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WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

WWE Undefeated released on Android and iOS a few days ago, allowing everyone to choose their favorite WWE character face off against other players in the ring. Here are a few tips and tricks to help get you started in this mobile wrestling game.

Practice Your Footsies!

We’re starting off this list with what could be one of the most important tips of them all, and which is also a concept that applies to most fighting games; footsies.

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

Footsies is one of the fundamentals of fighting games, which revolves around moving back and forth to control the distance to the enemy until you’re ready to strike. The term “footsies” comes from the footwork associated with this movement, which often looks like characters are essentially moving in place waiting for an opening. The idea here is that, through erratic movements, you bait your opponent so that they attack and miss, upon which you can retaliate with a crushing blow and open them up for a combo.

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

It’s important to master the mechanical aspects of footsies as it’s one of the essential practices of any fighting game. However, more important still is to practice the psychological aspect of the concept in order to properly bait your opponent into making mistakes, and capitalizing at every turn.

Setup Your Combos

WWE Undefeated is a bit different than other fighting games in the sense that all your moves are powered by cards that are randomly drawn from a deck and kept in your hand on the bottom right. Each card is a single move that you can use in combat by expending energy, a resource that regenerates automatically over time. In this sense, energy conservation is an important part of combat in this game as it’ll allow you to set up impressive combos as you get better.

While it might be tempting to smack your enemies silly as soon as you get enough energy for the cheapest move available, you might want to hold onto your resources to string a combo that will end up dealing more damage. This is more important when you actually have two cards on hand that can naturally chain into each other, such as a skill that can knock the enemy on their backs, followed by another that can only hit them when they’re on the ground. 

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

Practicing and mastering these combos is almost as important as practicing your footsies, particularly if you want to get good at a specific character.

Use Your Hype Wisely

In most cases, whenever you see that glowing Hype button on the lower left, your first instinct will be to push it. However, depending on your current character, this might not be the right choice considering that, aside from using your Hype skill, the Hype meter can also come in handy for different purposes. For example, some characters gain passive bonuses whenever their Hype is full, increasing their stats as long as it remains that way. On the flip side, some characters gain negative effects when their Hype is charged up, prompting the player to dump it ASAP.

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

In this sense, using your Hype skill correctly boils down to the character you currently have selected. Learning the specifics of your fighter is pivotal for using your Hype effectively. And in the cases of the characters who get buffs from a full Hype meter, it might be beneficial to hold onto it instead of immediately unleashing the hurt on the enemy.

Master the Different Move Types

In WWE Undefeated, there are three types of moves: Strikes, Grapples, and Counters. While their effects are fairly self-explanatory, there’s a hierarchy that you need to learn in order to overcome your enemies:

  • Strikes: Usually the fastest moves, though some can be slower and have a longer windup. They defeat Grapples most of the time.
  • Grapples: The slowest attacks with the longest windups. However, if they land, they do the most amount of damage possible. Can be interrupted during their windup with a swift Strike attack.
  • Counters: While they don’t deal any damage by themselves, Counters allow players to retaliate against Strike attacks. When used, the character enters a defensive stance for a few seconds. If attacked during this period, they will automatically respond with their own skill. Effective against players who spam Striking skills.

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

Aside from this hierarchy, there can also be Grapple matchups when both fighters use a Grapple at the same time. If this happens, the characters will struggle for a while, and the one who used the skill with the highest energy cost will win the struggle. However, if both skills had the same cost, they will simply cancel each other out and nothing will happen.

If you’re new, you might have a bit of difficulty telling the skills apart. However, a good way to go about this is by looking at the skills’ colors: Yellow is Strike skills; Red is Grapples, and Blue are Counters.

Upgrade Your Moves and Characters

Last but not least, to maximize your damage and effectiveness, you need to make sure your skills are upgraded as much as possible. You can do this by collecting duplicates of the same skills and then paying Battle Bucks to upgrade them in the Deck menu. By doing so, you’ll increase their power, allowing you to deal more damage for the same energy cost. Furthemore, this tip also applies to your characters as you can upgrade them by collecting their fragments and then improving them by paying Battle Bucks in the Roster menu. 

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

Upgrading both your characters and skills are great ways to boost your power and you can obtain all the necessary materials by opening the chests you receive from winning matches, as well as from completing special missions. These chests often take several hours to open, but they’re well worth the wait.

WWE Undefeated – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Every Fight

The key to getting good at WWE Undefeated ultimately comes down to practicing. As you get better at managing your energy and learn the specific combos of your favorite characters, you will also have a much easier time keeping pressure on your enemies and winning every match.

Do you have any other useful tips to share with your fellow gamers? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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