broken in a horizontal line, row gems can be spectacular when matched in a vertical line.

Protect Gems – Can only be generated by Defensive and Chaotic Showboats. These gems decrease all incoming damage by an amount that equals the total power of all protect gems on board. If placed by your opponent, they should be destroyed right away.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

Power Gems – Chaotic and Focused Strikers tend to rely on these gems, which function in an opposite manner to protect gems. While on board, power gems increase the total damage of the Superstar who has created them, but act as regular gems for opponents.

Pins, KOs, Signature Moves, and Finishers

As you’ll quickly notice your first time in the ring, the purpose of breaking gems is not only to deal damage to your opponent. Two other components of the match should draw your attention – the pin meter and your Superstar’s moves.

The pin meter charges whenever gems are broken. The more gems you break, the more you advance your Superstar’s pin meter and decrease that of your opponent. When the meter reaches the end, you pin your opponent with a certain amount of pin damage (the total value of the gems that put them in a pin). At this point, your opponent has 3 chances to combine gems in order to counter the pin damage and kick out. If this happens, the pin meter returns to neutral.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

Moves, on the other hand, have certain colors and are charged only when gems of the correct color are broken. For us to use Roman Reigns’ finisher, for example, we need to break 15 red gems. Most moves can help with charging one another by turning gems into different colors. Keep this in mind when you select the array of moves for a Superstar to use during matches and pick only those moves that synergize well with one another.

WWE Champions 2019: Know Everything That Goes Down in the Ring

The only way to end a match is to pin your opponent and prevent them from kicking out. Sometimes, your pin damage can be high enough for this to happen even when the other wrestler still has some HP left. Most of the time, though, you’ll have to put your opponent into “Danger” mode by depleting their entire HP bar. If they are pinned in this situation, they get knocked out and you win!

That simple, huh? Granted, it will take some time before you become familiar with all the different types of gems, moves, and effects. Then, you can start thinking about the best Superstars in the game and how you can use them to counter the specific moves of your opponents. That’s where the fun starts.

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